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Drug Therapy for Peds Psych Disorders, Later SUD Risk Examined

Majority of studies showed reduced risk for developing substance use disorder with pharmacotherapy for childhood-onset psychiatric disorders

Survey IDs Challenges of Health Care Environmental Hygiene

50 of 51 health care facilities surveyed lacking in some or all of the five components of the WHO multimodal hand hygiene strategy

Several Health Indicators Differ for LBG, Heterosexual Adults

Bisexual men and women, gay men, lesbian women reported smoking, heavy drinking, using marijuana, illicit stimulants more often

Healthy Lifestyle May Lower Dementia Risk Despite Genetics

Higher scores in Life's Simple 7 at midlife linked to lower risk for dementia across the range of genetic risk

Breastfeeding Duration Has Modest Effect on Child’s Cognition

Effect remains when adjusting for socioeconomic factors, maternal cognition

Suicide by Firearm Down Globally From 1990 to 2019

However, rates showed great variation by country, with the highest rates seen in Greenland and the United States

Melatonin Aids Sleep in Older Adults

A 5-mg dose of melatonin can improve sleep in both the biological daytime and nighttime

Model Targeting Appetitive Traits Aids Weight Loss

Individuals who score higher on food responsiveness lose more weight in the responsiveness to cues interventions

Recognition of Fear, Anger Impaired in Psychosis Patients

Facial anger recognition was significantly associated with schizophrenia polygenic risk score

Post-COVID Conditions Are Common Among Adult Survivors

More than twofold risk of acute pulmonary embolism and respiratory signs and symptoms among survivors aged 18 to 64, ≥65 years