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Good Outcomes Reported With Single-Position Lumbar Surgery

Operative time, estimated blood loss, length of stay, fluoroscopy radiation dosage reduced with SPLS versus 'Flip'

Residential Care Community Characteristics Vary by Dementia Prevalence

Higher prevalence of depression, need for assistance with activities of daily living seen for high proportion of residents with dementia

Alzheimer Disease Tied to Adverse Financial Events

Adverse financial events seen years before diagnosis and become more prevalent after diagnosis

Dexamethasone May Hinder Immunotherapy for Glioblastoma

Findings seen in preclinical studies of mice, survival data from patients receiving PD-(L)1 blockade for GBM

Atrial Pathophysiology Differs in Black, White Stroke Patients

Black race associated with smaller left atrial diameter, greater P-wave terminal force in ECG lead V1

Circulating Metabolites Linked to Risk for Incident Stroke

10 significant metabolite associations identified, including amino acid histidine, glycolysis-related metabolite pyruvate

AMA Pushes for Widespread Telehealth Adoption

American Medical Association House of Delegates will advocate for equitable and accessible telehealth post-COVID-19

Female Doctors Less Likely to Be Promoted to Upper Faculty Ranks

Sex differences in promotions and appointments did not diminish over time and were not smaller in later cohorts

Smoking Prevalence High Among Adults With Active, Inactive Epilepsy

Health care personnel should ensure patients with epilepsy are provided with smoking cessation information and resources

Higher Doses of Z-Drugs Pose Risks for Dementia Patients

Risks for fracture, falls, ischemic stroke increased in patients with dementia prescribed higher doses of Z-drugs