AI System Could Help Clinicians Assess Psoriasis Severity

Novel simplified scoring system and associated AI model could help dermatologists quickly evaluate psoriasis severity

Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19

White House will provide a daily update on his condition 'out of an abundance of transparency'

Simultaneous Flu Vaccine, COVID-19 Booster Safe

Systemic reactions generally mild, slightly more likely among those receiving both vaccines compared with COVID-19 mRNA booster alone

Early-Career Practice Patterns of Sports Medicine Trainees Studied

Early in their career, sports medicine surgeons report a substantial number of trauma/general, adult reconstruction, and other types of cases

Rate of COVID-19 Infection Higher in U.S. Youth Than Older Adults

Wild-type SARS-CoV-2 infection rates from beginning of pandemic through fall 2020 higher in adolescents, youth than in older adults

FDA to Take a Hard Look at Its Food, Tobacco Programs

Agency has been under heightened scrutiny since the nationwide infant formula shortage and debate over e-cigarette products

Air Pollution May Increase Risk for Childhood Leukemia

Strongest association seen for benzene exposure and acute myeloid leukemia

Surveillance of High-Risk Group May Downstage Pancreatic Cancer

For patients with screen-detected PDAC, median survival was 9.8 years versus 1.5 for those with PDAC detected outside of surveillance

NAMS Updates Position Statement on Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Using best available evidence, treatment should be individualized to maximize benefits and minimize risks

Racial, Ethnic Disparities Seen in Drug Overdose Rates

Overdose rate in 2020 nearly seven times higher for Black versus White men aged 65 years and older

Smoking Is Causally Associated With Psoriasis Risk

Causal effect found of smoking initiation, cigarettes per day, lifetime smoking on psoriasis; no causal link seen for alcohol consumption

CDC Stops Tracking COVID-19 Cases on Cruise Ships

Decision allows cruise lines to set their own COVID-19 policies

CDC Backs COVID-19 Vaccine From Novavax

Vaccine uses nanoparticles made of proteins from the surface of the coronavirus to stimulate an immune response

Freeze-Dried Organic Blueberries Recalled Due to Lead Levels

So far, no reports of illness have been documented

FDA Approves First Topical Treatment for Vitiligo

Opzelura can be used twice daily in patients ages 12 years and older

2016 to 2020 Saw Increase in Rates of GDM Across United States

Much larger annual percent change in rate of gestational diabetes seen from 2019 to 2020 versus 2016 to 2019

Lifetime Risk for Stroke Varies With Genetic Risk, Cardiovascular Health

Highest LTRS score of 24.8 percent seen for those with high genetic risk and inadequate Life's Simple 7

Psychological Resilience Linked to Improved Walking After Hip Fracture

Older adults in most versus least resilient group had increases in mean gait speed and walking distance after 16 weeks

Personal Space Larger, Less Permeable in Schizophrenia Patients

For patients with psychosis and controls, both personal space size and permeability linked to social anhedonia and withdrawal

Risks for Diabetes, CVD Up in Acute, Postacute COVID-19 Phases

However, from 13 to 52 weeks after COVID-19, no increase was seen for diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease

Increased Blood Viscosity Linked to Mortality in COVID-19

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients with increased estimated blood viscosity may have greater risk for in-hospital mortality

A-Fib Linked to Worse Hospital Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma

In stratified analysis, odds of all-cause mortality, hospital stay of more than five days higher for MM patients not using anticoagulation

Prognosis Worse With Overstrict Salt Restriction in HFpEF Patients

Association more predominant among those aged 70 years or younger and of non-White race

Childhood Trauma Tied to Brain Changes, Cognition in Schizophrenia

Childhood trauma, orbitofrontal cortex H-shaped sulci volume, and cognitive function thought to be related in patients with schizophrenia

Number of U.S. Births Increased in Second Half of 2021

Number of births increased in non-Hispanic Asian, non-Hispanic White, Hispanic women and across 39 states

Genetic Liability to RA Linked to CAD, Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Association for coronary artery disease attenuated after adjustment for genetically predicted C-reactive protein levels

Alcohol Consumption Linked to Markers of Higher Brain Iron

Higher basal ganglia iron markers linked to slower executive function, lower fluid intelligence, slower reaction times

More Thyroid Cancers ID’d in Patients With No Symptoms

Forty-six percent of patients who underwent thyroid-directed surgery had cancer; of these, 51 percent were asymptomatic

Urgent Health Care Use Up for Adults With Concomitant Eczema, Asthma

Those with concomitant atopic dermatitis, asthma had increased risk for hospitalizations and fewer visits in outpatient clinics

Emphysema Identified in Adults With Normal Spirometry

Emphysema present in 4.0 percent of those with race-specific FEV1 between 100 and 120 percent of predicted

Ob/Gyn Tests Stay Virtual Due to Fears Around COVID-19, Abortion Ruling

Exams were to be held in Dallas this fall; however, ob/gyns feared potential violence in anti-abortion state

Reputation Most Important Factor in Choosing Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Women hypothetically selecting a breast reconstruction surgeon placed highest value on surgeons' reputations

Fauci to Retire by End of Biden’s Term

Fauci has been a government scientist for 50 years serving under seven presidents

Protein Intake Tied to Quality of Diet for Weight Loss

High-protein consumers also reduced intake of refined grains and added sugar and increased intake of green vegetables

Eating Avocados No Aid for Visceral Fat Loss

Additionally, daily avocado intake had minimal effect on risk factors associated with cardiometabolic disorders

Consumer Product-Related TBI Up in Children

While incidence was higher among boys, annual percentage increases since 2013 were higher in girls

Genotype Tied to Endovascular Therapy Outcomes in LVO Stroke

Instant, early reocclusion more frequent in carriers of the RNF213 p.R4810K variant, found mainly in people of East Asian descent

Low Apgar Scores Tied to Infant Mortality Across Races

However, low Apgar scores worse at discriminating infants at risk for mortality for Black infants versus White infants

U.S. Extends COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Another Three Months

Separate emergency declaration allows for the emergency use authorization of testing, treatments, and vaccines

Effect of Keto and Mediterranean Diets on Glucose Control Compared

Limiting added sugar and refined grains helpful, but no added overall health benefit seen for cutting out legumes, fruits, and whole grains

More Hospitalizations, Illnesses Reported From Daily Harvest Crumbles

Company said last week that it is doing comprehensive testing to rule out potential causes

Transdermal CBD No Better Than Placebo for Drug-Resistant Focal Epilepsy

At week 12, no difference in seizure frequency seen between cannabidiol and placebo as adjunctive therapy in adults

Fewer HIV Tests, Cases ID’d in Children at Start of Pandemic

From October 2019 to September 2020, 21 percent decrease seen in outpatient department testing, increases observed in other testing strategies

Fourth COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Safe for Immunocompromised

Local and systemic reactions reported less frequently after fourth dose versus dose 3 of primary vaccination series

Insurance Type, Maternal Race Impact Odds of Reporting to CPS

Among children hospitalized due to maltreatment, those with public health insurance have higher likelihood of being reported to CPS

Guidance Issued for Managing Visual Disorders After Pediatric Concussion

Policy statement encourages identification of children who need learning accommodations, referral to specialists as necessary

Pathways to Advanced Age-Related Macular Degeneration Examined

Distinct serum and genetic risks, associated systemic diseases seen with soft drusen, subretinal drusenoid deposits

Mortality Increased for Dialysis Patients With Hurricane Exposure

Hurricane exposure linked to higher mortality after adjustment for demographic and socioeconomic covariates

Occult Hypoxemia More Likely Among Black Inpatients

Among SpO2 values of ≥92 percent, unadjusted probabilities of occult hypoxemia were 15.6 percent for Whites, 19.6 percent for Blacks

U.S. Children Aged 9 to 13 Sleep Average of 7.45 Hours/Night

Sleep times shorter for Black versus White children, children from lower-income families, older children, children with higher BMI

Language-Concordant Care May Improve In-Hospital Outcomes

Associations observed among frail home care recipients admitted to hospital in Ontario, Canada

PCP Gender Wage Gap Varies by Compensation Model

Gap smaller and nonsignificant under capitation risk model adjusted for age and sex

Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Prostate Cancer Mortality Among High-Risk Men

Lifestyle factors not tied to overall diagnosis of prostate cancer

Model Including Marital Status Prognostic for Early Gastric Cancer

Age at diagnosis, sex, histology, stage T, surgery, tumor size, and marital status were independently prognostic of overall survival

Radiation Exposure Greater for Interventional Echocardiographers

During structural heart procedures, exposure greater for interventional echocardiographers than for interventional cardiologists, sonographers

Elective Amputation Beneficial for Some With Brachial Plexus Injury

Reduction in average visual analog scale pain scores, increase in employment, satisfaction reported after amputation

Menstrual Bleeding Changes Reported After COVID-19 Vaccination

42 percent of those with regular menstrual cycles bled more heavily than usual after COVID-19 vaccination

America’s 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Launches Saturday

New three-digit number is easy to remember, free, available 24/7, and confidential

25 Million Children Missed Routine Vaccinations Worldwide in 2021

No region of the world was spared, with the most dramatic declines seen in East Asia and the Pacific region

CDC Warns of Dangerous Virus Infecting Babies in Multiple States

Parechovirus has caused at least one infant death and has cropped up in multiple states since May

As Monkeypox Cases Spike, U.S. Orders More Vaccine, Boosts Testing

As of July 14, 1,470 cases of monkeypox have been identified in 44 jurisdictions in the United States

Diabetic Macular Edema Outcomes Compared for Aflibercept, Bevacizumab

Outcomes at two years comparable among patients with diabetic macular edema receiving aflibercept monotherapy, bevacizumab first

HPV-Related Throat Cancer Outcomes in Men Vary by Race, Ethnicity

Cancer-specific mortality for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer higher among non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic men than White men

Outpatient Antibiotic Management of Appendicitis Feasible for Selected Adults

Outpatients miss fewer workdays, have similar frequency of return health care visits, high satisfaction

Factory-Calibrated CGM Seems Accurate for Hemodialysis Patients

Performance of a factory-calibrated continuous glucose monitor evaluated in outpatients receiving intermittent hemodialysis

WHO Guideline Advises Against Fluvoxamine, Colchicine for COVID-19

For nonsevere COVID-19, 11th version of living guideline recommends against fluvoxamine (except in context of clinical trial), colchicine

Relative Risk Curves for Alcohol Use Vary by Region, Age

59.1 percent of those consuming harmful amounts of alcohol in 2020 were aged 15 to 39 years; 76.9 percent were men

Transmission of Anxiety From Parent to Child Differs by Sex

Findings suggest possible role of environmental factors in the transmission of anxiety disorders from parents to children

Low Rate of Serious Adverse Events Linked to Shoulder Surgery

Low risk for serious adverse events linked to common shoulder arthroscopy procedures; one in 26 at risk for reoperation at one year

Benefit of Viscosupplementation for Knee OA Questioned

Small reduction in pain, increased risk for serious adverse events seen with viscosupplementation versus placebo for knee osteoarthritis

Electroacupuncture May Aid Depression-Related Insomnia

Quality of sleep significantly improved compared with standard care alone or sham acupuncture

Postop A-Fib May Raise Risk for Heart Failure Hospitalization

Increased risk seen among adults without history of heart failure undergoing cardiac, noncardiac surgeries

FDA Approves Emergency Use of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine is given in two shots, three weeks apart

Demand for Monkeypox Vaccine Overwhelms U.S. Cities

Infections from monkeypox have now passed 1,000 cases in the United States

Pharmacies Must Fill Rx for Drugs That May End Pregnancy, Biden Administration Says

HHS Department Office for Civil Rights sent guidance to more than 60,000 U.S. pharmacies

Asthma Drug Fluticasone Fails as Potential COVID-19 Treatment

Finding from a nationwide study of 5,000 participants that continues to evaluate existing drugs to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19

Florida Company Recalls All Ice Cream Products Over Possible Listeria Contamination

One person has died in the outbreak involving 10 states, while 22 have been hospitalized

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Infection Prevention Professionals Explored

65 percent of respondents reported burnout; more negative mental health impacts seen for frontline and practicing IPs

Survival Advantage Seen for A+ADV in Advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma

Progression-free survival longer for brentuximab vedotin plus doxorubicin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine versus ABVD

AHA Addresses Psychological Outcomes for Congenital Heart Disease

Despite strong advocacy, initiatives to integrate mental health professionals into care teams have been slow to move forward

EPO Does Not Improve Outcomes in Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

Death, neurodevelopmental impairment rates similar for newborns receiving erythropoietin, or placebo, combined with therapeutic hypothermia

NAFLD Linked to Increased Risk for Dementia in Seniors

Greater risk for dementia conferred by comorbid nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and heart disease or stroke

Worldwide Drop in Cancer Screening Seen Early in Pandemic

Significant drops in cancer screening observed for several types of cancer

Spike RBD IgG Antibodies Persist After SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Antibody levels higher for children versus adults across all follow-up time points up to 10 months after infection

Modest Increase Seen in Methadone-Involved OD Deaths in March 2020

Increase in methadone-involved deaths in March 2020 not thought to be tied to expanded opioid treatment program take-home policies

Diagnosis With Late-Stage Cancer More Likely Without Private Insurance

For all stageable cancers combined, uninsured with stage I disease have worse survival than privately insured with stage II disease

Perioperative Stroke Examined in Children Receiving Heart Transplants

Poststroke mortality rates similar for Black and White children during first six months, but higher for Black children after six months

Breakthrough Infections in Lupus Patients Down With COVID Booster

Sixty-four percent of those with breakthrough COVID-19 had received booster compared with 82 percent of those without breakthrough infection

Tapinarof Effective for Longer-Term Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis

Complete disease clearance observed in 41 percent of patients with tapinarof cream 1 percent used once daily

Corticosteroid Injections Plus Exercise Ease Achilles Tendinopathy

Reduction in symptoms at six months greater for corticosteroid injections, versus placebo injections, in combination with exercise therapy

NIH Trial Underway for Universal Flu Vaccine

Phase 1 trial testing both intranasal and intramuscular administration

Genetics May Affect Pregnancy Risk Factors for Offspring Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Genetic liability to ADHD, schizophrenia linked to pregnancy-related factors thought to be associated with these conditions

Peanut Allergy in Infants Unchanged After New Guideline Introduced in Australia

New guideline recommending early peanut introduction not linked to change in prevalence of peanut allergy among infants in Australia

CDC Report Addresses Impact of COVID-19 on Antimicrobial Resistance

Increases in resistant infections from 2019 to 2020 seen for carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter, antifungal-resistant Candida auris

COVID-19 Incidence Not Increased With Corticosteroid Injections

Incidence of COVID-19 lower for adults receiving image-guided corticosteroid injections for pain management

Depressive Symptoms Often Seen in Patients Years Before Their Stroke

Individuals with stroke have increase in depressive symptoms compared with matched controls at the assessment before stroke

Extreme Heat, Air Pollution Tied to Higher Mortality Risk

Coexposure associated with even higher risk than the sum of individual effects

Weed Killer Glyphosate Found in Most Americans’ Urine

U.S. National Nutrition Examination Survey revealed the herbicide was found in 1,885 of 2,310 urine samples

Biden Administration May Back Second Booster Shots for All Adults

Expanding eligibility requirements for a fourth dose of the vaccine would require regulatory approval

Adding Salt to Foods May Raise Risk for Premature Mortality

Intake of fruits and vegetables significantly modified association between frequency of adding salt to foods and premature mortality

Asian, Black, Hispanic Patients Have Higher Pulse Oximetry Readings

Lower average oxygen delivery rates seen in association with Asian, Black, Hispanic versus White race, ethnicity

Mediterranean Diet Tied to Frailty Prevention

Higher total carotenoid intake also associated with frailty prevention

Genomic Sequencing Enhances Findings of Hearing Loss in NICU

Diagnosis increased with expanded genomic sequencing combined with hearing screening

Treatment for Hep C Up Among People Who Inject Drugs

Among PWID with chronic HCV infection, proportion with detectable HCV RNA decreased from 100 percent in 2006 to 48 percent in 2019

AI Applied to Imaging May Help Clinicians Diagnose Fractures

Systematic review and meta-analysis shows comparable diagnostic performance for artificial intelligence, clinicians in fracture detection

Infant Hospitalization for COVID-19 Reduced With Maternal Vaccination

Effectiveness of maternal vaccination against COVID-19 hospitalization in infants 80 percent during delta, 38 percent during omicron

Suvorexant May Ease Symptoms During Opioid Withdrawal Therapy

Small pilot study suggests suvorexant may improve sleep, reduce opioid withdrawal and craving during buprenorphine/naloxone taper

Racial Disparities ID’d in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

Black and Hispanic patients reach kidney failure earlier than Whites, are less likely to receive transplant preemptively

113-Gene Signature May Predict Long-Term HCC Risk in NAFLD

Prognostic liver signature validated in cohorts of patients with NAFLD, with and without history of hepatocellular carcinoma

Physical Activity in Children Dropped During the Pandemic

Findings show 17-minute drop in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity based on global systematic literature review

Many Younger Adults Lack Sun Protection Knowledge

Survey shows lack of knowledge may lead to behaviors that contribute to sun damage, skin cancer

If Woman’s Life Is in Danger, Doctors Must Offer Abortion: Biden Administration

Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act applies to providers in all states, including those that now ban abortions

Handgun, Individual, Community Factors Predict Suicide by Firearm

Findings based on large-scale machine learning analysis of individual-level handgun transaction records

Troubled Infant Formula Plant Resumes Production

Production of Elecare began after a July 1 reboot; additional formula will be produced soon

FDA Mulling Over-the-Counter Sale of Contraceptive Pill

Application from HRA Pharma to make birth control more accessible comes just weeks after overturning of Roe v. Wade

New Omicron Subvariant Spreading in India, United States

New mutation -- BA.2.75 -- has been detected in 10 other countries, including Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada

Low Risk Seen for Health Care-Linked Monkeypox Transmission

From 2000 to 2022, only one case of health care-associated transmission described, following high-risk exposure to contaminated bedding

Primary Cesarean Delivery Rate Increased From 2019 to 2021

Less than a 1 percent decrease seen in repeat cesarean delivery rate each year, from 87.6 percent in 2016 to 85.9 percent in 2021

Water Births May Offer Benefits for Healthy Moms, Newborns

Reductions seen in use of epidurals, injected opioids, and episiotomy; maternal pain; and postpartum hemorrhage with water immersion

Adverse Reactions to BNT162b2 Mild, Moderate for 5- to 11-Year-Olds

Based on data from three U.S. safety monitoring systems, adverse events were mild-to-moderate, and myocarditis occurred rarely

Regularly Sleeping 10+ Hours Eases Transition to Kindergarten

Establishing healthy nighttime sleep habits before starting kindergarten promotive of better adjustment across full year

Modified Chinese Food Diet Lowers BP in Hypertensive Adults

Study of adults in China showed mean incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of $0.06 per day per 1 mm Hg reduction in systolic BP

COVID-19 Among Top 5 Causes of Death in the U.S.

As pandemic wears on, ranking of COVID-19 as a leading cause of death has increased among younger age groups

Prevalence of Autism Up to 3.14 Percent in U.S. Youth for 2019 to 2020

Prevalence of autism spectrum disorder higher in boys, with differences in prevalence seen according to family economic status

Telemedicine Success Tied to Patient Outcomes in Thoracic Cancer

Sociodemographic disparities may make successful telemedicine visits less likely, leading to increased chances for poorer outcomes

Laboratory Response Network Facilitates Rapid ID of Monkeypox

CDC has confirmed non-variola Orthopoxvirus-positive specimens from 159 patients to be monkeypox

Model Can Predict Chronic Postsurgical Pain

Approximately one-fourth of patients experience chronic pain after surgery

WHO Says Global Monkeypox Cases Have Jumped 77 Percent in One Week

Origin of the outbreak is still considered mysterious

Bumble Bee Clams Recalled Due to PFAS

So far, no illnesses have been reported linked to these clams

California Will Produce Its Own Insulin to Bring Down Prices

As part of the state's new budget, $50 million will go directly to the development of low-cost insulin products

Biden Signs Executive Order on Access to Abortion

New executive order takes steps to rein in any penalties incurred by women who are seeking abortion services

Uterus Transplant Enables Women to Gestate, Deliver Liveborn Infants

Seventy-four percent of 31 uterus recipients had one-year graft survival; 19 of these 23 women had liveborn children

PT Noninferior to Arthroscopic Surgery for Meniscal Tear

Exercise-based physical therapy noninferior to arthroscopic surgery for degenerative meniscal tear with regard to patient-reported knee function

Comprehensive Symptom Assessment Should Happen Early With CKD

Earlier assessment of symptoms may inform strategies to improve health-related quality of life in patients with chronic kidney disease

Nonmedical Interventions May Improve Type 2 Diabetes Outcomes

Hemoglobin A1C may be lowered by interventions addressing food, education, housing

Prepregnancy BMI Tied to Risks for Maternal Morbidity, Mortality

A large proportion of this association was mediated by hypertensive disorders

Changes in Alzheimer Biomarkers Tied to Withdrawal of PAP for OSA

Increase in neurofilament light, decrease in Aβ40 associated with withdrawal of positive airway pressure for obstructive sleep apnea

Health System Tobacco Cessation May Aid Smokers Trying to Quit

Health system-based care produced better treatment use and more tobacco abstinence than community-based quitlines

Nighttime Light Exposure Tied to Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Seniors

Most older adults have some type of nighttime light exposure

Eating Nuts Tied to Lower Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease

Consumption of nuts also linked to lower all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in non-CKD population

Abdominal CT Biomarkers May Predict Type 2 Diabetes

Predictors of T2D include intrapancreatic fat percentage, pancreatic fractal dimension, plaque severity between L1 and L4

Similar Exercise Benefits Seen for Weekend Warriors, Regular Exercisers

All-cause and cause-specific mortality benefits from exercise similar between weekend warriors and regularly active participants

Resilience and Stress Management Program Aids Health Care Workers

Improvements seen in resilience, stress, anxiety, and burnout-exhaustion after the six-week program

Use of Specialized Infant Formula for Cow’s Milk Allergy Rising

Excess prescription of specialized formulas suspected for young children who do not have cow's milk allergy

Addressing Social Needs May Cut Hospitalizations

Findings for adult Medicaid patients, although cost savings may not sustain the case management program

Food Insecurity + Diabetes Tied to More Health-Related Missed Workdays

However, food insecurity not significantly tied to more nights spent hospitalized

Risk of Peripartum Cardiovascular Complications Up With PCOS

Odds of preeclampsia, eclampsia, peripartum cardiomyopathy, heart failure increased for women with PCOS

Recommendations Developed for Treating Preinvasive Vulvar Lesions

Women should be seen on a regular basis for careful clinical assessment, including biopsy, after treatment of preinvasive vulvar lesions

Genetic Analyses Link Vitamin D Deficiency to Dementia Risk

In Mendelian randomization analyses, 25(OH)D associated with risk for dementia, but not stroke or neuroimaging outcomes

Diagnostic Mammogram Performance Varies by Race/Ethnicity

Invasive cancer detection rates, positive predictive values highest for non-Hispanic Whites, lowest for Hispanics

Urate-Lowering Treatments Compared for Gout

More participants receiving low-dose benzbromarone than low-dose febuxostat achieved serum urate target at 12 weeks

FDA Allows Pharmacists to Prescribe COVID-19 Drug Paxlovid

However, patients who test positive for COVID-19 should still consider reaching out to their regular health care provider for Paxlovid first

Immunocompromised Hospitalized With COVID-19 Have Poor Outcomes

Immunocompromised patients have increased odds of ICU admission, in-hospital death, regardless of vaccination status

Firearm Injury ED Visit Rate Up With Higher Social Vulnerability

Similar patterns seen for Social Vulnerability Index themes of socioeconomic status and housing type and transportation

Geographic Variation Identified in Prevalence of Visual Acuity Loss

Positive correlation seen for visual acuity loss or blindness prevalence with percentage of county's population living below poverty level

One in 13 U.S. Adults Report Long COVID Symptoms

Rates higher among younger adults and women, with some geographic variation

U.S. Opens Baby Formula Market to Foreign Suppliers

Move to help foreign suppliers will provide consumers with more choices and bolster the industry against future shortages

Gaps ID’d in Hospitals’ Likelihood of Adopting Stroke Care Certification

Hospitals in low-income and rural communities less likely to receive stroke certification than those in general communities

White Matter Hyperintensity Burden Up for Postmenopausal Women

Higher WMH burden, with accelerated increase, observed in postmenopausal women compared with men of similar age

Disparities Remain in Treatment, Outcomes for Myocardial Infarction

Despite overall improvement in treatment and survival from 2005 to 2015, findings reveal persisting disparities across race and sex

Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure Tied to Multimorbidity Clusters

Higher air pollution exposure particularly associated with cardiometabolic disease clusters

In 3 Percent of Couples, Both Parents Experience Postpartum Depression

Prevalence in which both parents experience mood disorders higher three to 12 months postpartum

Glaucoma Not Linked to Change in Cognitive Function

No link seen between prevalent, incident glaucoma and levels of or rates of change in TICS scores when categorizing glaucoma by type

Many Undergo Genital Gender-Affirming Surgery Outside State of Residence

Out-of-pocket costs 49 percent higher for procedures performed outside versus in the state of residence

COVID-19 Vaccination Greatly Reduced Morbidity, Mortality Burden in U.S.

Vaccination estimated to have prevented 52, 56, and 58 percent of expected infections, hospitalizations, deaths in adults from Sept. 1 to 30, 2021

Impact of Affiliation Mixed for Rural U.S. Hospitals

Benefits seen for financially distressed hospitals, but affiliation increases risk for closure among financially stable hospitals

History of Hypothyroidism Linked to Increased Dementia Risk in ≥65s

Association most significant for those aged 65 years or older with history of hypothyroidism who received medication

PTSD Linked to Faster Cognitive Decline in Middle-Aged Women

Worse cognitive trajectories seen in association with higher number of PTSD symptoms among middle-aged women

Bereavement Tied to Higher Risk for Death Among Heart Failure Patients

Findings seen regardless of cause of family member's death and peaked in the first week after death

Severe COVID-19 Rates Low With Monoclonal Antibody Therapy During Delta Surge

Rates of severe disease low for high-risk patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 treated with antispike monoclonal antibodies

FDA Temporarily Suspends Ban on Juul E-Cigarettes

To remain on the market, e-cigarette manufacturers must prove there is a public health benefit with their use

Experts Address Managing Cancer-Related Pain in Setting of Opioid Abuse, Misuse

Palliative and addiction medicine specialists provide consensus-based guidance for three common clinical scenarios

Individual-Level Differences ID’d Between Measured, Estimated GFR

Population-level differences between mGFR and eGFRCR small, but individual-level differences large

Childhood Obesity Rate in the U.S. Higher Now Than 12 Years Prior

Expansion seen in social disparities in obesity incidence, with new cases during primary school increased among non-Hispanic Blacks

Race, Ethnicity, Sex Influence Role of Concussion in Suicide Risk

Complex interaction between race/ethnicity, sex, depression, and concussion history seen for risk for suicide attempts among U.S. youth

Prevalence of COVID-19-Related Croup Up During Omicron

Odds of hospitalization not significantly different during periods with alpha or other variant predominance, delta predominance, versus omicron-predominant periods

Prevalence of CVD, Risk Factors Up in Redlined Neighborhoods

In fully adjusted models, associations for increased prevalence of stroke, CKD across HOLC grades A to D remained statistically significant

Migraines Tied to Higher Risk for Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases

Associations stronger for women with migraine versus men with migraine

Rise in Cost of Biologics for Psoriasis Outpacing Medical Inflation

Apart from secukinumab, the mean cost of biologics increased by >100 percent than inflation alone would explain

One in Seven Face Catastrophic Spending on Insulin

Older people with low family incomes face greatest risk for high out-of-pocket spending relative to income

Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Increased for Adult Cancer Survivors

Risk for CVD, heart failure, and stroke significantly increased after adjustment for cardiovascular risk factors

Maternal Mortality Up by One-Third During the Pandemic

Increases were highest for Hispanic and non-Hispanic Black women

Infertility, Miscarriage Linked to Increased Risk for Stroke

Recurrent miscarriage linked to increased risk for nonfatal and fatal stroke; stillbirth also linked to increased stroke risk

Deadly Listeria Outbreak Linked to Ice Cream

One person has died in the outbreak involving 10 states, while 22 have been hospitalized

Demographic, Clinical Characteristics of Monkeypox ID’d

Infection confirmed in 54 individuals, all of whom identified as men who have sex with men; all presented with skin lesions

Many Ethnic-Minority Teens Have Low Vitamin D Levels

Increase in vitamin D deficiency seen with age among adolescents, irrespective of ethnicity or gender

Framework Issued for Developing Living Practice Guidelines

Framework addresses planning, production, reporting, and dissemination processes, as well as provides definitions

Cognitive Impairment Predicts Outcomes for ICU Survivors

Cognitive impairment at hospital discharge linked to risk of new physical disability at six-month follow-up

Vaccination Protects Overweight, Obese Against Severe COVID-19

Protection against severe COVID-19 similar for those with overweight, obesity versus healthy weight; lower protection seen for underweight

Lower Fecundability With Residence in Disadvantaged Neighborhood

Moderately reduced fecundability comparing top and bottom deciles for disadvantaged neighborhood status

Health-Sector Shift Work Linked to Increased Odds of Metabolic Syndrome

Risk of developing metabolic syndrome increased for shift workers in 10 of 12 studies included in review and meta-analysis

Headaches in Teens During Pandemic Tied to Depression, Anxiety

Among teens with headache, 27 percent reported worsening of headaches, while 10 percent had new onset of headache

Twelve-Week Treatment Regimen Reduces Facial Redness

Skin seemed less inflamed, improvement seen in overall skin appearance, and skin looked and felt healthier

Patients With Migraine Have Balance Impairment

Migraineurs present with lower Sensory Organization Test scores; SOT scores linked to fear of falls, dizziness disability, kinesiophobia

Genetic Mutations May Help Predict Survival in Parkinson Disease

Among patients with Parkinson disease, SNCA or GBA mutations associated with shorter survival compared with no mutations

Injuries From Fireworks on the Rise in the United States

Fireworks-related injuries and deaths in the U.S. have climbed by about 25 percent over the past 15 years

Children <12 Need Not Repeat HIV, Hep B/C Tests Before Transplant Surgery

Candidates aged <12 years at the time of transplantation are exempt from testing if they received postnatal infectious disease testing

CDC Says Mystery Listeria Outbreak Has Killed One, Hospitalized 22

Nearly all of the patients either live in Florida or had traveled to the state about a month before they got sick

New York City First to Offer Paxlovid at COVID-19 Testing Sites

'Test-to-Treat' program is part of federal and city efforts to catch and treat infections early and be ready for new waves of the pandemic

Tests Find Salmonella in Third of Store-Bought Ground Chicken

All of the Salmonella found was resistant to at least one antibiotic and 78 percent resistant to several drugs