Poor HIV Control Ups Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure

Lower CD4 count, nonsuppressed viral load linked to higher risk for sudden cardiac death in HIV with heart failure

Weight Loss Feasible Regardless of Psychiatric Meds Use

Weight loss amount similar for women taking and not taking psychiatric medications

Premature Mortality Rates Up for CAD in Women From Rural U.S.

And, rural social determinants of health increase risk for 90-day mortality after heart failure hospitalization

12 Million U.S. Residents Drove Under Influence of Marijuana in 2018

Prevalence of driving under the influence increased among men, those aged 16 to 34 years

Smaller Germinal Centers Identified in Recurrent Tonsillitis

Group A Streptococcus-specific CD4+ germinal center T follicular helper cells underrepresented

Potential Links ID’d for Marijuana Use, Cardiovascular Risks

Key classes of cardiovascular medications are affected by marijuana, including statins, β-blockers

Vyleesi Approved for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Women

FDA approved Vyleesi for premenopausal women; drug administered by subcutaneous injection

AACR: Prostate Cancer Incidence Dropping, Stable in Most Countries

Decreases in mortality seen in 14 countries, stabilization in 54 of 71 countries

Perinatal Complications Tied to Childhood Social Anxiety

Perinatal birth complications associated with childhood social anxiety symptoms and behavioral inhibition

Hurricanes Up Mortality Risk for Seniors With Diabetes

In the first month after Katrina and Rita, all-cause mortality spiked 40 percent among seniors with diabetes

Cost Saving-Related Rx Nonadherence Found for 7 Percent With HIV

Persons nonadherent due to cost more likely to have visited ED, been hospitalized, not be virally suppressed

Guidelines Indicate Breastfeeding Is Safe After Maternal Anesthesia

There is no need to discard breast milk after anesthesia; opioid sparing preferred for breastfeeding moms

Enhanced Recovery Approach Aids Cesarean Birth Outcomes

Benefits of enhanced recovery after surgery program include decreases in opioid use, length of stay, and costs

Most Preemies Survive Into Adulthood Without Major Comorbidities

Findings observed in Swedish cohort of premature infants born between 1973 and 1997

For-Profit Nursing Program Grads Perform Worse on Licensure Test

14-fold increase seen in the number of for-profit nursing program graduates from 2007 to 2016

Temperature Impacts Likelihood of Bad Mental Health Days

Cooler days decrease, while hotter days eventually increase, chance of reporting bad mental health days

Total Thyroidectomy Improves HRQoL in Hashimoto Thyroiditis

Improvement in HRQoL, fatigue for patients with persistent symptoms despite normal thyroid gland function

Triple Therapy Cuts Mortality in Patients With Symptomatic COPD

All-cause mortality risk significantly lower for triple-drug regimen versus one of two dual-drug regimens

January 2019 Briefing – Family Practice

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Family Practice for January 2019. This roundup includes the...

22 Percent Worldwide at Increased Risk for Severe COVID-19

Those at increased risk ranged from <5 percent of those <20 years to >66 percent for those ≥70 years

Stroke Patients Infrequently Screened, Treated for Bone Loss

5.1 percent of patients with stroke, 2.9 percent of those without prior testing had bone mineral density test

January 2019 Briefing – Pharmacy

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Pharmacy for January 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Prophylactic Manual Acupuncture Reduces Migraine Days

Manual versus sham acupuncture resulted in greater reduction in migraine days, attacks

March 2019 Briefing – Critical Care

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Critical Care for March 2019. This roundup includes the...

2017 to 2018 Saw Drop in Overdose Death Rates Involving Opioids

But rates involving synthetic opioids increased

North Carolina Outbreak of Legionnaires’ Traced to Hot Tub Display

Walking by display of hot tubs is likely source of disease, state health officials say

Irritable Bowel Symptoms Tied to Intestinal, Brain Abnormalities

Factors have cumulative effect on symptoms as well as on quality of life

Prolonged Exposure to Low-Dose Radiation May Increase HTN Risk

Significant linear association seen for hypertension and liver-absorbed dose from external γ-rays

Cooking Programs May Influence Children’s Food Selection

Those who watch healthy demonstrations more likely to make healthy food choices

Bans on Flavored Products Can Cut Any Tobacco Use in Teens

Reduced availability, decreased youth use seen within six months of policy's implementation

Psychoeducational Intervention of Little Benefit in Breast Cancer

However, patients said that psychoeducational group study was important intervention for their life

Disability Often Precedes Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

Functional disability continues even after diagnosis and treatment

AAN: No Increased MS Relapse Risk in Postpartum Period

Annual relapse rate 0.39 before pregnancy, dropped during pregnancy, rebounded by four to six months

Outcomes Good for Autologous Reconstruction After Implant Fail

Autologous breast reconstruction associated with improved patient satisfaction, quality of life

USPSTF Addresses Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

One-time ultrasound screening recommended for men aged 65 to 75 who have ever smoked

African-Americans More Likely to Be Hospitalized With COVID-19

Odds of hospitalization increased 2.7-fold versus non-Hispanic whites after adjustment for age, sex, comorbidity

Many Systematic Reviews Do Not Fully Report Adverse Events

Of 146 protocols analyzed, 65 percent fully reported adverse events as intended by the protocol

Guidelines Issued for Managing Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Topical glucocorticosteroids recommended over no treatment

General Fertility Rate Declined in United States in 2018

Birth rate increased for women aged 35 to 44 years, decreased 7 percent among those aged 15 to 19

More Than Half of Internal Medicine Graduates Choosing Primary Care

Programs with a majority of graduates entering primary care less likely to have X+Y scheduling

Amyloid PET Linked to Changes in Management for MCI, Dementia

Change in management between pre-, post-PET visits for 60.2 and 63.5 percent with MCI, dementia

New Coronavirus May Be Cause of Viral Pneumonia Outbreak in China

As of Sunday, 59 people in Wuhan were being treated for the respiratory illness

Guidance Issued for Interventional Radiologists Treating Frostbite

Review highlights management strategies for treating severe frostbite

Flexible Family Visitation Policy Does Not Cut Delirium in ICU

For family members, anxiety and depression scores were significantly better with flexible visitation policy

Government Shut Down as Samoa Battles Measles Outbreak

As of Monday, 3,728 cases have been recorded; of the 53 deaths, 48 were children younger than 4

March 2019 Briefing – Infectious Disease

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Infectious Disease for March 2019. This roundup includes the...

Education May Affect β-Amyloid Burden in Alzheimer Disease

Findings seen in two cohorts with parental history of sporadic AD, autosomal dominant AD

Ultrasound of Calcaneus Efficient for Screening Bone Health

Ultrasound readings of left or right foot can predict good versus poor bone quality

Hormone Therapy in Transgender Women Ups Breast Cancer Risk

Transgender people on hormones, cisgender people should follow same breast cancer screening guidelines

Prognosis Good With Negative Biopsy in Active Surveillance

Negative biopsies during active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer tied to more favorable outcomes

AI Model Uses Serial Imaging to Predict Lung Cancer Tx Response

Deep learning integrates CT scans from multiple time points to improve clinical outcome predictions

CDC Opens Emergency Operations Center for Congo Ebola Outbreak

The virus has crossed the border from the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo to Uganda

Becoming Active in Middle Age Still Offers Health Benefits

Lower risk for all-cause, cardiovascular, cancer-related mortality similar to people active throughout adulthood

Oral Semaglutide Reduces HbA1c, Weight in Patients With T2DM

Semaglutide has a safety and tolerability profile consistent with other GLP-1 receptor agonists

Overweight and Obesity May Up Risk for Several Common Cancers

Among overweight, obese patients, cancer risk 12 percent greater compared with general population

CDC: Valley Fever Cases Increased From 2014 to 2017

Most cases reported from Arizona and California; in 2017, incidence in Arizona was 101 per 100,000

Fluorouracil Cream Best Choice for Tx of Actinic Keratosis Lesions

Fluorouracil more effective than imiquimod, methyl aminolevulinate photodynamic tx, ingenol mebutate

Overdose, Relapse After Buprenorphine Discontinuation High

The longer patients continue with buprenorphine treatment, the lower their risk of adverse outcomes

Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty Over Role in U.S. Opioid Epidemic

Company admits paying doctors to write more prescriptions, providing misleading information to the DEA

Longer Lactation Might Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes

Favorable glucose metabolic biomarker profile seen among women with a history of gestational diabetes

Yogurt Consumption Linked to Reduced CRC Adenoma Risk in Men

Men with two or more servings of yogurt per week have reduced risk for conventional adenoma

Endovascular AVF for Dialysis Access Shows High Patency Rate

Cumulative patency rate was 92.7 percent at 24 months for proximal radial artery arteriovenous fistula

Decline in SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Response Seen Over 60 Days

More than one in four health care personnel who were positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies were seronegative on repeat testing

Home-Based Telerehabilitation Beneficial for Stroke Patients

Significant improvement seen in resting-state functional connectivity between bilateral M1 areas

Many Buprenorphine Prescribers Not Offering New Appointments

However, for those offering new appointments, wait times were not long to receive buprenorphine

2009 to 2017 Saw Pediatric Developmental Disability Increase

Significant increases in prevalence of any developmental disability and in ADHD, ASD, intellectual disability

DEA to Approve Dozens More Growers for Marijuana Research

Added sites will provide researchers with greater variety of marijuana to study

Opt-Out Universal Hep C Screening in Emergency Dept Is Useful

47.8 percent of cases reactive to HIV antibody were among those born after 1965

Hospital Program Does Not Cut Mortality for Acute Kidney Injury

But drop in hospital length of stay, improvement in metrics seen

U.S. COVID-19 Death Tally Hits New High for Summer

Deaths concentrated in Sun Belt states that have witnessed dramatic COVID-19 case spikes in June and July

Officials Say New York City Measles Outbreak Over

No new measles cases have been reported in the city since mid-July

eBay Bans Infant Inclined Sleepers, Other Companies Urged to Do Same

Earlier this year, investigation revealed inclined sleepers linked to dozens of infant deaths

Age-Adjusted Drug Overdose Death Rate Higher in Urban Counties

Rates of age-adjusted death higher in urban counties for men; higher in rural counties for women

Most Children Do Not Have Positive Results to Antibiotic Challenge

Positive results for only 18 percent of challenge tests to non-β-lactam antibiotics

February 2019 Briefing – Family Practice

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Family Practice for February 2019. This roundup includes the...

September 2019 Briefing – Gastroenterology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Gastroenterology for September 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Proportion of Teens Receiving Mental Health Care Steady

Changes seen in the sociodemographic profile of teens getting care, reasons for care, service settings

Outcomes Similar for COVID-19 in Patients With, Without HIV

Rate of patients who required mechanical ventilation, died similar for those with HIV, matched comparators

Emergency Visits for E-Scooter Injuries Up From 2014 to 2019

Injuries nearly doubled, with head injuries most common

BP Load No Aid to Prognosis in Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease

But high average blood pressure on 24-hour test strongly predicts child's cardiac, kidney disease risk

Maine Summer Camps Identified, Isolated COVID-19 Cases

Actions prevented COVID-19 transmission to more than 1,000 other campers and staff

Gastric Bypass Linked to Lower Risk for Major Birth Defects

Major birth defects recorded in 3.4 percent of infants born to mothers with gastric bypass surgery

Staff Collaboration Not Lowered by Internationally Trained Nurses

Higher levels of internationally trained nurses in U.S. hospital units do not hamper staff collaboration

Infection Control Compliance Not Tied to Knowledge

Rather, home health care nurses' beliefs and perceptions seem to have most impact on compliance

SAE Rate Higher With Nilotinib Versus Placebo in Parkinson Disease

Exploratory biomarkers altered in response to nilotinib, including drop in hyperphosphorylated tau

MS Relapse Risk Not Increased in Postoperative Period

Odds of postoperative versus preoperative relapse were not increased in unadjusted, adjusted analyses

Racial, Ethnic Underrepresentation Found in Med School Matriculants

Black, Hispanic, American Indian or Alaska Native students underrepresented versus U.S. population

Young Adult Never Smokers Show Growth in E-Cigarette Use

Results show nicotine initiation with e-cigarettes among young, switch to e-cigarettes in smokers

Rapid Progression Noted in Artificial Stone Silicosis

Progressive massive fibrosis increased from 6.6 to 37.7 percent after mean follow-up of 4.1 years

Homemade Sunscreen Recipes Commonly Shared, Offer Low Protection

Interest in natural products includes homemade sunscreen, which offers insufficient sun protection

Rare, Serious Illness May Occur in Children With COVID-19

British health officials warn of toxic shock syndrome features, atypical Kawasaki disease in kids with COVID-19

Emergency Physicians Have High Median Need-for-Recovery Scores

NFR score up for those with difficulty accessing annual, study leave and with increased percentage of out-of-hours work

Complications Higher Than Expected for Invasive Lung Tests

Complication rates for invasive lung diagnostic procedures higher than those seen in clinical trials

Vaccine-Preventable Infections Common After Peds Transplant

These infections in organ transplant recipients associated with significant morbidity, mortality, costs

Early-Life Mortality Risk Higher in ART-Conceived Children

Increased risk for mortality seen in the first year of life, predominantly in the early neonatal period

Some Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Infections Down in U.S.

MRSA, vancomycin-resistant enterococcal, MDR P. aeruginosa infection rates fell from 2012 to 2017

Regulators Discuss Approval of New Alzheimer Disease Drug

Aducanumab does not cure or reverse Alzheimer disease; high dose may slow mental decline

One in Five Workers Exposed to Secondhand Smoke on the Job

Prevalence highest for those working in industries with outdoor workplaces unprotected by smoke-free laws

ASCO: Relugolix Superior to Leuprolide in Advanced Prostate Cancer

And, enzalutamide improves median overall survival in nonmetastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer

HIV-Infected Youth Less Likely to Achieve Viral Suppression

Findings seen in large national sample of youth despite similar rates of linkage to care as adults

Topical Corticosteroids Associated With Higher Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Dose-response relationship observed in large European cohort

Health Care Aides Frequently Report Verbal Abuse

Aides who reported verbal abuse more than 11-fold more likely to also report physical abuse

Adults May Not Need Tetanus, Diphtheria Booster Shots

No significant decrease seen in incidence rates of tetanus, diphtheria with routine vaccination of adults

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

Chief of U.S. Vaccine Initiative Says October Timeline ‘Extremely Unlikely’

Slaoui says there is 'no intent' to introduce a COVID-19 vaccine before clinical trials are completed

ACA Tied to Narrowing of Disparities in Access to Care

Nationwide improvements in insurance coverage and access to care seen, even in nonexpansion states

Fruit-, Veggie-Rich Diet May Soon Lower Markers for Cardiac Injury

Healthy eating during eight weeks tied to lower levels of markers for subclinical cardiac damage, strain

Endocrine Society Releases Hypoglycemia Performance Measures

Quality measures help providers identify older adults with T2DM who are at increased risk for hypoglycemia

Abnormal Menstrual Cycle Linked to Elevated Mortality

Women reporting irregular menstrual cycle at 14 to 17, 18 to 22 more likely to die from any causes

2019 Screening Guidelines Would Label More as T2DM Cases

Benefit would be limited because ID'd cases would have HbA1c levels below pharmacotherapy targets

Face-Mask Use by Public Can Mitigate Spread of COVID-19

Population-level benefits of face-mask adoption found, even where wearers are placed at increased risk

Marijuana Use for MS Tied to Legal Permissiveness

Most patients have accurate knowledge about the legal status of cannabis where they live

Hostility Predicts Mortality in Acute Coronary Syndrome

More than half of patients scored as hostile; hostility predicts all-cause mortality but not ACS recurrence

No New U.S. Measles Cases Reported Last Week

Measles outbreaks are usually said to be over after 42 days without a new infection

ENDO: HbA1c Tied to Cognition in T2DM Patients After Lacunar Stroke

Increase in HbA1c over time linked to decrease in Cognitive Assessment Screening Instrument score

Compliance Higher if Stay-at-Home Extensions Are Shorter Than Thought

Results more pronounced among individuals who were already fully complying with self-isolation

Fewer Children Receiving Care at Family Medicine Practices

Odds of being seen at family practice increased for children from rural areas versus urban children

November 2019 Briefing – Ophthalmology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Ophthalmology for November 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Hypertension in Pregnancy Ups Risk for Mental Disorder in Child

Associations of preeclampsia and severe preeclampsia independent of all covariates

New Kaiser Permanente Medical School Plans to Waive Tuition

School will waive all tuition for the full four years of school for its first five classes

Increasing Proportion of Dialysis Patients Rely on Safety-Net Care

Safety net-reliant patients more likely to initiate dialysis at nonprofit/independently owned facilities

American Academy of Pediatrics, Oct. 2-5

The American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference The annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics was held virtually this year from Oct. 2 to...

CDC: 20.4 Percent of U.S. Adults Had Chronic Pain in 2019

Chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain higher among women, adults ages 65 years and older

Mohs Micrographic Surgery May Up Survival in Stage I Melanoma

Survival modestly improved compared with traditional surgery with wide margin excision

Perrigo Asthma Inhalers Recalled Due to Clog Risk

Some of the recalled albuterol sulfate inhalers stop working after several uses

ART Treatment Not Tied to Higher Risk for Ovarian Cancer

Increased risk compared with general population likely due to nulliparity among ART-treated women; risk not increased versus subfertile women

Medical Cannabis May Initially Aid Sleep in Chronic Pain Patients

Compared with placebo, cannabinoids show no improvement in pain scores in adult cancer patients

July 2019 Briefing – Dermatology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Dermatology for July 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

COVID-19 Mitigation Measures Tied to Fewer Preterm Births

Findings from the Netherlands should be substantiated internationally, authors say

Supply of Opioids Predicts Long-Term Use in Injured Workers

Odds of long-term opioid use up with initial Rx for five- to nine-day supply versus supply of less than five days

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

The 2020 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Virtual Education Experience The originally scheduled annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons was canceled this...

Insomnia Symptoms Associated With Increased Risk of CVD

Adults with individual symptoms, all three symptoms have increased risk for CVD, IHD, ischemic stroke

February 2019 Briefing – Hematology & Oncology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Hematology & Oncology for February 2019. This roundup includes...

Monitoring HTN Med Adherence Does Not Improve BP Control

Text messaging and remote monitoring can aid adherence but not blood pressure control

Review Examines Methods for Diagnosis of Elevated ICP in Critically Ill

Physical examination features not sensitive enough for diagnosis of elevated ICP in critically ill patients

New Equation Estimates GFR Across Age Spectrum

But EKFC equation was developed and validated only in White populations

FDA Proposes Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarettes

New labels would be the most significant change to cigarette labels in more than 35 years

January 2019 Briefing – Gastroenterology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Gastroenterology for January 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Patient Behaviors Identified That Impact Weight Regain After RYGB

Independent links for sedentary time, eating fast food, eating when feeling full, eating continuously

FDA Approves First Generic Version of Advair for Asthma, COPD

Medication approved to treat children aged 4 or older with asthma, adults with asthma or COPD

Use of Powder in Genital Area Not Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Frequent versus never use, long-term versus never use not significantly associated with higher risk

Early-Onset CVD Rate Up for Children of Moms With Diabetes

Rates of early-onset CVD higher for offspring of mothers with history of CVD, diabetes complications

September 2019 Briefing – Urology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Urology for September 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Metabolic Syndrome Up in Young Adults in the United States

Significant increases between 2011 and 2016 also seen for women, Asians, and Hispanics

CVD, Non-CVD Mortality Increased With Azithromycin Use

Cardiovascular death risk increased within five days of azithromycin exposure, but not at six to 10 days

CDC: Mortality Rates Lowest for Infants of Normal-Weight Women

Total, neonatal, postneonatal mortality rates higher for infants of prepregnancy underweight women

United First U.S. Airline to Offer COVID-19 Testing for Passengers

Rapid test at airport provides results in about 20 minutes and will cost $250

Possible Measles Exposures Occurred at LA International Airport

Three people with measles traveled through the airport on the morning of Dec. 11

Statin Use May Cut All-Cause, CVD Mortality in Those 75 and Older

Reductions in risk seen for all-cause, CV mortality and composite of atherosclerotic CV events

Few Trauma Patients Assessed for Effects of PTSD, Acute Stress

Most adult, pediatric centers do not have assessment, educational protocols

Reducing Number of BP Meds May Be Safe in Some Older Adults

No significant change in systolic BP control seen at 12 weeks versus pretrial medication

Eflornithine + Sulindac Shows No Benefit in Adenomatous Polyposis

Incidence of disease progression not significantly lower with combo versus either drug alone

Phone-Based Therapy Beneficial for Depression in Parkinson Disease

Telephone CBT outperformed treatment-as-usual on all depression, anxiety, quality-of-life measures

FDA Grants First Approvals for Generic Versions of Lyrica

Generic versions approved for neuropathic pain management, fibromyalgia, partial onset seizures

No Evidence Found of Vertical Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Newborns of mothers with severe/critical COVID-19 born early, at risk for needing phototherapy

Mavoglurant Improves Visual Attention in Fragile X Syndrome

Increases noted in total absolute looking time, number of fixations to eye region while viewing faces

Machine Learning IDs Risk for Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Classifier developed using EHR data identifies patients at highest probability threshold for FH

North Carolina Legionnaires’ Case Count Climbs to 79

Health officials have not found cause of the outbreak

Seniors Should Undergo Annual Cognitive Health Assessment

After MCI diagnosis, patients should be counseled on treatment options; support needed for partners

Systemic Inflammation Rare in Pediatric COVID-19 Patients

Level of interleukin 10 increased in moderate versus mild cases; no difference seen in IL6, TNFα, IFN-γ

CDC: Deaths From Exposure to Heat-Related Conditions Identified

Total of 10,526 deaths identified during 2004 to 2018; rates up for men, older adults, AI/ANs

May 2019 Briefing – Rheumatology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Rheumatology for May 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Review Gives Guidance to Support Teens With Gender Dysphoria

Primary care providers can oversee potential medical management, connect families with support

May 2019 Briefing – Anesthesiology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Anesthesiology for May 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Proportion of Deaths Due to Heart Failure, HTN Increasing

But overall decrease in deaths from ischemic heart disease seen from 1999 to 2018

Bifocal Contact Lenses May Slow Children’s Myopia Progression

Myopia progression reduced with high add power versus medium add power multifocal or single-vision contact lenses

Higher Triglycerides May Be Protective in the Very Elderly

Higher triglyceride levels tied to lower risk of cognitive decline, ADL decline, frailty aggravation, and death

Rate, Timing of Altered Smell, Taste in Mild COVID-19 Examined

Overall, 64.4 percent of patients reported altered sense of smell, taste; one-third also had blocked nose

Fetal, Early-Life Exposures May Impact Young Adult Bone Health

Specifically, maternal smoking and breastfeeding tied to fracture risk in young adulthood

Fewer New T2DM Cases Seen in Adults on Plant-Based Diet

Intake of vitamins B2, B6 linked to reduced risk for T2DM; B12 intake from food linked to higher risk

Less Than One in 20 Eligible Adults Receives Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening at the state level does not correlate with lung cancer burden

Black Race Tied to COVID-19 Admissions, but Not Deaths

In-hospital mortality higher for Asian patients, despite lower risk for hospital admission

Infections Tied to Subsequent Risk for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Correlation highest for UTI; smaller-magnitude associations seen for UTI with intracerebral hemorrhage

Postoperative Length of Stay, Costs Down With Prehabilitation Program

Program includes walking and education on nutrition, smoking cessation, psychological preparation for surgery

Medicaid Expansion Tied to Increased Detection of Early Cancers

Three years after expansion, a decrease in late-stage cancers was also detectable

Facial Involvement in Primary Headaches Occurs Infrequently

Facial pain reported as independent or additional symptom in 291 patients of 2,912 patient data sets

Colorectal Cancer Mortality Disparities Vary Across U.S. Cities

Racial disparities in 25 of 30 cities examined; highest disparity in Washington, D.C., lowest in Philadelphia

Glucocorticoid Tapering Feasible for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Findings observed in patients achieving low disease activity, remission while receiving tocilizumab

Intracerebral Hemorrhage Incidence Rate Stabilizing

Continued increase in incidence for those ≥75 years coincides with increase in use of anticoagulant meds

Short-Term Mortality Link Identified for Increased Ozone Exposure

Exposure to ozone greater than maximum background levels linked to short-term excess mortality of 0.26 percent

Physician Burnout Rate Increased From 2014 to 2017

Early-career physicians most susceptible to burnout; late-career physicians less vulnerable

U.S. Offers $1.2 Billion to Drug Company for COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Deal will fund phase 3 clinical trial in the United States this summer with about 30,000 volunteers

Antidepressant Effect Seen for Anti-Inflammatories in MDD

Review shows reduced depressive symptoms for anti-inflammatory agents compared with placebo in MDD

Home Oxygen Users Experience Problems Related to Equipment

Health care providers report lack of readily accessible resources for prescription of oxygen systems

Brain Scan May Guide Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Better response to cognitive behavioral therapy linked to greater activation in certain areas of brain

CDC: 10.7 Percent of U.S. Adults Used Rx Pain Meds in 2015 to 2018

No change found in use of prescription opioids from 2009-2010 to 2017-2018, but increase seen in nonopioid meds

U.S. Hits Record-Breaking 100,000 New COVID-19 Cases in One Day

Deaths related to COVID-19 have increased 21 percent across the country in the last two weeks

Frequency of Cannabis Use Before, During Pregnancy Increasing

Increases seen in daily, weekly, monthly cannabis use in year before, during pregnancy

China Bans Travel in Wuhan, Four Nearby Cities

Buses, subways, and ferries within the city of more than 11 million people have been suspended

Recommendations Developed for Preventing Secondary Fractures

Coalition reaches consensus on guidance for patients 65 years and older with hip or vertebral fracture

July 2020 Briefing – Dermatology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Dermatology for July 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

Location of Body Fat Linked to Advanced, Fatal Prostate Cancer

Risk for advanced, fatal disease also increased in association with body mass index, waist circumference

Leanness, Tallness in School-Aged Girls Linked to Risk for Endometriosis

Inverse link found for childhood BMI with endometriosis; positive link found for height with endometriosis

More Choices, Lower Premiums for ACA Consumers Next Year

20 more insurers will be participating in 2020, expanding consumer choice in many states

Common Sites of Bone Erosion in Rheumatoid Arthritis ID’d on US

Five sites most often showing bone erosion were wrist joint, big toe, thumb, index finger, middle finger

Some COVID-19 Outpatients Say Famotidine Eased Symptoms

Ten nonhospitalized patients who took famotidine reported some relief of COVID-19 symptoms

COVID-19 Tied to Higher Risk for Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes

However, no association seen between COVID-19 and small vessel occlusion stroke

MGUS Can Progress to Multiple Myeloma Within Five Years

Risk factors associated with progression include IgA isotype, 15 g/L or more monoclonal spike

Strong Support Found for Protective Practices Related to COVID-19

Most adults in N.Y.C., L.A., and across the U.S. support stay-at-home orders, closure of nonessential business

Vaccine Confidence Recently Increased in Some of Europe

Confidence in importance, safety, effectiveness of vaccines down in Afghanistan, other countries