Bariatric Surgery Tied to Lasting, Clinically Important Improvements in Pain

Despite decreases in initial improvements, benefits seen at seven years postsurgery

Occupational Exposures Tied to ALS Risk

Greatest risks seen with self-reported occupational metals exposure

Outcomes May Be Better for Warfarin Users Who Stop Aspirin Use

Quality improvement effort tied to decrease in major bleeding without increase in thrombotic events

Early Mortality High for Aortic Dissection Patients Not Planned for Surgery

At 48 hours, mortality was 23.7 percent for those medically treated versus 4.4 percent for those surgically treated

Genetic Predisposition to Smoking Causally Linked to Stroke Outcomes

Link remained significant in multivariable Mendelian randomization analyses adjusting for genetically predicted alcohol consumption

Multidose Antibiotic Prophylaxis No Better for Breast Implant Surgery

Multiple-dose regimen not superior to single-dose regimen among women undergoing implant-based breast reconstruction

MI Outcomes May Be Worse in Patients With Rheumatic IMID

MI outcomes poorer in Medicare beneficiaries with versus without rheumatic immune-mediated inflammatory disease

Insomnia May Up Risk for Subjective Memory Decline in Older Adults

Middle-aged and older adults with insomnia more likely to report memory decline over subsequent three years

Diabetes-Related Deaths Not Decreasing in Rural Areas in the U.S.

Women and older adults experience more consistent decreases in diabetes-related deaths

Lung Volume Reduction Procedures Compared in Emphysema

Similar improvement in lung function, dyspnea, exercise capacity with lung volume reduction surgery, bronchoscopic lung volume reduction

Unintentional Overdose Deaths in U.S. Teens Spiked in 2020

Eight in 10 teen unintentional overdose deaths involved fentanyl and other synthetic opioids

About 84 Percent of Pregnancy-Related Deaths Preventable

About 22 percent of pregnancy-related deaths occurred during pregnancy and 25 percent occurred on the day of delivery or within one week

Active Surveillance Feasible for Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer

Patients undergoing immediate surgery experience greater anxiety than patients in active surveillance

Coffee Intake Linked to Longer Prostate Cancer-Specific Survival

Longer prostate cancer-specific survival seen for specific subgroups, including those with the CYP1A2 AA genotype

Neoadjuvant Novel Hormonal Agents Studied in High-Risk Prostate Cancer

Neoadjuvant therapy with an NHA associated with longer time to biochemical recurrence, prolonged metastasis-free survival

More Batches of Moderna COVID-19 Shots Shipped Amid Reports of Shortages

While supplies of the updated Pfizer booster shot appear to be plentiful, some pharmacies have reported not having enough Moderna vaccine

Neuropsychiatric Manifestations Seen in Monkeypox Patients

Headache, fatigue, and myalgia are reported frequently; serious complications, such as confusion, encephalitis, and seizure, are less common

Feds Warn of Home Carbon Monoxide Detectors That May Fail to Alarm

CPSC issued the warning after detectors failed tests with a CO concentration of 400 ppm, in violation of safety standards

Nearly One in 10 U.S. Teens, Adults Had Past-Year Depression

Sharp increases in depression seen among teens, young adults from 2015 to 2019

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Psoriasis May Be Causally Related

Genetic predisposition to psoriasis not linked to total IBD, but is associated with Crohn disease

Telehealth May Increase Use of Specialty Care for Serious Mental Illness

However, no association seen with substantive changes in medication adherence

Several Factors Significantly Tied to Atopic Dermatitis Disease Burden

Strongest associations seen for disease severity and time spent managing symptoms

Transcranial Doppler, Hydroxyurea Use Low for Sickle Cell Anemia

Despite increases in TCD screening and hydroxyurea use from 2014 to 2019, use still remains low for children, teens

Sleep Deprivation May Increase Risk for Systemic Lupus in Women

Additive interactions between low sleep duration and depression or bodily pain may contribute to risk for systemic lupus erythematosus

Norovirus Outbreaks Have Increased to Prepandemic Levels

In surveillance year 2021 to 2022, 992 outbreaks were reported compared with 1,056 and 343 in 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021

AACR Issues 12th Annual Cancer Progress Report

Accelerated decline in cancer mortality seen recently with a 2.3 percent decrease in cancer deaths each year from 2016 to 2019

Smoking May Increase Odds of Meniere Disease in Men

Alcohol consumption associated with decreased odds of MD in men; being underweight linked to decreased odds of MD

Erectile Function Mostly Not Impacted by Surgery for BPH

But rate of retrograde ejaculation higher following many surgical procedures for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Self-Cut Mesh Noninferior for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Procedure

Surgical success rate for self-cut mesh noninferior to that for commercial mesh kit with benefit of cost savings

Performance of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests With Nasal Self-Sampling Examined

Sensitivities of rapid antigen tests with nasal self-sampling declined during period of omicron emergence

Paternal Childhood Smoke Exposure Tied to Asthma Risk in Offspring

Fathers' passive smoke exposure through childhood to puberty linked to nonallergic asthma risk in offspring

Cognition, Brain May Recover After Professional Fighters Stop Fighting

After repeated head injuries cease, cognitive function and brain thickness measures stabilize and blood neurofilament light levels decline

AI Tool Can Identify Pancreatic Cancer on CT Scans

Deep learning-based tool distinguished between malignancy, controls with 74.7 percent sensitivity for malignancies smaller than 2 cm

Daily Multivitamin May Protect Against Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

No benefit seen for cocoa extract supplementation versus placebo

Medical Debt Tied to Worsening of Food, Housing Insecurity

Risk factors for medical indebtedness include hospitalization, disability, high deductible, Medicare Advantage, and no insurance coverage

Patient Preferences Examined for CRC Screening Modalities

Of all five U.S. Multi Society Task Force recommended tests, FIT-fecal DNA every three years was most preferred test

CVD Risk Factors Similar for Men, Women

Diet more strongly linked to CVD risk in women; high non-HDL cholesterol, depression symptoms more strongly linked in men

FDA Admits Flaws in Response to Infant Formula Shortage

Problems highlighted in report include outdated data-sharing systems, below-normal staffing and training for food inspectors

Canada May Soon Drop COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for International Travelers

Whether a similar requirement for the United States will also end this month is not known

HIV + Hep C Coinfection Not Tied to Increased Type 1 MI Risk

However, with increasing age, risk for type 1 myocardial infarction increased for people with HIV with versus without hepatitis C virus infection

Response to Neoadjuvant Endocrine Therapy for Breast Cancer May Vary by Race

Race is a significant predictor of downstaging in HR+ breast cancer after adjustment for duration of NET, clinical stage

Liver Cancer Risk May Rise for 2nd-, 3rd-Generation U.S. Mexicans

Risk of hepatocellular carcinoma increased by 35 and 61 percent for second-, third- versus first-generation U.S. Mexicans

Traffic-Related Air Pollution May Impact Women More

Effects on plasma proteins known to play a role in inflammation, oxidative stress, cardiovascular disease greater in women than in men

Proteomic Analysis Used to ID Fecal Biomarkers for IBD

Biomarkers linked with severity of intestinal inflammation in IBD patients, with higher sensitivity and specificity than calprotectin

FDA Warns of Cybersecurity Risk With Certain Medtronic Insulin Pumps

Equipment issue may allow someone to break in and cause the pump to deliver too much or too little insulin to the patient

Risk of Monkeypox Transmission Low in Health Care Settings

No health care providers developed monkeypox infection during the 21 days after exposure

Vitamin D Supplementation May Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Authors say more research is needed to determine the benefits of supplementation with standard treatment

Poll: Seven in 10 Older Adults Report Joint Pain or Arthritis

Conversations are needed by older adults and their health care providers about treatments for arthritis and their risks

Recommendations Issued for Perioperative Antithrombotic Management

Two strong recommendations developed against use of heparin bridging in a-fib, and for continuation of VKA in patients getting pacemaker/ICD

Psoriasis Patients Find Psoriatic Arthritis Screening Worthwhile

Participants report feeling empowered by comprehensive screening

USPSTF Recommends Depression Screening for All Adults

Anxiety screening recommended for adults aged 64 and younger, including pregnant, postpartum persons

Excitatory Brain Stimulation Protocols Beneficial in Schizophrenia

Noninvasive stimulation interventions over the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex linked to reductions in severity of negative symptoms

Group Therapy for Insomnia Studied in RA Patients

Nurse-led group cognitive behavioral therapy had no effect on objective sleep measures but did improve patient-reported secondary outcomes

MRI Techniques Compared for Assessing Hydrops in Meniere Disease

3-D real IR has better image quality than 3-D FLAIR sequence for assessment of endolymphatic hydrops in Meniere disease

Prenatal Fish Oil, High-Dose Vitamin D Cuts Croup Risk in Offspring

Risk reduced for croup before age of three years

ASTRO Offers Guidance on RT for IDH-Mutant Diffuse Grade 2, 3 Glioma

Guideline recommendations support reduction in volume of brain irradiation while attempting to maximize disease control

Specific Plasma Metabolites Linked to Cognitive Function

Diet-related metabolites associated with global cognitive function across studies in adults of various races/ethnicities

Anhedonia Linked to Negative, Positive Symptoms in Schizophrenia

Three clusters detected corresponding to positive symptoms, negative symptoms and work functioning, and functional domains

Anxiety, Depression Scores Up in Meniere Disease, Vertigo

Anxiety score and anxiety severity higher for those with Meniere disease versus those with benign positional paroxysmal vertigo

ADHD Is Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Diseases

Significant link seen for ADHD with risk for any CVD, especially cardiac arrest, hemorrhagic stroke, peripheral vascular disease/arteriosclerosis

Sugar-Sweetened Drink Intake Linked to Mortality From Some Cancers

SSBs associated with increased mortality for colorectal, kidney cancers, even after adjustment for BMI

OOP Costs Seen for Some Seeking Emergency Care After Sexual Assault

Average emergency department charges were $3,551; charges for victims of sexual abuse highest during pregnancy

Unsupervised Yoga Improves Short-Term Function in Knee OA

But unsupervised yoga plus online education did not reduce knee pain during walking compared with online education alone

Bebtelovimab Appears Reliable for COVID-19 During Omicron Epoch

Patients receiving bebtelovimab have more comorbidities, but do not have increased rates of progression to severe disease

History of Eviction Linked to Child Developmental Risk

History of formal or informal eviction linked to increased odds of child developmental risk, hospital admission from emergency department

Safer Opioid Supply Program Can Cut Adverse Clinical Outcomes, Health Costs

Significant decrease seen in rate of ED visits, hospital admissions, admission for incident infections in year after cohort entry

Metabolic Surgery Beats Medical, Lifestyle Interventions for T2D Remission

Additional benefits from surgery seen for diabetes-related comorbidities and weight loss

When Preferred Language Is Not English, Children Experience Surgical Delays

Findings seen among children and teens needing reconstruction for anterior cruciate ligament injury

Efficacy, Safety of Extravascular ICD Explored

The extravascular implantable cardioverter-defibrillator system is premarket and has not yet been approved by the FDA

Photon-Counting Detector CT Helps ID Multiple Myeloma Lesions

Use of PCD CT images with convolutional neural network denoising improves viewing of pathologic abnormalities, detects lytic lesions

cfDNA Increased in Patients With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Transplant-free survival predicted by cfDNA levels stratified into tertiles, REVEAL risk groups; discrimination increased with adding cfDNA to REVEAL

Parents of Children With ICD More Likely to Have PTSD Than Child

47 percent of parents met PTSD cutoff on screening measure; female gender and patient depression linked to PTSD in parents

Guidelines Issued for Vaccination in Patients With Rheumatic, Musculoskeletal Diseases

Guidelines expand indications for some vaccines and provide guidance on medication management at time of vaccination

Physician Burnout May Raise Risk for Patient Safety Events

Burnout also associated with decreased job satisfaction, low professionalism, patient dissatisfaction

Daily Timing of Antihypertensives Does Not Impact Effectiveness

Evening dosing of blood pressure medication no better than morning dosing

Telehealth Services Use for Opioid Use Disorder Rose During Pandemic

More Medicare beneficiaries received OUD-related telehealth services, behavioral health-related telehealth services, meds for OUD

FDA Warns Against Overuse of TPOXX Monkeypox Drug

Agency says research in labs, animals, and people suggests that monkeypox could develop resistance to the antiviral in multiple ways

Experts Say New Street Drug Is ‘as Deadly as Fentanyl’

Overall, deaths in Tennessee known to be linked to nitazenes rose from 10 in 2020 to 42 one year later

Dupilumab Eases Atopic Dermatitis in Children Younger Than 6 Years

Signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis improved with dupilumab versus placebo in addition to topical corticosteroids

Twelfth Version of Living Guideline Issued for Drugs for COVID-19

New update strongly recommends against use of sotrovimab and casirivimab-imdevimab for patients with COVID-19

Odds of Poor Vision Increased for Black, Mexican, Low-Income Teens

Black, Mexican, non-U.S. citizen teens more likely to have visual acuity worse than 20/40 in better-seeing eye

Full-Dose Anticoagulation Beneficial for Critically Ill With COVID-19

However, no significant difference seen in efficacy or safety outcomes for clopidogrel versus no antiplatelet therapy

Early Aggressive Fluid Resuscitation Not Better for Pancreatitis

Incidence of fluid overload higher, with no improvement in clinical outcomes compared with moderate fluid resuscitation

Bedaquiline-Pretomanid-Linezolid Regimens Compared for XDR TB

Overall risk-benefit ratio seems to favor patients receiving linezolid at dose of 600 mg for 26 weeks

Incident Cardiovascular Disease Risk Up With Autoimmune Disease

Risk increased progressively with the number of autoimmune diseases present and with younger age

Pediatric Brain Abscess, Empyema Hospitalizations Peaked in March 2022

March 2022 peak in cases linked to Streptococcus species consistent with historical seasonal fluctuations seen since 2016

ACIP Recommends PCV15 for Children Younger Than 19 Years

PCV15 includes two serotypes in addition to those in the PCV13 vaccine, and is recommended according to PCV13 dosing and schedules

Guidelines Issued for Management of Pollen Food Syndrome

Management involves exclusion of known trigger foods; immunotherapy to pollens not effective for PFS

WHO Says Pandemic’s End May Be Near

About 11,000 people around the world died from COVID-19 during the week of Sept. 5 to 11, a drop of 22 percent from the previous week

U.S. Monkeypox Cases Decline, but Health Officials Worry About Reaching Minorities

In response, White House has opened up new monkeypox vaccine equity pilot program, aimed at expanding vaccine access to communities of color

COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates Higher in Unvaccinated During Omicron

Hospitalization rates 2.5 times higher for vaccinated patients without booster versus those with booster

Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesions, Sentinel Lesions of PCNSL Compared

Age of onset younger for tumefactive demyelinating lesions than for primary central nervous system lymphoma

Model Shows Behavior Changes Could Cut CV Risk in Stage 1 HTN

Adoption of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet may yield largest benefit in reducing cardiovascular events

Some Ultraprocessed Foods May Lead to Broader Consumption for Teens

Study looks at adolescent eating behavior and its implications for modifiable hypertension risk factors

Medical Cannabis Tied to Higher Risk for New Heart Rhythm Disorders

Findings seen for people with chronic pain; no association seen for acute coronary syndrome or heart failure

Adjuvant Nivolumab + Ipilimumab Lacks Efficacy for Localized RCC

Trial did not meet primary efficacy end point of disease-free survival in patients with localized RCC at high risk for postnephrectomy relapse

Causal Effect ID’d for IBD With Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis

Crohn disease, but not ulcerative colitis, associated with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Multicancer Early Detection Feasible for Outpatients

Specificity for MCED blood test using circulating tumor DNA is 99.1 percent, and positive predictive value is about 40 percent

Gestational Weight Gain in the U.S. Higher During the Pandemic

Higher gestational weight gain and higher risk for excessive gestational weight gain seen for singleton pregnancies

USPSTF: Evidence Lacking for Screening Children for Prediabetes, T2D

Evidence insufficient for assessing benefits and harms of screening for children and adolescents

Obesity, Weight Gain in GDM Pregnancies Linked to ADHD in Offspring

Maternal obesity with excessive weight gain linked to increased risk for ADHD in offspring versus normal weight without excessive weight gain

Concussion Linked to Poor High School Academic Standing

History of concussion in past 12 months significantly linked to risk for poor academic standing during same period

Risk Factors ID’d for New Long-Term Opioid Use After Lung Cancer Surgery

New long-term opioid use associated with increased risk for two-year all-cause mortality, especially for potent opioid use

OOP Costs for Cancer Treatments Increased From 2009 to 2016

Total costs increased for breast, lung, prostate cancer; OOP costs increased for these cancers and colorectal cancer

Umbilical Cord Milking Does Not Reduce NICU Admission

But UCM safe, feasible and may offer some health benefits for nonvigorous infants at birth

Prenatal Cannabis Exposure Linked to Psychopathology in Early Teens

PCE significantly linked to persisting vulnerability to psychopathology, with no change in associations by age

Psychosis, Bipolar Disorder May Be Predictable Years Before Disease Onset

Half of those who developed psychosis and bipolar disorder in Finland had attended Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Maternal Infection and Autism, Intellectual Disability Links Examined

Associations attenuated in sibling analysis indicating that the links were not causal

More Adolescents and Young Adults Enrolled in Trials After Launch of NCTN

AYAs enrolled in trials increased from 9.5 to 14.0 percent after launch of National Clinical Trials Network

Biden Makes Another Push for Cancer Moonshot Initiative

President likened JFK's space race to his own effort to slash cancer rates by 50 percent in the next 25 years

Prevalence of Adrenal Tumors Studied in Adults in China

Prevalence of adrenal tumors is 1.4 percent; about 70 percent of adenomas were nonfunctioning with proportion constant across age groups

First U.S. Monkeypox Death Confirmed in California

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said the patient had been hospitalized and had a severely weakened immune system

Incidence of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma Up in the U.S.

Overall incidence rate six times higher for patients aged 40 years or older versus younger than 40 years, but increase in CTCL rate significantly higher for those younger than 40 years

Summary Elixhauser Comorbidity Score Developed for Use in Older Adults

Unclear whether the S-Elixhauser comorbidity score offers an advantage over other similar measures

Patient-Doctor Disagreements More Likely in Overweight Patients

Disagreements particularly pronounced regarding weight loss, lifestyle issues

New 988 Suicide Hotline Sees Increase in Calls for Help

Lifeline call center received a total of 361,140 calls, chats, and texts last month

New York Declares Emergency After Finding More Spread of Poliovirus

Emergency declaration will allow EMS workers, midwives, and pharmacists to administer polio vaccine

Cemiplimab Studied as Neoadjuvant Therapy for Cutaneous SCC

In phase 2 study, about half of patients with resectable stage II to IV cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma had pathological complete response

Losing Weight Tied to Better Knee Osteoarthritis Outcomes

Change in body mass index associated with both onset and progression of the structural defects of knee osteoarthritis

Premenstrual Mood Changes Impact Women of All Ages Globally

Physical premenstrual symptoms more frequent with increasing age

Preinfection Psychological Distress May Up Risk for Long COVID

Depression, anxiety, worry, perceived stress, and loneliness linked to increased risk for long COVID in a large study of mostly women

More Than Half of ICU Survivors Not Fully Recovered at One Year

Persistent impairment in health-related quality of life seen throughout the year following a critical illness for those not fully recovered

Lower-Opportunity Neighborhoods Tied to More Pediatric ED Visits

Findings seen for visits overall and visits of lower resource intensity

Telemedicine, In-Person Visits Show High Diagnostic Concordance

Variance seen by specialty, with lower concordance for primary care

AI Assistance May Improve Accuracy of Breast Cancer Screening

Sensitivity increased for subgroups with small lesion sizes, invasive carcinomas

Quantitative Pathologic Analysis May Help Predict Prognosis in CRC

Quantitative segmentation algorithm used to extract data from hematoxylin and eosin slides of colorectal cancers

Melamine, Cyanuric Acid, Aromatic Amines Detected in Pregnant Women

Cyanuric acid, melamine, aniline, 4,4'-methylenedianiline, composite of o-toluidine and m-toluidine detected in nearly all urine samples

Data Support Continued Access to Tecovirimat for Monkeypox

Median interval from initiation of tecovirimat to subjective improvement was three days

City Soda Taxes Do Not Cut Overall Sugar Intake

Following Philadelphia soda tax, increases were seen in purchases of sugary foods

Obstacles, Helpful Behaviors Explored for End-of-Life Care at Critical Access Hospitals

Items associated with family behavior were reported by nurses as the largest obstacles to providing end-of-life care in critical access hospitals

Novel Bihormonal Artificial Pancreas Beneficial After Pancreatectomy

Patients receiving BIHAP, using both insulin and glucagon, spent more time in euglycemia, less time in hypoglycemia

FDA Approves Botox Competitor That Lasts Longer

Daxxify lasts longer than Botox, with about 80 percent of users seeing no or mild facial lines at four months after injection

CVD Risk Factors ID’d in Individuals With High Fracture Risk

Highest incidence of major adverse cardiovascular events seen in those with incident fragility fracture

Second Person in U.S. Dies After Monkeypox Diagnosis

An estimated 18 people have died around the world in this monkeypox outbreak

Black, Hispanic Patients Less Likely to Have Minimally Invasive Fibroid Surgery

They are also less likely to have surgery performed by a gynecologic surgeon with subspecialty training in minimally invasive techniques

Automated Insulin Delivery Ups Time in Target Glucose Range in T1D

Percentage of time in target glucose range increased with open-source AID versus sensor-augmented insulin pump

AI Model May Detect COVID-19 Cases Using Voice Changes

Deep learning model based on voice data from crowd-sourced audio samples uses subtle voice changes to detect COVID-19 cases

Early Postoperative Microneedling May Improve Surgical Scars

Small study with 25 patients suggests benefit for the use of microneedling on acute postsurgical scars

AI Model May Be Better at Diagnosing Pediatric Ear Infections

On small data set, model achieved 95.5 percent accuracy in assessment of endoscopic ear images compared with 65.0 percent for clinicians

Early-Onset HTN, Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Early-Onset Glaucoma

Age at hypertension, type 2 diabetes diagnoses linked to age at onset of primary open-angle glaucoma; no link found for OSA, migraine

Pressure Injury Prediction Tool Lacking for Severe COVID-19 Patients

Risk factors for device-related pressure injury include fragile skin and prone positioning during mechanical ventilatory support

A-Fib Risk Higher in Women After Adjusting for Height, Size

Risk for atrial fibrillation is greater in women than men after adjusting for height, height and weight, or body surface area

COVID-19 Diagnosed in 0.1 Percent of Neonates

Only 7/100,000 have severe infection; respiratory support more likely to be required by those with severe infection

FDA Warns of Rare Cases of Certain Cancers Linked to Breast Implants

Federal regulators discovered reports of the cancers as part of a routine postmarket review

Vitamin D Supplements, Cod Liver Oil Do Not Reduce COVID-19 Risk

Two studies show no significant difference in risk for COVID-19 or in four coprimary end points, including SARS-CoV-2, serious COVID-19

Higher Artificial Sweetener Consumption Linked to CVD Risk

Aspartame intake linked to increased risk for cerebrovascular events, while acesulfame potassium and sucralose linked to CHD risk

Reduction in Swollen, Tender Joints Greater With Litifilimab in Lupus

Most secondary end points did not support the results of the analysis for the primary end point

Preservation of C-Peptide Secretion Examined in Youth With T1D

Intensive glucose control for 24 months did not appear to prevent the decline in residual C-peptide secretion

Protocol Helps Increase Direct Breastfeeding for Preemies in NICU

Increases seen in proportion of infants who had direct breastfeeding at first oral meal, average number of DBF meals during hospitalization

Prevalence of Concurrent HIV, STIs High in Persons With Monkeypox

Higher proportion of monkeypox patients with versus without HIV infection hospitalized

EHR-Based Food Insecurity Screening Process Feasible

Increase reported in encounters that are screened for food insecurity; 5.8 percent of encounters were food insecure

Poor Periodontal Health Linked to Cognitive Decline, Dementia

Independent association seen for tooth loss with increased risk for both cognitive decline and dementia

COVID-19 Hospitalization Risk Higher for Men With Hypogonadism

Odds of hospitalization higher for men receiving inadequate TTh versus those with normal testosterone concentration while receiving TTh

In Rare Move, FDA Panel Gives Support to Controversial ALS Drug in Second Review

Medication combines a dietary supplement used in traditional Chinese medicine with an existing prescription drug for liver disorders

Risk for COVID-19, COVID-19-Related Death Up With Folic Acid Rx

No association found for prescription of methotrexate with increased risk for COVID-19 or COVID-19-related death

Texas Judge Says ACA Cannot Require Coverage for PrEP

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor made the ruling Wednesday about Truvada and Descovy

Batwing Mastopexy Performed in Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Complication rates comparable for women receiving concurrent batwing mastopexy, standard implant-based reconstruction

Feds Tighten Safety Standards on Tiny High-Powered Magnets That Have Injured Children

New standards aim to reduce injuries that can occur when swallowed magnets attract to each other inside the body

Risk for MGUS Up in WTC-Exposed Rescue/Recovery Workers

Risk for myeloma precursor disease, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, increased among WTC-exposed workers

Plasma Viral Antigen Linked to Baseline Severity of COVID-19

High levels of plasma viral antigen linked to outcomes such as worse pulmonary status and longer time to hospital discharge

Fertility Preservation Not Linked to Relapse, Mortality in Breast Cancer

Adjusted rate of disease-specific mortality and relapse similar for those with and without exposure to hormones

AI Model Can Help Segment NSCLC Tumors on CT Images

Reduced segmentation time, interobserver variability seen with artificial intelligence assistance in segmentation for radiotherapy targeting

Polygenic Risk Score May Predict Sudden Death in Some CAD Patients

High GPSCAD may predict sudden and/or arrhythmic death in patients with coronary artery disease without severe systolic dysfunction

Adverse Childhood Experience Patterns Tied to Premature Death

Family Instability, Poverty & Crowded Housing, and Poverty & Parental Separation clusters linked to increased risk

Mental Health Treatment Increased for Adults Aged 18 to 44 From 2019 to 2021

Receipt of mental health treatment increased for men and women, non-Hispanic Whites and Asians, across metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas

Flu Vaccine Offers Moderate Protection From Stroke

After full adjustment, association between influenza vaccination and ischemic stroke yielded adjusted odds ratio of 0.88

COVID-19 Vaccines Likely to Become Annual Shots: White House

Future booster updates would likely target whatever omicron subvariant is spreading

First Needle-Free COVID-19 Vaccines Receive Approval in India, China

Nasal and inhaled vaccines place doses directly where the virus enters the body, such as in the nose or mouth

Juul to Pay $438.5 Million for Its Role in Teen Vaping Crisis

Meanwhile, FDA is still deciding whether it will allow Juul to sell its products in this country

First-Born Children More Likely to Be Up-to-Date on Vaccination

Results were partially attenuated when number of children in the household was introduced as a control

More Physical Activity, Less Sitting May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Lifelong physical activity or sedentary time, assessed by genotype, may be associated with risk for breast cancer

Dedicated Care at Women’s Heart Center May Aid Diagnosis, Outcomes

Women with ischemia or myocardial infarction without obstructive CAD may receive more specific diagnosis at a women's heart center

Better Glucose Control in Youth With T1D Might Prevent Brain Changes

More improvement seen in certain indicators of neurotypical development at six months among adolescents using hybrid closed-loop system

Glucocorticoid Use Tied to Decreased White Matter Integrity

Use of inhaled, systemic glucocorticoids associated with changes in several brain imaging parameters; effect sizes larger in systemic users

Bronchodilator Does Not Improve Respiratory Symptoms for Tobacco-Exposed

No reduction seen in respiratory symptoms for symptomatic, tobacco-exposed persons without formal diagnosis of COPD

Access to Primary Care Linked to Awareness, Control of Hypertension

Lower measured hypertension prevalence seen in association with higher accessibility score

Diagnosis of Psoriasis May Be Delayed in Primary Care

Medical records of psoriasis patients show reports of symptoms suggestive of psoriasis five years before diagnosis

Early Rhythm Control May Benefit Low-Risk A-Fib Patients

Early rhythm control linked to reduced risk for cardiovascular complications for those meeting, not meeting eligibility for EAST-AFNET 4 trial

Multidisciplinary Effort Key in Hip Fracture Care for Elders

Collaborative hip fracture care improves continuity of care with the hospital team

Charges Per Claim Up With Private Equity Acquisition of Practices

Increase seen in volume of encounters in aggregate and in share of office visits billed as longer than 30 minutes

Risk for Myocarditis Low After BNT162b2 Booster in Israel

Risk estimates (cases per 100,000) 6.44 and 5.21 for males aged 16 to 19 and 20 to 24 years, respectively, compared with 1.42 overall

High Ultraprocessed Food Intake Tied to Greater Mortality

Significant proportion of mortality risk associated with poor nutrient food intake explained by level of food processing

Air Pollution Increases Heart Attacks in Nonsmokers

Findings for same-day nitric oxide levels and average levels for particulate matter in the preceding three days

No Increased Cancer Risk Found for Children Born After Use of ART

But cancer risk up for children born after frozen-thawed embryo transfer versus fresh embryo transfer, spontaneous conception

FDA Panel Skeptical of Controversial ALS Drug Ahead of Vote

But getting the drug, known as Albrioza, approved is a rallying cause for patients, their families, and members of Congress

FDA Approves SPEVIGO for Generalized Pustular Psoriasis Flares

The monoclonal antibody infusion is approved for use in adults

Flu Shot Recommended for All Children ≥6 Months, Early in Season

Antiviral treatment recommended for children who are hospitalized, have severe or progressive disease, or underlying conditions

Improved Birth, Neonatal Outcomes With Participation in WIC

Low strength of evidence that maternal WIC participation linked to increased well-child visits, childhood immunizations

Intervention Cuts Risk for AKI After Coronary Angiography

Reduced incidence of AKI seen in association with multifaceted intervention, including clinical decision support, audit, feedback

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Up for Gen Z, Millennials

In addition, racial and ethnic disparities in the incidence of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy persist across generations

U.S. Safety-Net Providers Report Moral Distress in Early Pandemic

Moral distress emerged from being unable to provide optimal care, seeing pandemic’s effects on patients, coworkers

AI Model Can Quantify Radiographic Joint Damage in RA

Crowdsourcing approach used to develop machine learning algorithms that quantify joint space narrowing, erosions

SGLT2 Inhibitors Benefit Broad Range of Heart Failure Patients

Risk for cardiovascular death, hospitalization for heart failure reduced regardless of left ventricular ejection fraction

Risks for Neurologic, Psychiatric Sequelae Persist After COVID-19

Adults have increased risks for cognitive deficit, dementia, psychotic disorders, epilepsy or seizures at two-year follow-up

COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy Not Tied to Adverse Birth Outcomes

No increased risk seen for overall preterm birth, spontaneous preterm birth, very preterm birth, SGA, or stillbirth

Eating Ultraprocessed Food May Up Colorectal Cancer Risk in Men

Overall ultraprocessed food consumption and risk for colorectal cancer not associated for women, but risk increased with consumption of ready-to-eat/heat mixed dishes

Daily Step Counts Still Down Versus Prepandemic Levels

Global variation seen in recovery, with Europe and North America showing biggest recovery

Exercise Improves Brain Health in Overweight, Obese Youth

Positive effects seen on intelligence, academic performance, but functional brain changes not identified on MRI

U.S. Monkeypox Cases Are Declining

Seven-day average of new reported cases had a daily average of 281 on Aug. 31, down from 465 on Aug. 10

More Cases in E. Coli Outbreak Tied to Wendy’s Restaurant Lettuce

43 people have been hospitalized and 10 developed hemolytic uremic syndrome; no deaths have been reported