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Most With AD, MCI Would Have Been Excluded From Aducanumab Clinical Trials

Overall, 92.2, 91.0, and 85.5 percent of Medicare beneficiaries with ADRDs, Alzheimer disease, and MCI met at least one of the exclusion criteria

Sociodemographic Disparities in Stressful Life Events Reported for Children

6.8 percent of children aged 5 to 17 years were victims of or witnessed violence in their neighborhood; exposure varied by age, race, urbanization

Oral Inosine Does Not Slow Progression of Early Parkinson Disease

No significant difference seen in rate of clinical disease progression or in secondary efficacy outcomes versus placebo

Pandemic Caused Many Women to Abandon Plans for More Children

Women with higher stress levels, greater financial insecurity were especially likely to postpone or end their pregnancy plans

Hospital Costs Higher for Black Children Undergoing Appendectomy

Surgical complications consistently higher for Black than White children in the United States, with no narrowing of gap over time

COVID-19 Vaccines Prevent Hospitalizations in High-Risk Populations

Estimates of vaccine effectiveness high for adults aged 85 years and older, those with chronic medical conditions, and for Hispanic, Black adults

Mortality Risk Higher for Transgender Individuals Taking Hormones

Increased mortality risk, which did not decrease over time, seems largely attributable to causes of death not associated with hormone treatment

Virtual Reality Reduces Anxiety in Children During PIVC Placement

Virtual reality intervention also significantly decreases pain among patients undergoing peripheral IV catheter placement

Delays in Referral for Type 1 Diabetes in Children Common

43 percent of these children not immediately referred to a pediatric emergency ward

Administrative Tasks Pose Burden for Patients in the United States

Substantial number of patients report delayed or forgone care due to an administrative task