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Hospitals Lag in Sexual Harassment Policies

Findings reveal few of the top U.S. medical centers have policies addressing harassment of physicians and staff by patients

Higher Habitual Coffee Intake May Slow Cognitive Decline

Higher baseline coffee consumption also linked to slower Aβ-amyloid accumulation during a 126-month study period as shown on brain MRI scans

MRI Markers May Signal Brain Changes from Repeated Head Impacts

Antemortem white matter hyperintensities linked to white matter pathologies seen at autopsy among athletes exposed to repetitive head injury

Psychedelic Microdosers Report Health and Wellness Motivations

Among adults citing mental health concerns, those who microdose psychedelic substances report less depression, anxiety, and stress

Device Apps Aid Memory in Older Adults With Impaired Cognition

Digital voice recorder or smartphone apps can improve prospective memory function, QOL in older adults with mild cognitive disorders

Young Veterans With Mild TBI Show Premature Cognitive Aging

In young veterans with traumatic brain injury, performance on some cognitive tests similar to that of older adults with early Parkinson disease

Enterovirus D68 Detections Lower Than Expected in 2020

382 EV-D68 detections in respiratory specimens from patients <18 in 2018, number dropped to six in 2019, 30 in 2020

Pandemic Had Greater Effect on Work-Life Balance for Female Physicians

A sizable gender gap evident for risk of depression and anxiety

Housework Tied to Higher Cognitive Function in Older Adults

Associations of housework with physical function and sensorimotor performance were intensity-dependent

Guidance Updated on Treating Motor Symptoms in Early Parkinson Disease

Levodopa preferred as initial dopaminergic therapy for motor symptoms in patients with early Parkinson disease