Knowing Maternal BRCA Carrier Status Does Not Harm Child QOL

Adolescent and young adult children of BRCA+ mothers more concerned about cancer, had stronger beliefs about genetic risk

Vision Loss May Up Cognitive Decline-Related Functional Limitations

More adults who report visual impairment have subjective cognitive decline-related functional limitations

Five-Day Course of Remdesivir Beneficial in Severe COVID-19

No significant difference seen in five-, 10-day course for severe COVID-19 without mechanical ventilation

Few Trauma Patients Assessed for Effects of PTSD, Acute Stress

Most adult, pediatric centers do not have assessment, educational protocols

FDA Panel Meets to Craft Future Vaccine Strategy

No official vote is planned, and no specific vaccine products will be discussed

High-Dose Anticoagulation May Not Aid COVID-19 Patients

No significant benefit seen for high-dose versus standard anticoagulation therapies, may be harmful

Prevalence of COVID-19-Related Croup Up During Omicron

Odds of hospitalization not significantly different during periods with alpha or other variant predominance, delta predominance, versus omicron-predominant periods

Overall Cancer Incidence, Mortality Lower for U.S. Hispanics

But rates higher for infection-related cancers, such as liver and stomach cancers, and cervical cancer

Risk for Leg Amputation Higher With Microvascular Disease

Risk higher regardless of microvascular disease location or other blood vessel conditions

Older Adults With Depression Showing Resilience in Pandemic

Mental health scores did not worsen during the first two months of the pandemic

Mental Health Improves With Access to Gender-Affirming Hormones

Access to GAH during adolescence, adulthood linked to lower odds of past-year suicidal ideation versus desiring but not accessing GAH

Ligelizumab Safely, Effectively Treats Hives

Doses of 72 mg or 240 mg tied to complete control of symptoms after 12-week trial

New-Onset Cardiovascular Complications Common After Stroke

Odds of five-year all-cause mortality up for stroke patients with ACS, atrial fibrillation/flutter, heart failure, severe ventricular arrhythmias

Fifteen Million Patients Will Need First-Course Chemo in 2040

Number of cancer physicians required to deliver optimal chemo set to increase to 100,000 by 2040

Multifaceted Approach Urged for Promoting Helmet Use for Children

Multipronged approach is needed, including education of the lay public, advocacy, enforcement, development of promotion programs

Overlapping Orthopedic Surgery Noninferior for Patient Safety

Reduced odds of perioperative complications seen for overlapping surgery versus nonoverlapping surgery

EHR System-Generated In-Basket Messages Linked to Burnout

Receiving more than average number of messages linked to increased probability of physician burnout

Preterm Delivery May Up Risk for Chronic Hypertension in Women

Risk for hypertension increased within first 10 years after delivery and remained elevated at least 40 years later

Patterns Changing for Heart Disorder Hospitalizations in Canada

Rates up for acquired valvular heart disease, vascular cognitive impairment, and congenital heart disease

More Than One in Seven Have a Headache on Any Given Day

New review shows headache disorders are a global burden

Modest Increase in Patient Visits Could Offset Costs of Scribes

Model shows adding two new or three return patient visits per day profitable for all specialties

CDC: 63.5 Percent of 3- to 5-Year-Olds Have Had Vision Tested

Hispanic children less likely to have had vision tested, as are children with public coverage, uninsured

Antipsychotic Use Declined in Young Children From 2009 to 2017

While there was a shift toward evidence-based indications, majority of use remains off-label

December 2019 Briefing – Diabetes & Endocrinology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Diabetes & Endocrinology for December 2019. This roundup includes...

Day Care Tied to Morbidity in Children Born Preterm With BPD

ED visits, systemic steroid use, chronic respiratory symptoms more likely for children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia who attend day care

Lung-Specific Risk Factors Linked to Hip Fracture in Smokers

Authors say incorporating lung-specific risk factors would improve hip fracture risk prediction models

September 2020 Briefing – Family Practice

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Family Practice for September 2020. This roundup includes the...

Weight Control Product Use in Adolescence Ups Risk for Later Eating Disorder

Findings seen among teens followed for 10 years into early adulthood

Old Spice, Secret Antiperspirants Recalled Due to Benzene

Proctor & Gamble said that it has not received any reports of harm from the recalled products

BNT162b2 Protects Against COVID-19 Hospitalization for Up to Six Months

Effectiveness of full vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 infections caused by the delta variant or other variants wanes more quickly

Parents’ Mental Illness Tied to Higher Injury Rate in Offspring

Association seen for birth through adolescence, but risk highest for child's first year of life

Medicaid Expansion Increases Access to Kidney Transplants

Increases in Medicaid-covered preemptive kidney transplants greater in Medicaid expansion states

CDC: U.S. Life Expectancy Up Slightly, Mortality Lower in 2017

Report shows decrease in age-adjusted death rates, increase in age-adjusted death rate from overdose

AHA: Mavacamten May Treat Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Improvements in cardiac structure, function seen at 30 weeks of treatment with mavacamten versus placebo

Favorable Trends Seen in Lipids, Apolipoprotein B in U.S. Youth

Adjusted mean total cholesterol level decreased from 1999-2000 to 2015-2016 in youth aged 6 to 19 years

Baricitinib Does Not Cut COVID-19 Progression in Hospitalized Adults

But placebo-controlled trial shows lower all-cause mortality at 28 days and 60 days in patients receiving baricitinib plus standard of care

Many Oncology Patients Are Lonely During COVID-19

Those categorized as lonely have higher levels of social isolation, higher symptom severity scores for all symptoms

Shift Work Linked to Increased Risk for COVID-19 Illness

Associations seen for shift work, irregular or permanent shift work, day-shift work, irregular or permanent night-shift work

AACR: Healthy Lifestyle May Counter High Genetic Risk for Lethal Prostate Cancer

But adherence to healthy lifestyle not associated with decreased risk for overall prostate cancer

Smoking History Tied to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes

Risk for hospitalization, death higher for both current and former smokers

August 2019 Briefing – Geriatrics

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Geriatrics for August 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Infection Prevention Professionals Explored

65 percent of respondents reported burnout; more negative mental health impacts seen for frontline and practicing IPs

Three Trajectories of Picky Eating Identified in Children

Membership in high picky-eating trajectory tied to higher child emotional lability, lower emotional regulation

Increase in Brand-Name Drug Cost Mainly Due to Existing Drugs

Rising costs of oral, injectable generic and specialty drugs mostly driven by new product entry

CDC: Adult Obesity Increasing, Tied to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes

Racial and ethnic disparities in obesity reported, with highest prevalence for non-Hispanic Blacks and Hispanics

Cochlear Implants Aid Speech Recognition in Most Adults

However, individual benefit shows large degree of variability

Organ Transplant Does Not Worsen Prostate Cancer Outcome

No increase in cancer-specific mortality seen in men with prostate cancer who receive organ transplants

Delayed Local Reactions to mRNA-1273 Vaccination Reported

Reactions appeared near injection site at a median onset of day 8 after first dose; six of 12 patients had no recurrence after second dose

Tool Aids Safe Fasting for T2DM Patients Observing Ramadan

Greater improvements in glycemic control seen for patients using fasting algorithm versus usual care

FDA Moves to Ease Nationwide Shortage of Baby Formula

The agency's latest moves should help ease the dire situation many mothers face

Anxiety, Depression More Likely for Adults With Atopic Dermatitis

Individuals with AD more likely to have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression in past year

July 2019 Briefing – Gastroenterology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Gastroenterology for July 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Elevated Blood Lead Levels Prevalent Among Refugee Children

Correlations seen for EBLL with younger age, male sex, and overseas examination country

Medical Cannabis Use Not Uncommon for Menopause Symptoms

Users endorse medical cannabis for sleep disturbance and mood/anxiety symptoms

Resting-State EEG Can Predict Sertraline Treatment Outcomes

Sertraline-predictive EEG signature examined in four independent depression treatment sets

Racial, Ethnic Disparities Found in Diagnosis, Treatment of ADHD

Asian, Black, Hispanic children less likely to be diagnosed than Whites; White children more likely to receive some treatment

Diabetes Increases Risk for Poorer Prognosis in COVID-19

Increased inflammatory response in COVID-19 patients with diabetes thought to worsen pneumonia

Racial, Ethnic Disparities Seen in Drug Overdose Rates

Overdose rate in 2020 nearly seven times higher for Black versus White men aged 65 years and older

October 2019 Briefing – Allergy

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Allergy for October 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Transdermal CBD No Better Than Placebo for Drug-Resistant Focal Epilepsy

At week 12, no difference in seizure frequency seen between cannabidiol and placebo as adjunctive therapy in adults

Educational Attainment Positively Linked to CVD Risk Factors

Increased education linked to reductions in smoking, depression, triglycerides, heart disease

CDC: Cases of Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Rise to 530 Across 38 States

FDA currently analyzing more than 150 vaping product samples tied to these cases

Food Insecurity Increasing Among Older U.S. Adults

Food insecurity also tied to lower-quality diet in older adults

Food Insecurity Tied to Higher Cardiovascular Mortality

Findings independent of changes in demographic, economic, and health care access

Family Voucher Program Facilitates Living Kidney Donations

Between 2014 and 2021, 250 family voucher-based donations facilitated 573 total transplants

Cost of Ranibizumab Port Delivery System for Treating nAMD Examined

Model compares costs for ranibizumab port delivery system versus conventional intravitreal antivascular endothelial growth factor injections

Changes to Rectus Muscles From Pregnancy May Impact Abdominoplasty

Rectus abdominis muscle changes may contribute to problems with abdominoplasty outcomes

ACS: Tranexamic Acid No Better Than Placebo After Severe Injury

Antifibrinolytic agent may lower 30-day mortality when used within one hour of injury, for severe shock

Two-Thirds of Adults With Arthritis Engage in Physical Activity

Most commonly reported physical activities include walking (70.8 percent) as well as gardening and weightlifting

48 COVID-19 Cases Reported on World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean said that those who tested positive were immediately isolated to prevent the spread of infection

Ophthalmologic Symptoms Common in Parkinson Disease

Sixty-eight percent of patients have ophthalmologic symptoms that interfere with daily activities

CDC: Number of Births, General Fertility Rate in U.S. Down in 2019

General fertility rate for women aged 15 to 44, total fertility rate decreased to record lows in 2019

15-Year-Old Texas Teen Youngest in U.S. to Die From Vaping

Officials say teen had 'chronic underlying medical condition,' but condition has not been identified

Higher Habitual Coffee Intake May Slow Cognitive Decline

Higher baseline coffee consumption also linked to slower Aβ-amyloid accumulation during a 126-month study period as shown on brain MRI scans

Childhood Cancer Treatment Increases Risk for Breast Cancer Later

Additive risk seen between combined anthracyclines and radiotherapy doses to the breast

New COVID-19 Test Provides Results in 15 Minutes

Test correctly diagnoses infection 90 percent of the time and a negative result 100 percent of the time

Poll: Many Parents Not Talking to Children About Inappropriate Touching

One in four parents of school-age children say they have not yet begun talking about inappropriate touching

Women Must Get Abortion Pill in Person: U.S. Supreme Court

Similar in-person rules for other medications have been suspended during the pandemic

Many Stroke Survivors Continue to Smoke

Stroke survivors less likely than cancer survivors to quit smoking

February 2019 Briefing – Pain Management

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Pain Management for February 2019. This roundup includes the...

Human-to-Human Transmission of Chinese Coronavirus Confirmed

Two people in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong caught the virus from family members

Stay-at-Home Orders Tied to Slowing of COVID-19 Hospitalizations

12 days after stay-at-home orders started, hospitalization growth began to deviate from projected numbers

Bacterial Infections Increase Coronary Heart Disease Risk in T1DM

Incident CHD events tied to more antibiotic purchases, higher levels of lipopolysaccharide activity

Heart Failure Ups Risk of Death in Patients With New T2DM

Five-year risk ratio of death linked to heart failure three times higher at five years after T2DM diagnosis

Women With PCOS Report More Morbidity, Medication Use

Prevalence increased for self-reported diagnoses of migraine, hypertension, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, and endometriosis

Most People Complete Two-Dose COVID-19 Vaccination Series

Of those receiving a second COVID-19 vaccine dose, 95.6 percent did so within the recommended interval

Drug May Reduce Need for Ventilators in COVID-19 Patients

85 percent of study population was Hispanic, Black, Native American, other ethnic or racial minorities

Scientists Watch, Worry About New ‘Stealth’ Version of Omicron Variant

The variant, called BA.2, has genetic traits that make it somewhat more difficult to detect

WHO: No More Than One Hour of Screen Time a Day for Young Children

WHO guidelines similar to recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics

FDA Authorizes First E-Cigarette

Antismoking advocates say the authorization 'leaves our nation's youth at an undue risk of addiction'

FDA Approves New Device for Chronic, Moderate-to-Severe Heart Failure

Optimizer Smart system indicated for patients who are symptomatic despite optimal medical therapy

Hospital Visitation, Communication Policies Evolving Due to COVID-19

New research reveals trends of visitor restrictions and smartphone communication in Michigan hospitals

State AGs Urge Facebook, Twitter to Tackle Vaccine Misinformation

Attorneys general say 'anti-vaxxer' accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter reach more than 59 million followers

Disparities in Obesity Rates Seen Among U.S. Adolescents

From 1999 to 2018, increasing prevalence of teen obesity associated with low-income households, lower education level for head of household

Midlife Cardiac Structure and Its Change Linked to Cognition

25-year increase in left ventricular mass linked to lower cognition on most tests; increase in LAV linked to lower global cognition

Decrease in PM2.5-Related U.S. Mortality From 2010 to 2017

During the same period, ozone-related mortality remained mainly unchanged

March 2020 Briefing – Rheumatology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Rheumatology for March 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

Migraine History Tied to Higher Risk for Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Risk driven by hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and preterm births

Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease Risk

Odds of CKD up with beverage pattern consisting of higher intake of sweetened soda, fruit drinks, water

ENDO: HbA1c Tied to Cognition in T2DM Patients After Lacunar Stroke

Increase in HbA1c over time linked to decrease in Cognitive Assessment Screening Instrument score

Addition of Zinc May Benefit Some Being Treated for COVID-19

Some outcomes improved with addition of zinc sulfate to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin

Guidelines Developed for Managing Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Management is generally in a stepwise manner, including moisturizers and avoiding triggers

Obesity Tied to Increased Mortality Overall in Patients With Cancer

Risk for death lower for patients with lung cancer, renal cell carcinoma, melanoma with versus without obesity

Life Expectancy Has Increased for Individuals With IBD

However, there is still a gap in life expectancy, health-adjusted life expectancy between those with and without inflammatory bowel disease

Mammogram Benefits Seen as More Important Than Harms

Perception varies by knowledge of latest recommendations, date of last mammogram

Early Access to Chiropractors, PTs Tied to Decreased Long-Term Opioid Use

Odds of short- or long-term opioid use higher for initial visits with physicians for low back pain

Post-Tonsillectomy Deaths Up in Children With Complex Chronic Conditions

Tonsillectomy postop mortality rate significantly higher at 117.22 per 100,000 operations compared with 7.04 per 100,000 operations overall

Abiraterone Acetate + Prednisone Cuts Metastasis in Prostate Cancer

And standard of care plus abiraterone improves survival in men with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer

CDC: Reported Measles Cases Reach 971

With continued outbreaks, CDC says U.S. risks losing measles elimination status

Family Hx of Early MI Modifies Ovary Removal, CVD Link

Heart disease mortality up for women with FHPMI and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy at younger age

Accidental IV Dislodgement Reported to Be Very Common

Top 3 causes were confused patient, removal of catheter by patient, tape or securement loose

March 2019 Briefing – Surgery

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Surgery for March 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Mental Health Outcomes No Better for Teens Undergoing RYGB

Self-esteem improved after five years in surgical group, but no improvement seen in overall mood

More High-Value Care Associated With Receipt of Primary Care

Increasing investment in primary care may improve value in the U.S. health care system

Vaccines Estimated to Have Prevented 19.8 Million COVID-19 Deaths

More deaths would have been averted had vaccine coverage targets from COVAX and WHO been met

Pfizer Vaccine Disappoints in Children Ages 2 to 5 Years

Pfizer-BioNTech will try a third dose to see if it produces a more robust response

Study Reveals Lower Predictive Ability for Renal Cancer Models

Prospective validation shows decrease in predictive ability compared with previous retrospective validations

American College of Cardiology, March 28-30

The American College of Cardiology 69th Annual Scientific Session and Expo The annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology was held virtually from March...

Sociodemographic Disparities in Stressful Life Events Reported for Children

6.8 percent of children aged 5 to 17 years were victims of or witnessed violence in their neighborhood; exposure varied by age, race, urbanization

Physicians Report Expanding Use of Off-Label COVID-19 Treatments

Hydroxychloroquine usage increasing rapidly, although plasma from recovered patients perceived as more effective

December 2019 Briefing – Otolaryngology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Otolaryngology for December 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

More Blood Pressure Drugs Recalled

Some lots of losartan contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical N-methylnitrosobutyric acid

mRNA Vaccine More Effective Booster to ChAdOx1 nCoV-19

Heterologous ChAdOx1 nCoV-19/mRNA prime-boost vaccination more effective than homologous ChAdOx1 nCoV-19/ChAdOx1 nCoV-19

Hip Fracture Surgery Generally Lower During COVID-19 Pandemic

Apart from fall 2020, hip fracture surgery volumes among older individuals were lower than among historic controls until vaccination

FDA: Outbreak of Salmonella Infections Linked to Onions

In the United States, 640 cases have been reported, including 85 hospitalizations

Many Health Care Workers Face Risk for Poor Outcomes With COVID-19

26.6 percent of health care workers with patient contact at risk due to age, chronic conditions

USPSTF Finds Evidence Lacking for Vitamin D Screening

Current evidence inadequate to determine benefits and harms of screening for vitamin D deficiency

Walmart Expands COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Company will use COVID-19 vaccines supplied by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Substance Use Disorder Costs Topped $13 Billion for Hospitals in 2017

Costs of treatment and prevention could potentially be offset by cutting direct medical costs, authors say

Half of American Workers Support COVID-19 Vaccination, Mask Mandates in Workplace

Poll was conducted before the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

October May Be Best Time for Older Adults to Receive Flu Shot

Waning protection with early vaccine must be balanced with fewer vaccinated with compressed schedule, early peak

FDA Grants First Approval of Convalescent Plasma Therapy in COVID-19 Patient

Houston Methodist first to receive eIND approval for convalescent plasma in individual patient

HRQoL on the Decline Preceding Initiation of Dialysis for Seniors

In the year following start of dialysis, stabilization with mean changes of +2 and –2 seen in mental and physical component summaries

NIH Launches Clinical Trials of Antithrombotics for COVID-19

Adaptive design allows evaluation of various doses, types of blood thinners in outpatients, inpatients

Pediatric Obesity Subtypes ID’d in Latent Class Analysis

Eight classes of obesity identified, which comprise distinct comorbidities, including respiratory and sleep disorders, asthma

More Appropriate Prostate Cancer Tx Seen at Multidisciplinary Clinic

Patients with low-risk disease more likely to receive nondefinitive therapy at MultiD clinic versus SEER

EPA Says Weed Killer in Roundup Is Safe

EPA states that glyphosate 'is not likely to be carcinogenic to humans'

World Trade Center Site Exposure Linked to Lasting CVD Risk

Likelihood of having CVD event increased for those who worked at WTC site for six months or longer

U.S. Pediatricians, Psychiatrists Declare ‘Emergency’ in Child Mental Health

Groups urge policymakers to increase funding to ensure all families can access mental health services

Vaccine Makers Already Testing Their Shots Against Omicron Variant

So far, existing vaccines have proven effective against prior coronavirus variants, including the delta variant

Dementia May Contribute to More Deaths Than Previously Thought

Association between dementia and mortality may be underestimated by nearly threefold

Treatments Compared for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma

Treatment-free survival more than twice as long for nivolumab plus ipilimumab versus sunitinib for intermediate/poor-risk patients

Number of Births, Fertility Rate Increased in 2021

Increases of 1 percent seen from 2020 in provisional number of births, general fertility rate; marks first increase since 2014

Risk of A-Fib Up With Occupational Exposure for Firefighters

Prevalence of atrial fibrillation increased for firefighters with increasing numbers of fires fought per year

February 2019 Briefing – Infectious Disease

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Infectious Disease for February 2019. This roundup includes the...

Frequency of Acute Ischemic Stroke Low in COVID-19 Patients

Occurrence of acute ischemic stroke in COVID-19 is associated with increased risk for requiring long-term care

CDC: Racial/Ethnic Disparities Reported in Pregnancy-Related Mortality Ratios

Non-Hispanic black, American Indian/Alaska Native women have higher PRMRs than all other groups

Hearing Loss Before Age 50 Tied to Higher Substance Use

Associations particularly pronounced for Rx opioid use disorders in those aged 18 to 34 with hearing loss

China Bans Travel in Wuhan, Four Nearby Cities

Buses, subways, and ferries within the city of more than 11 million people have been suspended

Factors Associated With Suicide in Leukemia Identified

Risk factors include male sex, older age at diagnosis, White race

Renal Transplant Improves Survival in ESRD Due to Lupus

Survival benefit noted especially for cardiovascular disease in end-stage renal disease due to lupus nephritis

Sleep Deprivation May Increase Risk for Systemic Lupus in Women

Additive interactions between low sleep duration and depression or bodily pain may contribute to risk for systemic lupus erythematosus

CDC: Prevalence of COPD High Among Some Nonsmokers

High prevalence observed in certain industries and occupations, including information industry

DDW: Cannabinoid Use Ups Sedation Requirements During Endoscopy

However, patients with cannabis use do not have increased awareness or discomfort during procedures

Either Trivalent Flu Vaccine Safe for Use in Seniors

Trivalent adjuvanted, trivalent high-dose inactivated influenza vaccines comparable for moderate-to-severe injection-site pain in adults 65 years and older

Many Health Care Workers Report Vaccine Hesitancy

However, data are from survey conducted prior to U.S. emergency use authorization of any vaccines

November 2019 Briefing – Pharmacy

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Pharmacy for November 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Younger Female Blood Donors Vulnerable to Iron Deficiency

In teens and women younger than 50, absent iron stores and anemia more common in blood donors

Rural Patients With Alzheimer Disease Have Shorter Survival

Rural versus urban patients also spend more time in nursing homes, receive less home health care

Plant-Based Proteins Can Help Cut Risk for Coronary Heart Disease

Association strongest among premenopausal women, postmenopausal women without hormone use

Many Young Asthma Patients Noncompliant With COVID-19 Measures

Many do not believe COVID-19 is more severe for people suffering from asthma

FDA Questions Strength of Johnson & Johnson Booster Shot Data

Agency says key test used by the company to measure immune response from booster shot six months after the original shot likely not sensitive enough

Alarm Settings of CGM Systems Impact Glucose Control in T1DM

Adjusting glucose thresholds for alarms linked to less time spent in hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia

Individuals With Blood Group O Have Lower Risk for COVID-19

And more COVID-19 patients with blood group A or AB require mechanical ventilation, CRRT

Many U.S. Adults Receive Opioids and Dual Anxiolytic/Sedative

Among U.S. adult prescription opioid users, 9.2 percent also prescribed dual anxiolytic/sedative therapy

United Kingdom Eases COVID-19 Testing Rules for International Visitors

Change will be welcome news to people who refrained from traveling for fear they would get stranded in a foreign country

Incident Psychotropic Use Down in Children in Second Quarter of 2020

Greatest decline in incident stimulant and anxiolytic/sedative-hypnotic medications was in quarter 2 of 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Available by Late 2020, Early 2021: Fauci

Fauci cautiously optimistic about a vaccine being available in 2020-2021 time frame

CDC Releases Clinical Guidance on E-Cigarette Lung Injury

Guidelines highlight importance of asking patients about e-cigarette, or vaping, use in nonjudgmental way

Prenatal Vitamin D Does Not Reduce Asthma, Wheeze at Age 6

Maternal vitamin D supplementation has no impact on asthma, recurrent wheeze among children at risk

Bumble Bee Clams Recalled Due to PFAS

So far, no illnesses have been reported linked to these clams

High Fiber, Yogurt Intake Linked to Reduced Risk for Lung Cancer

Risk reduced by more than 30 percent for high yogurt consumption and highest quintile of fiber intake

USPSTF: Evidence Lacking for Cognitive Impairment Screening

Evidence lacking for screening for community-dwelling older adults with no signs or symptoms

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy, Menopause Symptoms Linked

Scores for total symptoms, somatic and psychological domains higher in women with history of HDP

Rotavirus Vaccination, Type 1 Diabetes Not Linked in Children

No significant correlation seen for children fully or partially exposed to rotavirus vaccine versus unexposed

Therapeutic Hookworm Explored for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

No effect seen for hookworm versus placebo on number of new/enlarging/enhancing lesions

Genetic Risk for Obesity Ups Likelihood of Kidney Disease

Findings largely independent of blood pressure and type 2 diabetes

2008 to 2017 Saw Drop in Serious Vision Impairment in U.S. Seniors

If rates had remained at 2008 level, there would have been an additional 848,000 cases of serious vision impairment in 2017

Israeli Study Shows Pfizer Booster Gives Seniors Big Rise in Immunity

Israel approved booster shots for people aged 60 years and older late last month; the government lowered the age of eligibility to 40 years last week

First U.S. Monkeypox Death Confirmed in California

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said the patient had been hospitalized and had a severely weakened immune system

July 2020 Briefing – Infectious Disease

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Infectious Disease for July 2020. This roundup includes the...

Graduated Compression Stockings May Not Be Needed After Surgery

Low molecular weight heparin noninferior to LMWH plus GCS for preventing VTE after elective surgery

Specialist-Led Model of Care Can Improve CVD Prevention in Psoriasis

Dermatologists and patients with psoriatic disease approve of a specialist-led model of care

Early Hospital Intervention for Diabetes Improves Outcomes

Early identification and management decreases hyperglycemia, hospital-acquired infections

Teens, Young Men Have Higher SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rates

Standardized infection ratios were lowest in children and in adults aged 70 years or older compared with overall population

Donor Heart Recovery From Drug-Intoxicated Deaths Has Increased

Campaigns promoting organ donation in populations affected by drugs have contributed to increase

FDA: Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities May Affect Medical Devices

Providers asked to identify devices; patients potentially affected by 12 Bluetooth-associated vulnerabilities

Excellent Outcomes Found for Neonates Born to SARS-CoV-2-Postive Moms

Most neonates fed unpasteurized expressed breast milk until discharge; 85 percent were breastfed postdischarge

Phthalate Exposure in Pregnancy Tied to Preterm Delivery Risk

Exposure tied to 12 to 16 percent increased risk

Responsive Neurostimulation Tolerated in Pediatric Epilepsy

Further study needed to determine long-term efficacy and safety and optimize patient selection

Melamine, Cyanuric Acid, Aromatic Amines Detected in Pregnant Women

Cyanuric acid, melamine, aniline, 4,4'-methylenedianiline, composite of o-toluidine and m-toluidine detected in nearly all urine samples

FDA Issues EUA to Baricitinib Plus Remdesivir for COVID-19

Emergency use authorization applies to hospitalized patients requiring supplemental oxygen, mechanical ventilation, ECMO

Parents Increasingly Cite Safety Concerns in HPV Vaccine Refusal

Despite 79.9 percent increase in parent-reported safety concerns, there was a drop in HPV vaccine-related reported adverse reactions

Greater Height Linked to Lower Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Correlation attenuated after adjustment for liver fat and triacylglycerols, adiponectin, CRP

Face Masks May Expose Children to Higher Carbon Dioxide Levels

Authors say levels, especially in younger children, are higher than recommended limits

Mouth Rinse for HPV DNA May Be Biomarker in Head, Neck Cancer

Persistent detection of tumor-type HPV DNA during treatment tied to increased risk for recurrence, death

FDA Panel Backs Pfizer, Moderna Shots for Children 5 Years and Younger

Panel's recommendations will now go to the FDA, which is expected to approve use of the vaccines this week

Prevalence of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis in IBD Explored

Prevalence of primary sclerosing cholangitis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease is about 2 percent