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2019 to 2020 Saw Mortality Rates Increase for Recently Pregnant Women

Increase in mortality rates noted across all causes of death except suicide, with racial and ethnic disparities observed

Odds of Severe COVID-19 Disease Lower for Children During Omicron Predominance

Omicron cases had the highest hospital admission frequency; however, odds of severe illness lower than with delta and alpha variants

Genetic, Lifestyle Factors Independently Linked to IBD Risk

For those with high genetic risk, hazard ratios were reduced nearly by half for favorable lifestyle versus unfavorable lifestyle

Deep Learning Model Aids Differentiation of Colon Cancer, Acute Diverticulitis

3-D convolutional neural network can be used as support system for differentiating colon carcinoma, acute diverticulitis on CT images

Short-Chain Fatty Acids Linked to Pregnancy Complications

Content of isobutyric acid higher in gestational diabetes mellitus, preeclampsia, intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

Clinical Factors Linked to BPE on Contrast-Enhanced Mammograms

Degree of background parenchymal enhancement positively associated with dense breasts, premenopausal status with irregular menstrual cycles

Only 10 Percent of U.S. Counties Have a Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Disparities seen in geographic distribution tied to socioeconomic status

Few Staff Receive Formal Training on CLABSI Surveillance for Home Infusion

Many surveillance staff receive no formal training on central line-associated bloodstream infection surveillance

Fully Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery System Improves Glucose Control in T2DM

Improved glucose control seen with no increase in hypoglycemia compared with standard insulin therapy

Sleep Disorders in Children and Parents Increase Parental Stress

Child sleep disorders positively correlate with parent insomnia and sleep apnea