Some Outcomes Worse for Black Men With Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

Ten-year cumulative incidence of disease progression, receipt of definitive treatment increased

Risk for Needlestick Injuries Up in First Months of Training

Notable increase seen between second, third quarter during first three months of resident training

Deep-Learning Algorithm Helps Radiologists ID Cerebral Aneurysm

Overall performance of radiologists was 0.01 higher in terms of AUC with aid of algorithm

CDC: 20.4 Percent of U.S. Adults Had Chronic Pain in 2019

Chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain higher among women, adults ages 65 years and older

Major Neurological Disorders on the Rise in the United States

Burden increasing largely due to aging of the U.S. population

Preterm Birth May Be Increased for Women With SARS-CoV-2

Perinatal infection infrequent; effect of infection during early pregnancy not known

HPV Vaccine Generally Well Tolerated in Males

Disproportionate reports found for some adverse events, including syncope, with reporting odds ratio of 2.85

Cognitive Disorders More Common in People Admitted for COVID-19

Genetic variations may put some individuals at higher risk for severe infection

Vosoritide Aids Bone Growth in Children With Dwarfism

Compared with placebo, vosoritide increased growth velocity to near-normal annual rate

Infectious Disease Least Severe in School-Aged Children

For many infections, even young adults have more severe infection than children, except for dengue

Air Pollution Tied to Neurological Disorders in Seniors

Higher fine particulate matter tied to higher risk for Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease

Incident CVD Up With Sugary, Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Risks for first incident CVD increased for higher consumers of sugary drinks, ASBs versus nonconsumers

Many U.S. Young Adults Not Aware of Stroke Symptoms

28.9 percent of young adults not aware of all five stroke symptoms; 2.7 percent not aware of any

Most Couples Concordant for Cardiovascular Risk

In 79 percent of couples, both members are in nonideal category for cardiovascular health score

ACA Protects Coverage for Pediatric Cancer Patients

Dependent coverage provision cuts risk for insurance loss by 15 percent

Quality of Life Varies With Breast Cancer Surgery Type

Body image, sexual health, anxiety worse after bilateral mastectomy

In-Hospital Mortality Higher for Homeless Heart Attack Patients

Risk for death three times higher for homeless, despite receiving similar care

ASN: Finerenone May Slow Progression in CKD With T2DM

Risks for chronic kidney disease progression, CV events lower with finerenone versus placebo

Antifungal Meds Cut Risk for Death After Lung Transplant

Prophylactic antifungal medications cut risk for dying by half

Recommendations Updated for HIV Treatment, Prevention

Prompt initiation of antiretroviral therapy advised in those with HIV and detectable viremia

Importance of CPR Reaffirmed in AHA Guidelines for Cardiac Arrest

Guidelines include recovery as link in chain of survival, emphasizing needs of patients, caregivers

COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges Osteoporosis Management

Decline in active management reflected by decrease in FRAX online fracture risk assessments

Rural Patients With Alzheimer Disease Have Shorter Survival

Rural versus urban patients also spend more time in nursing homes, receive less home health care

COVID-19-Related Death Up for Adults With Down Syndrome

Hazard ratios for COVID-19-related death, hospitalization 10.39 and 4.94 in adjusted analyses

Rurality, Income Impact Stage at Diagnosis, Mortality in Liver Cancer

Patients from rural regions, lower-income households have more advanced stage at diagnosis of HCC

Factors ID’d for Strong Antibody Response in COVID-19

Increased antibody responses associated with male sex, older age, hospitalizations for COVID-19

AstraZeneca, J&J Resume U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the restart after reviewing all safety data

Hospitals Straining Under Weight of Surging COVID-19 Case Counts

More than 41,000 COVID-19 patients hospitalized across the country, a 40 percent rise in the past month

Mental Health Issues Prevalent in Quarantining Students

Overall, 42.8 percent of university students in France reported at least one mental health outcome

Metabolic Surgery Linked to Reduced Risk for MACE After MI

Risk for death, new MI, heart failure lower with metabolic surgery in obese patients with previous MI

ASTRO Issues Guideline on Radiation Therapy for Rectal Cancer

Neoadjuvant RT recommended for stage II to III rectal cancer; RT should be performed preoperatively

Breast Cancer Surgery Feasible for Most Fit Older Women

Hormone therapy alone may be as good as surgery if life expectancy is less than four years

SHEA Updates Guidance for Health Care Staff With Hepatitis, HIV

Career counseling recommended for those planning to conduct exposure-prone procedures

Adequate Staffing During Labor, Delivery Boosts Outcomes

Findings link nursing care to skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, recovery care

Daytime Noise Tied to Higher Dementia Risk

More daytime noise tied to 30 percent higher risk for mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer disease

MRI Safe for Those With Non-MRI-Conditional Cardiac Devices

MRI can be performed safely in patients with non-MRI-conditional devices, including pacemakers

Objective Olfactory Dysfunction Linked to Mortality in Seniors

Link for adults aged ≥65 years persisted after further adjustment for cognitive assessment, depression

Findings Conflicted for Benefit of Tocilizumab in COVID-19

One trial shows reduction in mortality, but no evidence of efficacy seen in two additional trials

Survival From COVID-19 High in Patients With Psoriasis

Risk for hospitalization increased for patients using nonbiologic systemic therapy versus biologics

Convalescent Plasma Has Limited Benefit for Moderate COVID-19

Randomized phase II trial shows no drop in progression to severe disease, all-cause deaths

CDC: Vaccination Coverage Generally High by Age 24 Months

Coverage with at least two doses of flu vaccine higher for children born 2016 to 2017 versus 2014 to 2015

American College of Surgeons, Oct. 3-7

The 105th Annual American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress The annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons was held virtually this year from...

American Society of Anesthesiologists, Oct. 2-5

ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020 The annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists was held virtually this year from Oct. 2 to 5 and attracted participants from...

CDC Plans Cellphone COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking System

Health checks will be done by text messages and email every day during the first week after vaccination

FDA Needs More Safety Data on COVID-19 Vaccines, Experts Say

Polls show Americans getting more skeptical about a vaccine, worry that approval process is being rushed

APA: Americans Are Stressed, Particularly Young Adults

American Psychological Association says annual survey points to national mental health crisis

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

Skin Breaks Down With Prolonged AL/CVL Use in Neonates

Larger thalamic volumes seen with prolonged arterial line, central venous line use and fewer skin breaks

Guidelines Developed for Care of Adults With Down Syndrome

Strong recommendation advises screening for Alzheimer-type dementia starting at age 40 years

Green Tea, Coffee Intake Linked to Reduced Mortality in T2DM

Higher levels of consumption of green tea and/or coffee may reduce mortality in those with T2DM

Dasatinib + Blinatumomab Active for Ph-Positive ALL in Adults

Complete remission, overall survival seen in 98, 95 percent of patients in phase 2 study

Taking Lipid-Lowering Meds Tied to Lower Risk for Cancer Death

Adherence inversely linked to mortality related to breast cancer, CRC, melanoma in women

Cytokines Not at ‘Storm’ Levels in Those With Severe COVID-19

Levels in severely, critically ill COVID-19 patients much lower than in other inflammatory syndromes

Flavan-3-ol Intake Appears to Lower Systolic Blood Pressure

Reduction comparable to adherence to Mediterranean diet or moderate reduction in salt

Algorithm Predicts Death, Hospital Admission From COVID-19

Final risk algorithm includes age, ethnicity, deprivation, body mass index, range of comorbidities

Tocilizumab Does Not Prevent Intubation, Death in COVID-19

Intubation or death, disease worsening similar for tocilizumab, placebo in hospitalized patients

CDC: Number of COVID-19 Deaths May Be Underreported

Only two-thirds of the nearly 300,000 excess deaths in 2020 are attributed to COVID-19

American Academy of Pediatrics, Oct. 2-5

The American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference The annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics was held virtually this year from Oct. 2 to...

U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Enrolls 30,000

Moderna says it is on track to apply for FDA approval to market the vaccine in early December

CDC Broadens Definition of ‘Close Contact’ in Tracing COVID-19 Infections

Change will likely have biggest impact in group settings where people are in repeated contact with others

Skin Breaks Drop With Prolonged AL/CVL Use in Neonates

Larger thalamic volumes seen with prolonged arterial line, central venous line use and fewer skin breaks

SONG-HD Fatigue Reliable, Valid Scale for Fatigue in Hemodialysis

SONG HD Fatigue measure was internally consistent and stable over a one-week period

Total Joint Arthroplasty Linked to Reduced Risk for Falls

Risk for falls significantly reduced for patients undergoing total hip, knee arthroplasty for osteoarthritis

Interval Breast Cancers Tied to Worse Outcomes

Risk for breast cancer death more than threefold higher for interval versus screen-detected cancer

Aortic Dissection Is Rare Complication of Pregnancy

Most cases during pregnancy, postpartum period seen in women with aortopathy or family history

Proactive Interventions Cut Spending for Children With Asthma

Reductions in utilization varied by state and intervention

Weekend Admission Tied to Higher Stroke Mortality

Admission for hemorrhagic stroke on weekends versus weekdays tied to higher mortality at both rural, urban hospitals

Corticosteroid Exposure Affects Bone Health in Asthma Patients

Oral, inhaled corticosteroid use linked to increased risk for osteoporosis, fragility fractures

Vaccine Attributes Influence Readiness to Accept COVID-19 Shot

Political considerations also influence preference for choosing a hypothetical COVID-19 vaccine

Insurance Tied to Odds of Cancer Surgery at High-Volume Centers

Uninsured, Medicare-, Medicaid-insured less likely to receive surgical cancer care at high-volume hospital

Vertebral Fractures Marker of Poorer Prognosis in COVID-19

COVID-19 patients with vertebral fractures more often require noninvasive mechanical ventilation

Maternal Hypothyroidism Linked to Risk for ADHD in Offspring

Risk for ADHD increased in children of mothers with hypothyroidism diagnosed prior to, during pregnancy

Rate of Injuries Increased Around Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

Rates of iatrogenic, noniatrogenic injuries higher for women having diagnostic workup for cervical cancer

Fauci ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ for COVID-19 Vaccine by Year’s End

Fauci was speaking at a virtual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Purdue Pharma to Plead Guilty to Opioid-Related Crimes

Settlement is federal government's biggest win in holding a major drug company responsible for opioid crisis

New Wave of COVID-19 Infections Taking Hold in America

Luckily, the climbing case count has not yet translated to increased deaths

Lasting Psychological Morbidity Seen With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

More women with hyperemesis gravidarum have probable depression

Water-Based Births as Safe as Traditional Births

Hospital-based water births had no higher risk for neonatal intensive care unit admission

CDC: 65.3 Percent of U.S. Women Currently Using Contraceptives

Female sterilization most common contraceptive method; use declined with higher education

Linked Color Imaging Detects More Neoplastic Upper GI Lesions

More neoplastic lesions initially diagnosed in the examination group undergoing LCI first

Guidelines Issued on Managing Infants Exposed to HIV

Counseling should be provided for parents, caregivers of infants exposed to HIV, including for routine care

Removing Race Classifier Would Impact Care in Blacks With CKD

About one in three patients would be reclassified to more severe chronic kidney disease stage

CDC: One-Year Survival 96.1 Percent for Male Breast Cancer

Relative survival varies by stage at diagnosis, from 98.7 to 25.9 percent for localized and distant stage, respectively

Kidney Disease, Injury Linked to Higher Mortality With COVID-19

Mortality increased with increasing severity of kidney injury in those admitted to ICU for COVID-19

COVID-19 Mitigation Measures Tied to Fewer Preterm Births

Findings from the Netherlands should be substantiated internationally, authors say

Higher-Calorie Refeeding Beneficial in Anorexia Nervosa

Medical stability restored significantly earlier; no increase seen in electrolyte abnormalities, adverse events

More Physical Activity, Less Sitting Beneficial for Seniors

Global mental, physical health improved with more MPVA, less sitting for seniors with, without cancer history

Investigational Drug May Prolong Survival in Patients With ALS

Median survival 6.5 months longer with initiation of PB-TURSO treatment compared with placebo

Time to Diagnosis Longer for Subtle Seizures in Focal Epilepsy

Most related motor vehicle accidents tied to new-onset focal epilepsy in those with subtle seizures

CDC Recommends Face Masks in All Public Transportation Settings

Agency urges transport operators to 'refuse boarding to anyone not wearing a mask'

Scientists to Infect Volunteers With COVID-19 in Challenge Trial

Challenge trials have long history, going back to development of smallpox vaccine in 1796

No COVID-19 Vaccines Allowed in California Without State Approval

California governor says vaccinations 'will move at the speed of trust'

Electronic Cigarettes Improve Long-Term Smoking Cessation

Quit rates higher in people randomly assigned to nicotine e-cigarettes versus nicotine replacement therapy

Pandemic Taking Toll on the Mental Health of Health Care Staff

Clinically significant posttraumatic stress symptoms seen in estimated 23.4 percent during acute phase

Emergency Sick Leave Helped to Flatten the U.S. COVID-19 Curve

Compared with before sick leave, newly gained sick leave led to 400 fewer confirmed cases per day

Most Users Report Cannabidiol Use for Treatment of Diagnosable Conditions

Psychiatric, orthopedic, and sleep issues most commonly cited in a Reddit forum

Neurologic Complications Seen in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Neurologic disorders tied to increased risk for in-hospital mortality

Risk for Severe COVID-19 Low With Congenital Heart Disease

Higher risk for severe disease seen with genetic syndrome, adults at advanced physiological stage

Ischemic Heart Disease Is Major Health Burden Worldwide

126.5 million people lived with IHD in 2017; burden metrics of IHD increased between 1990 and 2017

Inactivated SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Well Tolerated in Phase 1/2 Trial

Neutralizing antibody geometric mean titers higher in vaccine group at day 42 in phase 1 trial

Autism, ADHD Linked to More Doctor, Hospital Visits by Age 1

Patterns of health care use before age 1 distinctive in autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Non-Health Care Spending Linked to Infant Mortality Rates

Increase of $0.30 per person in environmental spending linked to drop of 0.03 deaths/1,000 live births

Anti-VEGF Therapy May Aid Visual Acuity in Some nAMD Patients

Useful visual acuity preserved for about 20 percent of patients over their average remaining lifetime

Social Activity Tied to Integrity of Brain Structure in Older Adults

Greater integrity of gray matter seen on brain MRI in older adults with higher levels of social engagement

COVID-19-Linked Deaths Mainly in Seniors in May to August 2020

Percentage of decedents who were Hispanic increased from 16.3 to 26.4 percent in May to August

No Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Expected Before Election

Company has reversed its previous claims that it would apply for the approval in October

Career Satisfaction, Burnout Both High Among Internists

Risk factors for burnout include documentation time pressure and lack of work control

Young Adult Never Smokers Show Growth in E-Cigarette Use

Results show nicotine initiation with e-cigarettes among young, switch to e-cigarettes in smokers

Employment Disruption-Linked Financial Hardship Found for Female CA Survivors

Considerable burden of financial hardship reported for female adolescent, young-adult cancer survivors

Cannabis Use Common in Older Adults

Most indicate using after age 60 years for medical purposes

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

Addition of Radiotherapy for DCIS Cuts Risk for Subsequent Cancer

Risk higher in first five years of follow-up for those treated with breast-conserving surgery alone

UEG: Allergy-Related Dz Tied to Irritable Bowel Syndrome at 16

Asthma and food hypersensitivity at age 12 years associated with increased risk for IBS at age 16 years

UEG: Pancreatic CA Down With Bariatric Sx for Obese With DM

Prevalence of pancreatic cancer higher in patients with predisposing diabetes and obesity without BS

Upadacitinib Tops Abatacept for RA Refractory to DMARDs

Superior for mean change in composite DAS28-CRP values and remission, but more adverse events seen

Negative D-Dimer Can Safely Rule Out DVT as Standalone Test

Standalone D-dimer testing followed by whole-leg compression US in positive patients rules out DVT

Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy Combo Best for Bipolar Disorder

Manualized treatments linked to significantly reduced recurrence rates versus control treatments

Outcomes Worse for Women With MI at 50 Years or Younger

Women less likely to undergo coronary revascularization, receive guideline-directed medical treatment

Reinfection With SARS-CoV-2 Described in 25-Year-Old

Patient had two positive tests in April and June 2020, separated by two negative tests in May 2020

MACE Up for High-Risk Patients After Noncardiac Surgery

Incidence of MACE 20.6 percent within 365 days in patients at increased CV risk

U.S. Incidence of Distant-Stage Prostate Cancer Up, 2010 to 2017

Five-year survival for distant-stage prostate cancer improved from 2011 to 2016

FDA Requiring Labeling Changes to NSAIDs Warning of Risks in Pregnancy

Labeling must indicate risks to unborn baby with NSAID use at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later

Use of Common Meds Tied to Lower Lung Cancer Mortality

Combined use of aspirin, statins, metformin tied to lower lung cancer risk and mortality

Prenatal Cannabis Exposure May Raise Risk for Psychopathology

Findings seen in middle childhood, especially for maternal cannabis use after knowledge of pregnancy

Modest Increase in Patient Visits Could Offset Costs of Scribes

Model shows adding two new or three return patient visits per day profitable for all specialties

Time to Results Faster With Point-of-Care COVID-19 Testing

Time to results significantly shorter with QIAstat-Dx Respiratory SARS-CoV-2 Panel than with PCR

Reducing Drinking May Improve Pain Interference Symptoms

Improvement seen in tobacco smoking, cannabis use, cocaine use, although confidence intervals wide

CAC Helps ID CVD Risk in Women Receiving RT for Breast Cancer

Higher CAC score calculated from radiotherapy-planning CT scan linked to increased risk for CVD

Ertugliflozin Noninferior for CV Outcomes in T2DM With ASCVD

Ertugliflozin is noninferior to placebo for the primary end point of major adverse cardiovascular events

Cannabinoid Use Tied to Adverse Outcomes With COPD

In older adults with COPD, cannabinoid use tied to all-cause mortality, hospitalizations

Removal Plus Transplant Surgery Feasible in Polycystic Kidney Disease

Simultaneous bilateral laparoscopic nephrectomy can be done at the time of living donor kidney transplant

E-Cigarette Use Not Tied to Wheezing in Teens

Findings similar for e-cigarette use in the past year, 30 days, or seven days

Polypharmacy Common in Seniors With Heart Failure

With increasing number of medications, more rapid increase seen in number of noncardiovascular meds

Bariatric Surgery Linked to Longer Life Expectancy in Obesity

Adjusted median life expectancy three years longer with bariatric surgery than with usual obesity care

Apathy in Older Adults May Signal Risk for Developing Dementia

Risk for developing probable dementia increased in association with severe versus low apathy

No Evidence Found of Vertical Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Newborns of mothers with severe/critical COVID-19 born early, at risk for needing phototherapy

ACS: Virtual Postoperative Care More Efficient With High Satisfaction

Time spent with provider similar to in-person, but total clinic time shorter with virtual visit

Alcohol Abstinence Increased Among Young Adults From 2002 to 2018

However, increase seen in marijuana use, co-use of alcohol and marijuana

FDA Warns Companies About Illegal Sales of Dietary Supplements

The supplements contain cesium chloride, but no cesium chloride-containing products are FDA-approved

COVID-19 Antibody Treatment Study Paused

ACTIV-3 study, testing use of an antibody therapy with remdesivir, paused 'out of an abundance of caution'

Immune Responses Long-Lasting After Serious COVID-19

IgG levels remain elevated for four months in patients with symptoms lasting for 14 days

Surgeon General Issues Call to Action for Hypertension Control

Three specific goals can drive change in hypertension control in the United States

Individuals With Blood Group O Have Lower Risk for COVID-19

And more COVID-19 patients with blood group A or AB require mechanical ventilation, CRRT

Telehealth Disparity Seen in Cancer Care

Black, Hispanic patients with cancer significantly less likely to use video telehealth versus White patients

ACS: Tranexamic Acid No Better Than Placebo After Severe Injury

Antifibrinolytic agent may lower 30-day mortality when used within one hour of injury, for severe shock

NIH Launches Trial of Antibody Drugs Against COVID-19

The phase 2 trial will assess effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies in conjunction with remdesivir

Glecaprevir and Pibrentasvir Aid HCV D&#43/R− Kidney Transplants

Two studies demonstrate safe transplant of kidneys from deceased donors with HCV infection

Sitagliptin May Cut Mortality in T2DM Patients With COVID-19

Sitagliptin at time of hospitalization linked to reduced mortality, improved clinical outcomes

Lack of Knowledge Barrier to Prone Positioning Use in ARDS

Implementation strategies developed included educational outreach, learning collaborative

Maternal Distress in Pregnancy Tied to Childhood Asthma Risk

Maternal depression during pregnancy may increase child's risk for asthma at 10 years of age

Maternal Epidural During Birth Linked to Later Autism in Kids

Autism risk seems to increase with longer duration of epidural exposure

Black Race Tied to COVID-19 Admissions, but Not Deaths

In-hospital mortality higher for Asian patients, despite lower risk for hospital admission

BMD Testing Rates Low in Men Initiating ADT for Prostate Cancer

Odds of BMD testing up with history of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, bisphosphonate use

U.S. Deaths Up 20 Percent From March Through July 2020

The United States has had high COVID-19-associated mortality compared with other countries

Racism, Preventive Care at Forefront of American Academy of Pediatrics Conference

Elizabeth Murray, D.O., AAP spokesperson, discussed the highlights of this year's virtual conference with HD Live!

AACR Reports Racial-, Ethnicity-Based Cancer Health Disparities

Despite progress, African Americans continue to have highest overall cancer death rate in the U.S.

Second COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Paused for Unexplained Illness

Johnson & Johnson stopped its COVID-19 vaccine trial, which began phase 3 testing last month

ACA Lowered Out-of-Pocket Costs for Low-Income Families

High-income families saw smaller financial benefit from ACA policies than low-, middle-income families

Relationship Explored Between Physical Activity and Lymphoma

Dose-response analysis showed protective effect with 1 percent risk reduction per three MET hours/week

One Size May Not Fit All for Postoperative Opioid Prescribing

Guidelines reduce postoperative opioid prescribing but may result in inadequate pain control for some

More Than Half of Cancer Patients Willing to Enroll in Clinical Trials

Participation rates similar for Black and White patients, treatment and cancer control trials

Survey: About 3 in 4 U.S. Adults Likely to Get Flu Shot This Season

One-third report they are more likely to get a flu shot this year than previously

Certain HTN Meds May Cut Deaths From Influenza, Pneumonia

Use of ACE-I/ARB versus nonuse linked to lower mortality for those hospitalized with flu, pneumonia

Out-of-Network Claims Fairly Common for Elective Colonoscopy

Out-of-network claims involved anesthesiologist, pathologist in 64, 40 percent of cases, respectively

Web-Based Tailored Messages Do Not Increase Infant Vaccination Rates

No increase seen in timely uptake by parents who receive messages tailored to vaccine beliefs, values

Hospital Outcomes Worse for Children With Chronic Kidney Disease

Length of stay, costs, mortality risk greater than for children hospitalized with other chronic illnesses

COVID-19-Free Surgical Pathways May Aid Cancer Surgery Outcomes

Pulmonary complication, postoperative SARS-CoV-2 infection rates lower with COVID-19-free pathways

Timing of Puberty Linked to Risk for Self-Harm in Adolescence

Earlier puberty associated with higher risk for self-harm at 16 years of age

Bedside Tracheotomy Feasible for Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients

No infection identified among surgeons following procedure; postoperative complications rarely seen

T2DM Links to Risk for Dementia Differ by Type, Glycemic Control

Dose-response association shows higher risk for dementia with HbA1c >87 versus <52 mmol/mol

CDC: U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Could Reach 233,000 by End of October

And, dual coronavirus-flu vaccine to start human trials

Remdesivir Cuts Time to COVID-19 Recovery

However, no significant difference in mortality found between remdesivir and placebo groups

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

Manufacturer Prices for Insulin Substantially Higher in the U.S.

Manufacturer prices more than eight times higher in the U.S. than in other high-income countries

Factors Associated With Suicide in Leukemia Identified

Risk factors include male sex, older age at diagnosis, White race

DKA Episode May Harm Cognitive Function in Children With T1D

Lower IQ and worse memory seen in children with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes and single event

Reproductive Factors Linked to Cardiovascular Disease in Women

For composite CVD, twofold link seen for preeclampsia, stillbirth, preterm birth; risk lower with longer breastfeeding

Type of Anesthesia Not Linked to Dementia Risk in Older Adults

Dementia risk did not differ by general, regional anesthesia in seniors undergoing elective surgery

Symptoms of COVID-19 Poor Marker for SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Only 13.9 percent of individuals with positive test reported specific symptoms on the day of the test

For Substance Abusers, Odds of Opioid Use Up With Cannabis Use

For adults using nonmedical opioids, odds of opioid use are increased on days when cannabis is used

Exercise Intensity Seems Not to Impact Mortality Levels

Combined MICT, HIIT intervention group had no difference in mortality versus recommended guidelines

Specific Factors Tied to Unemployment With MS Diagnosis

Many of the factors related to maintenance of employment are alterable

Disparities in Insulin Pump Use Persist, 2005 to 2019

Use higher among White children with type 1 diabetes versus Black and Hispanic children

Remote Ischemic Postconditioning May Aid Stroke Recovery

More patients with acute ischemic stroke in RIPC group had excellent recovery at three months

Psychosocial Resilience Linked to Heart Health in Black Adults

Individual psychosocial resilience independently linked to higher LS7 score in Black adults

Suicide Deaths Up in Youth After Antidepressant Warnings

After warnings and abrupt decline in treatment, downward trend of suicide deaths was reversed

Bimodal Neuromodulation Device May Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms

Therapeutic improvements continued for 12 months after treatment with bimodal stimulation

Physical Activity, Sleep Profiles Vary in Adults With Arthritis

Balanced activity profile linked to weaker work-related sitting habit, stronger outside walking habit

COVID-19 Symptoms Often Prolonged in Pregnant Women

Most prevalent first symptoms cough, sore throat, body aches, fever for those testing positive for SARS-CoV-2

Lifetime Prevalence of Suicide Ideation 17.4 Percent Among Doctors

Lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts 1.8 percent, with one-year prevalence of 0.3 percent

Measurable Residual Disease Negativity Tied to Survival in AML

AML patients without MRD have higher estimated rates of five-year disease-free, overall survival

American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Sept. 13-Oct. 25

The 124th American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Annual Meeting and OTO Experience The annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and...

28 Percent With T1DM Received Remote Care in Pandemic

Most patients found remote appointments useful and planned to have remote appointments in the future

ASA: Cannabis Users May Need More Anesthesia During Surgery

Also, higher subjective pain scores seen postoperatively among cannabis users

Poll: Medication Management Lacking in Older Adults

Most older adults taking multiple medications have never had a comprehensive medication review

Maker of Antibody Cocktail Trump Took Seeks Emergency Use Authorization

Although effectiveness has not yet been seen in humans, drug has shown promise in treating mild cases of COVID-19

Some Patients Have Increase in Cardiac Events With Azithromycin

Risk for cardiac events higher with azithromycin versus amoxicillin in those using QT-prolonging drugs

IV, Oral Antibiotics Comparable for Treating P. aeruginosa in CF

Results do not support use of IV antibiotics to eradicate P. aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis, authors say

Lopinavir-Ritonavir No Benefit in Patients Admitted With COVID-19

No reductions seen in 28-day mortality or duration of hospital stay in COVID-19 with lopinavir-ritonavir

CDC: 2013 to 2018 Saw Jump in Drug OD Deaths Involving Cocaine

Rate of drug OD deaths involving cocaine with opioids increased faster than cocaine deaths without opioids