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Quality of Life Varies With Breast Cancer Surgery Type

Body image, sexual health, anxiety worse after bilateral mastectomy

Incident CVD Up With Sugary, Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Risks for first incident CVD increased for higher consumers of sugary drinks, ASBs versus nonconsumers

AstraZeneca, J&J Resume U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the restart after reviewing all safety data

Hospitals Straining Under Weight of Surging COVID-19 Case Counts

More than 41,000 COVID-19 patients hospitalized across the country, a 40 percent rise in the past month

Recommendations Updated for HIV Treatment, Prevention

Prompt initiation of antiretroviral therapy advised in those with HIV and detectable viremia

COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges Osteoporosis Management

Decline in active management reflected by decrease in FRAX online fracture risk assessments

Factors ID’d for Strong Antibody Response in COVID-19

Increased antibody responses associated with male sex, older age, hospitalizations for COVID-19

Breast Cancer Surgery Feasible for Most Fit Older Women

Hormone therapy alone may be as good as surgery if life expectancy is less than four years

SHEA Updates Guidance for Health Care Staff With Hepatitis, HIV

Career counseling recommended for those planning to conduct exposure-prone procedures

Adequate Staffing During Labor, Delivery Boosts Outcomes

Findings link nursing care to skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, recovery care