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Black Men Experience More Treatment Regret With Prostate Cancer

Higher medical mistrust and concerns about masculinity may contribute to regret

Emergency Departments Saw Decrease in All Non-COVID-19 Diagnoses

Related decreases seen for specialty consultation and urgent inpatient procedures

Large Increase Seen in Overdose-Related Cardiac Arrests in COVID-19

Overdose-related cardiac arrests sharply increased during April 2020, followed by subsequent decrease

Good Outcomes Reported With Single-Position Lumbar Surgery

Operative time, estimated blood loss, length of stay, fluoroscopy radiation dosage reduced with SPLS versus 'Flip'

Residential Care Community Characteristics Vary by Dementia Prevalence

Higher prevalence of depression, need for assistance with activities of daily living seen for high proportion of residents with dementia

Alzheimer Disease Tied to Adverse Financial Events

Adverse financial events seen years before diagnosis and become more prevalent after diagnosis

‘Teach-Back’ Communication Strategy Aids Diabetes Outcomes

Patients who use teach-back have fewer diabetes-related complications, hospitalizations, health expenditures

Increased PCR Testing Shown to Slow COVID-19 Transmission

Average reproduction number reduced by 9 percent with 10-fold increase in ratio of tests to new cases

Antiviral Drugs Have No Effect on Mortality in COVID-19

Remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir, interferon regimens have little to no effect on in-hospital mortality

Ongoing Anticoagulant Use Does Not Avert Severe COVID-19

No reduction seen in risks for hospital admission, intensive care unit admission, or death due to COVID