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Survey IDs Challenges of Health Care Environmental Hygiene

50 of 51 health care facilities surveyed lacking in some or all of the five components of the WHO multimodal hand hygiene strategy

Post-COVID Conditions Are Common Among Adult Survivors

More than twofold risk of acute pulmonary embolism and respiratory signs and symptoms among survivors aged 18 to 64, ≥65 years

Impact of Policy Changes for Anemia Care in Hemodialysis Examined

Changes in anemia care associated with lower risks for major adverse cardiovascular events, stroke, mortality, heart failure

Infertility Tied to Male Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer risk linked to male-origin infertility; risk also up for men who have not fathered any children

Risk for VTE Up During Five Years After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Incidence proportion ratios decreased from 2.53 at six months to 1.59 at five years of follow-up

Physicians Often Experience Mistreatment, Discrimination

Experience of mistreatment or discrimination by patients, families, visitors independently linked with higher odds of burnout

1999 to 2019 Saw Decrease in Cancer Mortality for Blacks in the U.S.

However, in 2019, Black men and women had highest cancer death rates compared with other racial, ethnic groups

Medicaid Expansion Affected Overall Survival Rates Among Cancer Patients

Medicaid expansion linked to increase in two-year overall survival, with greater increase seen for non-Hispanic Blacks, patients in rural areas

Increased Flexibility Seen in Preapproval Evidence for New Drugs

Twenty-eight percent of trials used historical, external, or other control; nearly half used surrogate measure as a primary end point