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Polypill Not Linked to Reduced Cognitive Decline in Seniors

But polypill with or without aspirin is associated with reduced functional decline for those aged 65 years or older with cardiovascular risk factors

Infant Screen Use Linked to Alterations in Cortical EEG Before Age 2

Link between infant screen time, executive functioning at school age partially mediated by frontocentral and parietal theta/beta ratios

Booster Cuts COVID-19-Related Mortality in Adults With Chronic Conditions

For adults with two or more chronic conditions, booster dose of BNT162b2 or CoronaVac linked to reduction in mortality

Midlife Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity Impacts Cognitive Abilities

Loss of time spent in moderate and vigorous physical activity tied to lower cognition

Sleep Disorders in Children and Parents Increase Parental Stress

Child sleep disorders positively correlate with parent insomnia and sleep apnea

Intellectual Disability Seen in About One in Three Children With Autism

Black children less likely than White children to be identified with autism spectrum disorder without intellectual disability

Healthy Lifestyle Lowers Memory Decline, Even for Those With Genetic Risk

APOE ε4 carriers with favorable or average lifestyles showed slower memory decline than those with unfavorable lifestyles

AHA Presents Up-To-Date Statistics for Cardiovascular Disease

19.05 million deaths estimated for CVD globally in 2020, representing an increase of 18.71 percent from 2010

Premature Cardiovascular Disease Linked to Lower Cognition

Association also seen for premature CVD with greater white matter hyperintensity, higher white matter mean diffusivity

Extracorporeal CPR Does Not Offer More Favorable Neurologic Outcome

No benefit seen versus conventional CPR for patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who received bystander CPR