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Light Therapy Aids Psychobehavioral Symptoms With Alzheimer Disease

Significant benefits seen for sleep efficacy, depression, and agitation

Tardive Dyskinesia Impacts Patients and Caregivers

Impacts on caregivers included activity and employment impairment

White House Looks to Curb Big Pharma’s Sky-High Drug Prices

If a drug is too expensive, the Biden administration will use federal law to grant patent licenses to rival pharma companies

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Beneficial in Alzheimer Disease

Active tCDS improves cognitive functions in memory domain, including word recall, recall of test instructions, word recognition

Housing Instability Tied to Higher Risk for Dementia Diagnosis

Findings show 40 percent higher risk among housing-insecure veterans

Many Patients of Color Expect and Prepare for Unfair Health Care

In a recent survey, 55 percent of Black respondents said they believe they must be careful about their appearance to get fair treatment in doctors' offices

Brain Stimulation Can Improve Prospective Memory in Schizophrenia

Twenty transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments over four weeks result in improvement in event-based prospective memory

Ischemic Strokes Less Severe With Left Atrial Appendage Closure in A-Fib

Ischemic stroke less often disabling or fatal with left atrial appendage closure than direct oral anticoagulant prophylaxis

Earlier Age at Menarche Raises Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Additionally, among women with diabetes, earlier age at menarche tied to increased stroke risk

Five Health Conditions Linked to Subsequent Diagnosis of MS

Depression, sexual dysfunction, constipation, cystitis, UTI of unspecified site associated with MS diagnosis