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Outcomes May Be Better for Warfarin Users Who Stop Aspirin Use

Quality improvement effort tied to decrease in major bleeding without increase in thrombotic events

Lung Volume Reduction Procedures Compared in Emphysema

Similar improvement in lung function, dyspnea, exercise capacity with lung volume reduction surgery, bronchoscopic lung volume reduction

Medical Debt Tied to Worsening of Food, Housing Insecurity

Risk factors for medical indebtedness include hospitalization, disability, high deductible, Medicare Advantage, and no insurance coverage

Paternal Childhood Smoke Exposure Tied to Asthma Risk in Offspring

Fathers' passive smoke exposure through childhood to puberty linked to nonallergic asthma risk in offspring

Recommendations Issued for Perioperative Antithrombotic Management

Two strong recommendations developed against use of heparin bridging in a-fib, and for continuation of VKA in patients getting pacemaker/ICD

Prenatal Fish Oil, High-Dose Vitamin D Cuts Croup Risk in Offspring

Risk reduced for croup before age of three years

Traffic-Related Air Pollution May Impact Women More

Effects on plasma proteins known to play a role in inflammation, oxidative stress, cardiovascular disease greater in women than in men

Bebtelovimab Appears Reliable for COVID-19 During Omicron Epoch

Patients receiving bebtelovimab have more comorbidities, but do not have increased rates of progression to severe disease

Physician Burnout May Raise Risk for Patient Safety Events

Burnout also associated with decreased job satisfaction, low professionalism, patient dissatisfaction

Twelfth Version of Living Guideline Issued for Drugs for COVID-19

New update strongly recommends against use of sotrovimab and casirivimab-imdevimab for patients with COVID-19