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COVID-19 Vaccines Prevent Hospitalizations in High-Risk Populations

Estimates of vaccine effectiveness high for adults aged 85 years and older, those with chronic medical conditions, and for Hispanic, Black adults

Most With AD, MCI Would Have Been Excluded From Aducanumab Clinical Trials

Overall, 92.2, 91.0, and 85.5 percent of Medicare beneficiaries with ADRDs, Alzheimer disease, and MCI met at least one of the exclusion criteria

Oral Inosine Does Not Slow Progression of Early Parkinson Disease

No significant difference seen in rate of clinical disease progression or in secondary efficacy outcomes versus placebo

Mortality Risk Increased for MS Patients Soon After CRC Diagnosis

Associations between MS and all-cause, cancer-specific death partially attenuated after adjustment for disability status

Administrative Tasks Pose Burden for Patients in the United States

Substantial number of patients report delayed or forgone care due to an administrative task

Concussion Recovery May Take Longer Than Previously Thought

Findings from large study of collegiate athletes show 85 percent returning to play at 28 days

Ophthalmic Conditions Linked to Increased Risk for Dementia

Risk increased in association with age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetes-related eye disease, but not glaucoma

Elevated Risk for Chronic Conditions Found for Transgender People

Transmasculine and nonbinary individuals at greatest risk for 19 out of 26 conditions examined

ADHD Linked to Alzheimer Disease Across Generations

Risk for AD increased for parents of individuals with ADHD; associations attenuated with decreasing genetic relatedness

Only One in Five Older, Sick Adults Have a DNR Order at Admission

Authors say advance care planning discussions with clinicians are needed earlier