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San Francisco, N.Y. State Declare Monkeypox Public Health Emergencies

Declaring emergency will expand testing and vaccines and apply pressure to the federal government to take the outbreak more seriously

Greater Abdominal Aortic Calcification Ups Dementia Risk in Older Women

Findings independent of cardiovascular risk factors and APOE genotype

Hormone Therapy Not Tied to Breast Cancer Recurrence, Mortality

No increased risk seen for women using either vaginal estrogen therapy or menopausal hormone therapy after diagnosis

53.8 Percent of Younger Adults Report at Least One Chronic Condition

Obesity, depression, high blood pressure the most prevalent chronic conditions; prevalence of chronic conditions up with disability

COVID-19 Crisis Has Stalled Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Among the concerns are that HIV testing has slowed or stopped in places dealing with COVID-19 surges

Vitamin D Supplement Does Not Reduce Fracture Risk in Older Adults

Among adults not selected for vitamin D deficiency, low bone mass, or osteoporosis, no effect seen on total, nonvertebral, or hip fracture risk

Paternal Lifestyle, Demographic Factors Not Tied to Preeclampsia Risk

Preeclampsia in a previously fathered pregnancy more common among men in the study cohort who had fathered a preeclamptic pregnancy

Quality of Life Varies With Breast Cancer Surgery Type

Body image, sexual health, anxiety worse after bilateral mastectomy

Incident CVD Up With Sugary, Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Risks for first incident CVD increased for higher consumers of sugary drinks, ASBs versus nonconsumers

COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges Osteoporosis Management

Decline in active management reflected by decrease in FRAX online fracture risk assessments