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Estimated Opioid-Related Costs $14 Billion for Symptomatic Knee OA

Almost half of costs were for lost productivity, criminal justice expenses, cost associated with diversion activities

Use of Health Services Up for Adults With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD associated with increased prevalence of being prescribed medication and having received acute care services

Pediatric Inpatient Admissions Down During Pandemic

Findings seen across a wide range of diagnoses and not reflective of seasonal variation

Age-Adjusted Suicide Rates Decreased From 2018 to 2019 in U.S.

2019 rates significantly lower in women aged 25 to 44 years and in boys and men aged 10 to 14, 45 to 64, and 65 to 74 years

Dementia Risk Up in Men With Genetic Mutation for Hemochromatosis

Male p.C282Y homozygotes have lower T2* measures on brain MRI in areas including the putamen, thalamus, hippocampus

White Matter Hyperintensities Characterized in Dementia

Association seen for larger volumes of white matter hyperintensities with disease severity, but not vascular risk, in bvFTD

ED Visit Volume Dropped for Mental Health, Substance Use Early in Pandemic

However, from March 15 to Oct. 10, 2020, higher median emergency department visit rates seen when compared with 2019

Factors Other Than Workplace Tied to COVID-19 Positivity in HCWs

Demographic, community factors show stronger influence than workplace exposure on COVID-19 risk in health care workers

Recreational Substance Use Linked to Premature Atherosclerotic CVD

Independent associations seen for use of tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, other drugs, with stronger links for women

Many Health Care Workers Report Vaccine Hesitancy

However, data are from survey conducted prior to U.S. emergency use authorization of any vaccines