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From 1999 to 2019, Death Rates Higher in Rural Versus Urban Areas

Death rates higher in rural areas for both males and females; difference in rates widened during study period

Overall Cancer Incidence, Mortality Lower for U.S. Hispanics

But rates higher for infection-related cancers, such as liver and stomach cancers, and cervical cancer

Precedent Needed for FDA Approval Decisions When Evidence Lacking

In seven of 22 cases, approval used new interpretations of original evidence and did not require new evidence

Cancer Linked to Shortened Life Span for Solid Organ Recipients

Overall, cancer responsible for loss of 1.9 percent of total life years expected in the absence of cancer in transplant recipients

Americans Struggling With High Cost of Prescription Drugs

Adults younger than 65 years twice as likely to report not filling needed prescriptions due to cost versus seniors

COVID-19 Vaccines Prevent Hospitalizations in High-Risk Populations

Estimates of vaccine effectiveness high for adults aged 85 years and older, those with chronic medical conditions, and for Hispanic, Black adults

Administrative Tasks Pose Burden for Patients in the United States

Substantial number of patients report delayed or forgone care due to an administrative task

Prostate Cancer Risk Up for World Trade Center Rescue Workers

Risk most elevated for those to arrive earliest at the site, with a shorter latency period than the general population

Lack of Regular Albuminuria Screening Leaves CKD Undetected

Despite similar risk for albuminuria with diabetes, albumin-to-creatinine ratio screening in patients with hypertension remains very low