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Changes in Biochemical, Hematological Parameters Seen Before IBD Diagnosis

Widespread significant changes identified that occur up to eight years before Crohn disease, three years before ulcerative colitis

Risk for CRC Reduced With GLP-1RAs for Drug-Naive Patients With T2D

GLP-1 receptor agonists linked to reduced risk for CRC compared with other antidiabetics, including insulin and metformin

Pharmacologic Restraint Used in 3 Percent of Pediatric Mental Health Admissions

Autism, substance-related disorders, disruptive disorders were diagnoses with highest rates of pharmacologic restraint days

Continuing Tirzepatide Leads to Maintenance of Weight Reduction

Continued tirzepatide treatment maintains and augments initial weight reduction seen in first 36 weeks

Early Diagnosis of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Feasible

Copy number profile abnormality values of DNA extracted from Pap samples higher from pre-HGSOC than healthy women

SABCS: Serum Hormones Can Help ID Benefit of Anastrozole

Women in quartiles 2, 3, and 4 of the estradiol-SHBG ratio demonstrated a relative benefit of anastrozole

Effectiveness of Live Zoster Vaccine Wanes Over Time

Vaccine effectiveness highest in first year after vaccination and decreases considerably over time

Radiological Society of North America, Nov. 26-30

By Beth Gilbert HealthDay Reporter The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America was held from Nov. 26 to 30 in Chicago, drawing...

AI-Aided Stethoscope May Aid Home Monitoring of Asthma Exacerbations

Greatest effectiveness seen for young children compared with adults

Changes in Cardiac Structure ID’d in Latinas With Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

Alterations in cardiac structure and systolic and diastolic dysfunction partially mediated by current hypertension