Unhealthy Lifestyle Only Explains Part of Health Disparities of Poor

Overall lifestyle only explained 3 to 12.3 percent of the excess risks

Younger Age at T2DM Onset Linked to Subsequent Dementia Risk

Every five-year younger age at onset of type 2 diabetes linked to hazard ratio of dementia of 1.24 at age 70 years

White House to Propose Menthol Cigarette Ban

Also anticipated is a ban on menthol and other flavors in mass-produced cigars, including small cigars

Outcomes of MitraClip for Secondary Mitral Regurgitation Reported

No difference seen across mitral valve gradient quartiles for two-year composite end point of all-cause mortality, heart failure hospitalization

$100 Savings Bonds Offered to Young People in West Virginia Who Get COVID-19 Shot

Bond offer will apply retroactively to those who have already received a COVID-19 vaccine

Cannabis Use Disorder Tied to Spine Surgery Complications

Surgical patients with concurrent cannabis use disorder had higher rates of inpatient neurovascular, thromboembolic, and pulmonary complications

AAO/HNS Issue Guideline for Opioid Use After Otolaryngologic Surgery

Recommendations aim to improve postoperative pain control while reducing the risk for opioid use disorder

ED Staff Reported Poor Mental Health During Early Pandemic

Almost half reported exhaustion, burnout, while one in five indicated PTSD symptoms

Failure to Rescue Drives Racial Disparity in Maternal Mortality

Failure to rescue decreased nationally from 1999 to 2017; however, disparities for five racial and ethnic groups persisted overall

Factors Tied to Severe COVID-19 in Children Identified

Hispanic, Black children overrepresented for COVID-19 infections, but not severe disease

Early-Life Exposure to Famine Linked to Increased Odds of RA

Odds ratios for rheumatoid arthritis increased for individuals exposed to famine in utero and at ages 0 to 3, 3 to 6, and 6 years or older

AGA Issues Guidelines on Intragastric Balloons for Managing Obesity

IGB therapy with lifestyle modification suggested for those with obesity who have failed conventional weight-loss strategies

USPSTF Reaffirms Benefit of Hypertension Screening for Adults

Screening for hypertension with office blood pressure measurement recommended for adults aged 18 years and older

CDC Says Vaccinated Can Shed Masks Outside, Except in Crowds

Even unvaccinated individuals may go without masks when walking, jogging, or biking outdoors with household members

AstraZeneca Sued by EU Over Vaccine Shipment Delays

European officials say AstraZeneca broke its contract when it said it would deliver only a third of the 300 million doses promised by end of June

Increasing BMI Ups Risk for Second Cancer After Breast Cancer

Increased risks seen for any second cancer, obesity-related cancer, second breast cancer, second ER-positive breast cancer

Eleven Novel Loci Identified for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Total of 615 plausible effector genes include targets of drugs approved for RA and repurposable drugs

Preeclampsia Linked to Increased Stroke Risk in Later Life

Association only evident when adjustment was made for all vascular risk factors over the life course

Shift Work Linked to Increased Risk for COVID-19 Illness

Associations seen for shift work, irregular or permanent shift work, day-shift work, irregular or permanent night-shift work

Rapid Antigen Test Can ID Contagious People in SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak

Percentage positive agreement was 95 percent for BinaxNOW with virus culture for ID of replication-competent virus

Carboplatin Alone Not Adequate for Ovarian Cancer in Frail Seniors

Worse survival than with combination carboplatin-paclitaxel regimens for vulnerable older patients with ovarian cancer

Racial/Ethnic Disparities Identified in Ophthalmology Trials

Black and Hispanic or Latinx participants are underrepresented in clinical trials for drugs for AMD, OAG, DR

Baseline Patient Characteristics May Predict Psoriasis Course

Among patients with plaque phenotype, high disease activity, and scalp lesions, 52 percent developed severe disease

Wildfire Air Pollution Tied to Uptick in Visits for Dermatitis, Itch

Increased health care utilization seen for pediatric and adult patients

Transient Improvement Found in Sedentary Time in CKD With Intervention

Maximum reduction in sedentary duration and increase in number of steps/day seen at week 20, attenuated by week 24

Female Sex, Work Culture Biggest Contributors to Physician Burnout

Compared with electronic health record usage at an academic medical center, clinician sex and work culture contributed more to burnout

Steroids Unrelated to Psychological Reactions in Pediatric ALL

Low-quality evidence suggests type/dose of steroid not linked to adverse psychological reactions, possibly associated with sleep problems

VTE Risk High in Cancer Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

History of VTE predicts VTE occurrence; VTE occurrence linked to increased mortality

FDA Holds Meeting to Review Merits of Approved Cancer Drugs

Three-day meeting prompted by what FDA officials call an 'unprecedented level of drug development' in recent years

CDC Issues Updated Summer Camp Guidelines

When activities must be indoors, spaces should be well ventilated and windows should be kept open

COVID-19 Vaccinations Now Mandatory for Houston Methodist Hospital Workers

In March, health system gave vaccinated workers an extra $500 and warned that at some point the shots would no longer be voluntary

EU Will Allow Fully Vaccinated U.S. Tourists

No word on a timeline on when exactly tourist travel might open up or details on how it would occur

U.S. Will Help India in Fight Against COVID-19: Biden

United States is 'working around the clock' to immediately send drug treatments and rapid diagnostic COVID-19 testing kits to India

Bimekizumab Tops Secukinumab for Plaque Psoriasis

In second study, bimekizumab showed noninferiority and superiority to adalimumab for moderate-to-severe disease

Millions of Americans Have Missed Their Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose: CDC

Local health authorities struggling to make sure that those who get their first shot also get their second

AHA Offers Guidance for CVD Risk in Breast, Prostate Cancer

Patients with breast, prostate cancer who are receiving hormonal therapy more likely to develop cardiovascular risk factors

Lower Incomes Increase Cancer Worry, Anxiety During Pandemic

Worry, anxiety up with lower annual income for Medicaid-insured women receiving gynecologic oncology care during March 15 to April 15, 2020

Probiotic With Low-Dose Iron Studied in Pregnant Women

Iron status improved in healthy pregnant women randomly assigned to Lactiplantibacillus plantarum 299v product versus placebo

Intraabdominal Fat Ups Health Risks in Absence of Obesity

Interventions investigated to reduce these adipose tissue depots, with lifestyle interventions as effective as medications (or more so)

Noncalcified Coronary Plaque Up for People Living With HIV

Calcified coronary plaque prevalence lower among PLWH without known cardiovascular disease versus healthy volunteers without HIV

Hearing Loss Tied to Less Physical Activity in Older Adults

Mild and moderate-or-greater hearing is equivalent to 5.84 and 7.28 years of aging, respectively

Tocilizumab Preserves Lung Function in Early Systemic Sclerosis

Stabilization of lung function independent of the extent of quantitative radiographic interstitial lung disease or fibrosis at baseline

Younger Age at First Drug Use Tied to Faster Transition to Substance Use Disorder

Past-year substance use disorder higher for adolescents than young adults at all examined time frames since first use

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

FDA Moves to Resume Use of J&J COVID Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson has agreed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to add a warning label to the vaccine

Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Effective Against New NYC Variant​

Studies add to growing evidence that the two vaccines protect against all coronavirus variants identified so far

Psoriasis Incidence in the United States Remains Steady

New diagnosis of psoriasis increases with age, is similar between sexes, and is greatest among Whites

FDA Approves Immunotherapy for dMMR Endometrial Cancer

Jemperli approved for dMMR endometrial cancer that progressed after platinum-containing chemotherapy treatment

CDC: Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Jule’s Cashew Brie​

Two people hospitalized; no deaths reported

Few SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections Reported at SNFs

22 infections identified among 12 residents and 10 staff members at 15 skilled nursing facilities; no facility-associated secondary transmission reported

Single-Dose Ad26.COV2.S Effective Against COVID-19

Also effective against cases in South Africa, which mainly comprised infections caused by the 20H/501Y.V2 variant

Claim Rates ID’d for Musculoskeletal Disorders From Overexertion

Work-related musculoskeletal disorder claims from overexertion among construction workers were highest for those aged 35 to 44 years

Severe Maternal Morbidity, Mortality Up With COVID-19 in Pregnancy

Asymptomatic women with COVID-19 diagnosis only have increased risks for maternal morbidity and preeclampsia

Opportunistic Mobile ECG Detects A-Fib in American Indians

New atrial fibrillation was detected in 1.5 percent of patients screened versus 0.3 percent of controls, who did not undergo screening

One-Quarter in Ocular HTN Treatment Study Developed Visual Field Loss

20-year cumulative incidence of primary open angle glaucoma was 45.6 percent after adjustment for exposure time

CSVD Severity Up for Minority Intracerebral Hemorrhage Survivors

Minority ICH survivors have greater global cerebral small vessel disease and hypertensive arteriopathy burden on MRI

Sacituzumab Govitecan Treats Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Progression-free, overall survival prolonged with sacitizumab govitecan versus single-agent chemotherapy

Survivors of Adolescent, Young Adult Cancer Face Financial Hardships

Hardships include forgoing care and medication nonadherence due to cost

Margin-Positive Surgery Still Beneficial in Pancreatic Cancer

Survival benefit seen for surgery, even with R1/R2 resection margins compared with chemotherapy alone for stage II pancreatic cancer

Air Pollution, Exercise Combined Affect CVD Risk in Young Adults

Increased physical activity with high exposure to air pollution may increase risk for cardiovascular disease

No Obvious Safety Signals ID’d for mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy

Adverse neonatal outcomes included preterm birth and small for gestational age; no neonatal deaths reported

One COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Wasted for Every 850 Used: CDC Data

Data also show that pharmacies accounted for three-quarters of the reported wastage

Fake Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines Being Sold Online

Company emphasized that no legitimate vaccine is sold online

Biden Gives Businesses Incentives to Help Workers Get COVID-19 Shots

President asks businesses to give employees paid time off to get vaccinated, offers special tax credits to businesses employing <500 people

Decrease Seen in Abusive Head Trauma for Young Children During Pandemic

Mean monthly admissions for AHT in children younger than 5 were lower in 2020 than in 2019, 2018, and 2017

Recovered but RT-PCR-Positive Individuals Unlikely to Transmit SARS-CoV-2

Those who have clinically recovered but continue to test positive on RT-PCR after the requisite isolation seem not to be infectious to others

Dietary Patterns ID’d That Raise CVD, Mortality Risk

Linear association with total CVD, all-cause mortality seen for pattern including high intakes of chocolate, confectionary, butter, low-fiber bread

Once-Weekly Insulin Icodec Promising for Type 2 Diabetes

Icodec results in greater increase in time-in-range versus once-daily insulin glargine U100 in two phase 2 randomized, open-label trials

Guidance Updated for Assessing Allergy Risk of COVID-19 Vaccines

Janssen adenovirus type 26 vectored vaccine may be considered for individuals who self-report PEG allergy

Surgical Technique May Cut Positive Margin Rates in DCIS

Cavity shave margin resections for pure ductal carcinoma in situ may lower risk for positive margins

Vaccinating Lactating Mothers May Protect Infants From COVID-19

Anti-spike protein IgG and IgA levels in breast milk significantly elevated from baseline at 80 days after maternal COVID-19 vaccination

Timing of Chemotherapy for Glioblastoma May Matter

Treatment in the morning may be more effective, with greater impact seen in MGMT-methylated patients

Cognitive Deficits in Childhood Tied to Later Mental Health Disorders

Authors say early cognitive interventions in childhood may lessen risk for subsequent symptoms

ACP Offers Guidance on Antibiotic Duration for Common Infections

Best practices recommend limiting antibiotics to five days for COPD exacerbations, acute uncomplicated bronchitis

Longitudinal Study Tracks High Blood Pressure, Stroke Risk

Stroke incidence higher for Black than White individuals; stage 2 hypertension tied to substantially higher stroke risk compared with normal BP

USPSTF: Evidence Lacking for A-Fib Screening in Asymptomatic Seniors

Current evidence is lacking and balance of benefits and harms of screening cannot be determined

Migraine Linked to Hypertension Among Menopausal Women

Slightly stronger association seen for ever users of menopausal hormone therapy than never users

Globally, No Increase Seen in Suicides in Early COVID-19 Pandemic

Findings seen in 21 countries through July 2020, including the United States

FDA: Multiple Violations Found at Baltimore Plant Making COVID-19 Vaccines

Violations included not properly disinfecting equipment, not following procedures meant to prevent contamination, improperly trained employees

Supply May Soon Outstrip Demand in U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

When supply exceeds demand, finding willing arms to receive vaccines gets a lot harder

Traumatic Brain Injury Ups Risk for Future Stroke

Findings show highest risk in the first four months post-TBI, but risk remains regardless of severity or type of injury

Mechanism ID’d for Thrombosis After ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine

Testing for antibodies to platelet factor 4 positive in 22 of 23 patients; treatment with platelet transfusion should be avoided

Sex Disparities in COVID-19 Deaths Not Seen Across Race

However, Black women have COVID-19 mortality rates nearly four times higher than White men, three times higher than Asian men

Late-Week Spinal Surgeries Tied to Longer Hospital Stays

Lengths of stay even longer with discharge to a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation center

SARS-CoV-2 Cardiac Involvement Low in Collegiate Athletes

Diagnostic yield for SARS-CoV-2 cardiac involvement higher for clinically indicated versus primary screening cardiac MRI

Total Vaccines, Measles Vaccines Down for Children During Pandemic

Total and measles-containing vaccines declined markedly in all children but recovered in those aged 0 to 23 months

Cutaneous AEs Linked to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy

Cutaneous immune-related adverse events seen in 25 percent of cancer patients initiating ICI therapy with median onset time of 113 days

Children With Down Syndrome at Higher Risk for Leukemia

Risk particularly high for acute myeloid leukemia before age 5 years

Opdivo Plus Chemotherapy Approved for Treatment of Gastric Cancer

FDA granted Opdivo first approval of immunotherapy for first-line treatment of advanced or metastatic gastric cancer

AI Algorithm Uses Brain MRI to ID Multiple Sclerosis Subtypes

Authors suggest MRI-based subtypes could predict disease progression and help target treatments

Introduction of Sepsis Performance Measure Had Little Impact

Variable impact found on changes in process measures, with no improvement in clinical outcomes

Proportion of Black Physicians Has Changed Little Since 1900

Racial income differences were statistically significant each survey year, with difference of $50,000 in 2018

Prevalence of Chronic Pain 20.5 Percent in United States

Most common pain locations were back and hip, knee, or foot; physical therapy and massage most often used for management

J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Used, but Carry Blood Clot Warning

European Medicines Agency also said the vaccine's benefits still far outweigh its risks

CDC: Risk Low for COVID-19 Surface Transmission

Airborne transmission of the virus continues to be the major threat

Every American Adult Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

Nation is close to meeting President Biden's goal of 200 million shots in arms by his 100th day in office

Some Supplements May Lower Risk for SARS-CoV-2 Positivity

Risk for testing positive reduced with use of probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, multivitamins, and vitamin D supplements for women

Outcomes Similar for Seniors With Hospital at Home, Admission

Decrease seen in long-term residential care with admission avoidance hospital at home with comprehensive geriatric assessment

No Link Found for Exposure to Epidural Labor Analgesia and Autism

After adjustment for maternal sociodemographic, prepregnancy, pregnancy, and perinatal covariates, no link found with autism spectrum disorders

Risk for Subsequent SARS-CoV-2 Infection Lower With Seropositivity

Among healthy, young adults, risk for subsequent infection among seropositive participants about one-fifth of that for seronegative participants

Half of American Adults Have Received at Least One COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

CDC added that almost 84 million adults, or nearly a third, are fully vaccinated

42 Percent of Transgender Women With Valid HIV Test Are HIV+

Prevalence varies by race/ethnicity, ranging from 17 percent among Whites to 65 percent among American Indian/Alaska Natives

Gender, Race Affects Access to SGLT2-Inhibitor Therapy for T2DM

Women, Black or Asian patients less likely to receive sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor treatment for type 2 diabetes

Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Tied to Systolic BP Changes

Within two to four months, increases, decreases in systolic BP seen in transmasculine, transfeminine adults, respectively

Higher Red Meat Intake Tied to Worse Imaging Measures of CV Health

Adverse ventricular remodeling, poorer cardiac function, and higher arterial stiffness linked to greater intake of red, processed meat

Factors Identified to Help Predict Age at Menopause

Some life habits and socioeconomic factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, relationship status, physical activity may also contribute

AAN: Stroke Occurs in 2.2 Percent of Patients Admitted to ICU With COVID-19

Cumulative hazard of death increased in association with hemorrhagic stroke, but not with ischemic stroke

Patients of Female Doctors More Likely to Receive Flu Vaccine

Vaccination differences represent a large percentage of Black and Hispanic gaps in vaccination rates

Bruising Clinical Decision Rule Differentiates Abuse From Nonabuse

BCDR had high sensitivity, specificity based on body region bruised, bruising anywhere on infant 4.99 months or younger, bruising pattern

Third Booster COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Available by Fall: Moderna

While not required, a third booster shot could provide additional protection against COVID-19 variants

Prevalence of Migraine, Severe Headache Up for Adults With IBD

Correlation of migraine or severe headache with IBD remains significant overall after adjustment for all covariates

Biden Administration Lifts Restrictions on Medical Research Using Fetal Tissues

All projects that had been approved before the Trump administration restrictions 'will be reinstated without further review'

Global COVID-19 Death Toll Surpasses 3 Million

Actual number believed to be much higher because some governments may be concealing numbers

Oregonians Rebel as State Considers ‘Indefinite Extension’ of Pandemic Rules

Officials have not said how low COVID-19 case numbers must go or how many people would have to be vaccinated for the requirements to be lifted

Booster Shots a Likely Reality for COVID-19-Vaccinated Americans

And, CDC has scheduled a new emergency hearing on the safety of J&J vaccine for April 23

Europe Surpasses 1 Million COVID-19 Deaths

WHO wants to emphasize the need for Europe to maintain social distancing and speed up vaccinations

Hemorrhagic Stroke + COVID-19 Doubles Risk for In-Hospital Mortality

In addition to increased risk for death, hospital and ICU lengths of stay are longer

Grandmaternal DDT Exposure Tied to Granddaughter Early Menarche, Obesity

o,p'-DDT exposure in normal-weight, but not overweight or obese, grandmothers linked to obesity in granddaughters

Risk-Based Approach Developed to Triage Mammography Use

Clinical indication and individual risk factors linked to breast cancer detection and could help triage mammography use

Chronic Adverse Effects From Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapies Common

About 43 percent of patients who receive anti-PD1 therapy for advanced melanoma have chronic immune-related adverse effects

Brain Activity May Play Role in ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’

Stress-related brain activity tied to higher risk for developing Takotsubo syndrome

Gens X and Y Show Worrisome Trend of Declining Health

Future increase in morbidity and mortality rates likely as younger generations age

Severe Mental Illness Tied to Higher Risk for Heart Attack Death

Those with severe mental illness also less likely to receive revascularization

ATA Issues Guidelines for Managing Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Evidence-based guidelines address diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment, including early multidisciplinary care team involvement

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

Nearly Half of Older Adults Use Online Physician Ratings

Online ratings perceived to be very important nearly as often as word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends

Number of Preventive Med Doctors Unlikely to Match U.S. Needs

Number of self-identified preventive medicine physicians has decreased since 2000, with leveling off in past four years

One-Fourth of HIV Patients Report Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence

Authors say screening and linkage to supportive services needed for HIV patients

Response to One COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Strong in Previously Infected

Neutralizing antibody titer is higher after one dose of mRNA vaccine than after two vaccine doses in previously uninfected persons

Senators Urge Biden to Waive Rules That Restrict COVID-19 Vaccine Production

Waiver could open the door for generic or other manufacturers to make more vaccines

Psilocybin Compared With Escitalopram for Depression

No difference seen in change in depression scores at six weeks for psilocybin plus placebo versus psilocybin plus escitalopram

Study Explores Oxytocin Use in Active Phase of Induced Labor

Discontinuation of oxytocin may lead to small increase in rate of cesarean section, decrease in fetal heart rate abnormalities

AAN: Neurological Manifestations Common in Children With PIMS-TS

Children with neurological involvement have higher peak inflammatory markers, are more likely to be ventilated

AAN: Race May Affect Response to Anti-CD20 Therapy for MS, NMOSD

B-cell repopulation occurs more often in African American versus White patients between six and 12 months after anti-CD20 infusion

Children With Worse Atopic Dermatitis More Likely to Have Learning Disabilities

Findings independent of socioeconomic characteristics, onset age, and other related disorders

Neighborhood Disadvantage Tied to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Cortical thinning partially mediates the association between neighborhood-level disadvantage and cognitive decline

AACR: Ovarian Cancer Patients at Higher Risk for Mental Illness

Increased risks for anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder especially high during first two years after diagnosis

Asthma Exacerbations, ED Admissions Decreased During Lockdown

Nonpharmaceutical interventions to reduce COVID-19 associated with reduction in admissions for COPD, asthma

Even Moderate Caffeine Intake in Pregnancy Tied to Smaller Babies

Consuming more than 50 mg of caffeine per day (the amount in about half a cup of coffee) linked to lower birth weight

ED Visits Down Dec. 2020 to Jan. 2021 Versus Prepandemic

Emergency department visits were 25 percent lower during December 2020 to January 2021 versus one year earlier

Routine Cancer Screenings Declined Significantly at Start of Pandemic

However, mammography and colonoscopy rates rebounded substantially by the end of July

U.S. Overdose Deaths Have Soared During COVID-19 Pandemic

Increase largely driven by illicitly manufactured fentanyl and other synthetic opioids

Thousands of Vaccinated People in U.S. Infected With COVID-19

New data are the first to indicate how effective COVID-19 vaccines are in real life

CDC Panel Says It Needs More Time to Study J&J Vaccine Clotting Cases

Advisers to the CDC say they do not have enough information or time to recommend how to proceed and they will meet again within 10 days

Suicide Rate Up for Nurses Versus General U.S. Population

Among women, suicide incidence was higher among nurses than the general population, with relative risk of 1.99

USPSTF Finds Evidence Insufficient for Vitamin D Screening

Evidence insufficient to ascertain benefits and harms of screening for vitamin D deficiency in asymptomatic adults

B.1.1.7 SARS-CoV-2 Variant More Transmissible but Not Linked to More Severe Illness, Death

Second study shows no change in symptoms, disease duration, reinfection rates with B.1.1.7, but reveals multiplicative increase in R1

Racial/Ethnic Disparities Vary in COVID-19 Hospitalization

Geographic and temporal differences ID'd in racial and ethnic disparities in COVID-19 hospitalization levels during 2020

Regular Physical Activity Cuts Risk for Severe COVID-19

Infected adults regularly meeting physical activity guidelines have lower risk for hospitalization, death

Study Explores Links Between Diet, Gut Microbiome, and Inflammation

Animal foods, sugar, processed foods tied to inflammatory gut microbiome, while plant-based foods tied to anti-inflammatory microbes

Insomnia Tied to Suicidal Thoughts, Worse Symptoms With Schizophrenia

Authors say that it is important for providers to assess sleep patterns in patients with schizophrenia

Work-Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Down From 2003 to 2018

Workers in construction, manufacturing jobs may be more susceptible to carpal tunnel than those working in office jobs

MRSA Colonization Linked to Increased Mortality Risk in Adults

Hazard ratio for mortality was 1.75 for community-dwelling adults aged 40 to 85 years colonized with MRSA

Three-Drug Regimen Treats Cystic Fibrosis in Younger Children

Elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor well tolerated in children aged 6 through 11 years with cystic fibrosis and at least one F508del-CFTR allele

Excess Body Weight Tied to Higher Health Costs Across BMI Levels

Obesity associated with an estimated excess annual medical cost of $1,861 per person among U.S. adults

Firearm Injuries Up in Children Under 12 During COVID-19 Pandemic

Compared with prepandemic period, increases seen in risk for firearm injuries in young children and injuries inflicted by young children

CDC: U.S. STD Rate at Record High Again

In 2019, nearly 2.5 million Americans had an infection of chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine 90 Percent Effective Six Months After Second Dose

Company also says vaccine is 95 percent effective against severe cases of the disease

Trump Ban on Clinic Abortion Referrals to Be Reversed​

Ban forced Planned Parenthood out of the federal family planning program called Title X

FDA to Set Limits on Toxic Elements in Baby Food

Agency said it will assess the science, set maximum acceptable levels, and monitor baby food makers' compliance

Rare Thrombosis, Thrombocytopenia Seen After AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

Reports document 16 reactions in young European patients following first dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine

Excellent Outcomes Found for Neonates Born to SARS-CoV-2-Postive Moms

Most neonates fed unpasteurized expressed breast milk until discharge; 85 percent were breastfed postdischarge

Effects of Leisure Time, Work Activity on CV Events, Mortality Explored

Higher levels of leisure time, but not occupational, physical activity associated with decreased risk for cardiovascular events, death

AACR: Copanlisib + Rituximab Slows Relapsed Indolent Lymphoma

Significant reduction found in risk for disease progression/death for C+R versus placebo and rituximab

Nurse Work Environment Tied to Ischemic Stroke Outcomes

Better work environment associated with fewer readmissions and shorter length of stay

Prescribing Up for Drugs Associated With Falls in Older Adults

Concurrent rise seen in fall-related mortality in older adults in the United States from 1999 to 2017

New Criteria Aid Diagnosis of Traumatic Encephalopathy Syndrome

Diagnosis of TES requires exposure to repetitive head injury, core features of cognitive impairment/neurobehavioral dysregulation

Eating Fish Cuts Risk for Recurrence, Death in Those With CVD

Lower risk seen for major CVD, mortality with a minimal fish intake of 175 g (approximately two servings) weekly in those with vascular disease

ACG Updates Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Recommendation strong for screening average-risk individuals from age 50 to 75 years; recommendation conditional for screening from age 45 years

FDA, CDC Call for Pause in J&J COVID-19 Vaccine After Six People Develop Clots

The six cases involved a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and occurred in women between the ages of 18 and 48 years

COVID-19 Infection May Up Mortality in Surgical Patients

Authors recommend postponing surgery for patients with positive preoperative COVID-19 test result

Medicare Payment Patterns Examined for Hip Fracture Surgery

From 2005 to 2014, the ratio of Medicare reimbursements for hospital charges compared with surgeon charges has increased

WHO Urges Halt to Sale of Live Wild Animals at Food Markets

Agency says wild animals 'are the source of more than 70 percent of all emerging infectious diseases in humans'

Restrictions on Access to Abortion Pill Will Be Lifted During Pandemic

Decision means that health care providers in some states will be able to prescribe mifepristone via telemedicine and mail the pills to patients

Ground Turkey Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

Two people have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported

FDA OKs Marketing of First AI Device Used to Detect Lesions During Colonoscopy

The GI Genius identifies 'regions of interest' in real time to help clinicians determine where further assessment may be needed

Skin Reactions Usually Mild After COVID-19 Vaccination

Most common were delayed large local reactions, followed by local injection site reactions, urticarial eruptions, morbilliform eruptions

Blood Clot Risk High Following COVID-19 Hospitalization

However, anticoagulation cuts risk for major thromboembolic events by 46 percent

Dialysis Patients Develop Lower Antibody Response to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

Response is lower than for individuals without kidney disease, and age affects response regardless of medical conditions

Banning Youth Use of Tanning Bed Would Be Cost-Effective

Ban could reduce the number of melanoma cases and decrease lifetime health care costs, despite compliance costs

AACR: Personalized Vaccine for Cancer Tolerated, Feasible

Vaccine well tolerated in 13 patients; vaccine showed potential benefit in patients with solid tumors, multiple myeloma in phase 1 trial

AACR: Healthy Lifestyle May Counter High Genetic Risk for Lethal Prostate Cancer

But adherence to healthy lifestyle not associated with decreased risk for overall prostate cancer

Thiazides May Up Risk for Skin Cancer in Older Adults

Increased exposure linked to significantly increased rates of incident keratinocyte carcinoma, melanoma in adults ≥66 years

Mortality Lower With PDE5i Treatment in Men With Stable CAD

Mortality risk lower with PDE5i treatment versus alprostadil treatment; similar links seen for MI, heart failure, CV mortality risks

Rumination Syndrome Often Missed or Misdiagnosed

Heartburn, regurgitation symptoms, particularly daytime regurgitation/reflux, may help identify patients with rumination syndrome

FDA to Decide ‘Quickly’ on Pfizer Request to Approve COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 12...

Currently, the FDA allows the Pfizer vaccine to be given to people 16 years and older

AHA Issues Statement on Central Retinal Artery Occlusion

Acute CRAO is a medical emergency and patients should be immediately triaged to an emergency department

Antibody Cocktail May Curb Infection in Unvaccinated Exposed to COVID-19

Drug company will ask FDA to expand the drug's EUA to allow it to be given for preventive purposes in 'appropriate populations'

Scammers Selling Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

Fakespot, which identifies online retail scams, has pinpointed hundreds of different sellers of fake vaccination cards since the start of the year

Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Not Very Effective: Official

Effectiveness of one vaccine at preventing symptomatic infections was found to be as low as 50.4 percent by researchers in Brazil

Several Racial/Ethnic-Minority Groups Underrepresented in Health Care Professions

Greater efforts needed to increase diversity in health care professions

Decrease Seen in Suicide Rate in the United States

Decrease seen despite concerns there would be more suicides due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Bariatric Surgery Cuts Cancer Risk With Obesity + Liver Disease

Risk reduction even greater for obesity-related cancers

Supply of J&J COVID-19 Vaccine to Drop 86 Percent Next Week

And, North Carolina has stopped administering Johnson & Johnson vaccines after at least 26 people experienced adverse reactions

Preterm Birth May Up Risk for Later Mental Health Issues

Prescription rates for psychotropic drugs during adolescence, young adulthood higher with preterm birth versus birth at term

First Living Donor Transplant of Lung Tissue to COVID-19 Patient Announced

Female recipient received lung tissue donated by her husband and son

Social Factors Affect Treatment for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Unmarried, less-educated patients less likely to receive autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation

CDC: Risk for Catching Coronavirus From Surfaces Is Low

Agency says the risk for contracting the virus from a contaminated surface is less than 1 in 10,000

Cancer, Heart Disease Have Common Risk Factors

Age, sex, smoking status, 10-year atherosclerotic risk score, and natriuretic peptide concentrations tied to future cancer risk