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Inability to Afford Prescription Meds, Specialty Care More Likely for Adults With Epilepsy

Those with active or inactive epilepsy are also more likely to have Medicaid and other public insurance

Early Brain MRI Phenotypes of Autism Tied to Familial ASD Traits

Greater levels of proband ASD traits correlated with distinctive brain MRI findings in younger siblings who later develop ASD

Retinal Layer Thickness Linked to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Thinner baseline total macular retinal nerve fiber layer thickness associated with larger decline in cognitive function test scores during follow-up

Drug Therapy for Peds Psych Disorders, Later SUD Risk Examined

Majority of studies showed reduced risk for developing substance use disorder with pharmacotherapy for childhood-onset psychiatric disorders

Seizure-Related Emergency Visits Dropped in Early Pandemic Period

Seizure-related visits increased to almost prepandemic levels for all age groups by end of 2020, except among those aged 0 to 9 years

Survey IDs Challenges of Health Care Environmental Hygiene

50 of 51 health care facilities surveyed lacking in some or all of the five components of the WHO multimodal hand hygiene strategy

Healthy Lifestyle May Lower Dementia Risk Despite Genetics

Higher scores in Life's Simple 7 at midlife linked to lower risk for dementia across the range of genetic risk

Exposure to Air Pollution May Increase In-Hospital Stroke-Related Deaths

Each 10 µg/m3 increase in short-term, long-term average exposure to PM1, PM2.5, PM10 linked to increased risk for in-hospital fatality

Breastfeeding Duration Has Modest Effect on Child’s Cognition

Effect remains when adjusting for socioeconomic factors, maternal cognition

Post-COVID Conditions Are Common Among Adult Survivors

More than twofold risk of acute pulmonary embolism and respiratory signs and symptoms among survivors aged 18 to 64, ≥65 years