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Four Genetic Variants ID’d for Risk for Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

All four risk variants were predicted to be deleterious and were located in two immune pathways

Memories Reported by Some Patients Undergoing CPR for Cardiac Arrest

Normal EEG activity consistent with consciousness emerged as long as 35 to 60 minutes into CPR despite marked cerebral ischemia

Cases of Pediatric Therapeutic Errors Related to ADHD Meds on the Rise

Likelihood of experiencing a serious medical outcome or being admitted to a health care facility was increased for children younger than 6 years

Risk for Intracerebral Hemorrhage May Be Transmissible Via Blood Transfusion

Risk was increased for those receiving transfusion from donors who later developed multiple spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhages

AI Tool May Aid Remote Assessment of Parkinson Symptom Severity

Performance better than certified rater but not quite as good as expert neurologists

Both Maternal, Paternal Substance Use Disorder Tied to Offspring Intellectual Disability

Authors say preventive efforts should focus on fathers, too

Head Injury Linked to Increase in Incident Ischemic Stroke

Dose-response association seen for risk for stroke with number of head injuries, but no association seen for severity

Racial Disparities Seen in Presentation of Frontotemporal Dementia

Black individuals exhibit higher frequency of delusions; Asian individuals have higher frequency of apathy

Risk for Dementia Reduced in Association With Antihypertensive Use

Individual patient data meta-analysis shows increased risk for dementia for those with untreated hypertension

Receipt of PT, Chiropractic Care Reportedly Low for Comorbid Chronic LBP, Opioid Use Disorder

Receipt of physical therapy and chiropractic care was low overall and lower across racial, ethnic minorities