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Smoking Prevalence High Among Adults With Active, Inactive Epilepsy

Health care personnel should ensure patients with epilepsy are provided with smoking cessation information and resources

Higher Doses of Z-Drugs Pose Risks for Dementia Patients

Risks for fracture, falls, ischemic stroke increased in patients with dementia prescribed higher doses of Z-drugs

First Blood Test for Alzheimer Disease Available in U.S.

Test from C2N Diagnostics is meant for people 60 years and older who have cognitive issues and are being assessed for Alzheimer disease

Breast Cancer, CRC Incidence No Different With, Without MS

However, bladder cancer incidence and mortality rates higher among individuals with multiple sclerosis

Delirium Common in Seniors Presenting to ED With COVID-19

Delirium is the sixth most common presenting symptom/sign; delirium linked to ICU stay and death

RSNA: Anxiety May Hasten Progression to Alzheimer Disease

Rate of progression from MCI to AD increased with ApoE4, anxiety, lower hippocampal and entorhinal cortex volumes

RSNA: Neurologic Complications of COVID-19 Examined

In patients with critical findings identified on neuroimaging, most common comorbidities were hypertension, diabetes

Non-COVID-19-Related Deaths Up, Too

Excess deaths seen for specific gender and age groups, with protective effect seen for female children

Cognitive Exercises May Lower Risk for Postoperative Delirium

Cognitive prehabilitation reduced delirium among older adults undergoing major noncardiac surgery

Predictors of Late Effects in Young AML Survivors Explored

Most common late effects were endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory; likelihood of late effects up for those who underwent HSCT