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Consensus Developed on Managing Hypertension in Children

Differing positions of current guidelines make the definition and management of arterial hypertension in children and adolescents uncertain

10 Percent of CRE Cases in U.S. Not Tied to Health Care Risk Factors

Of the 12 community-associated carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales isolates sequenced, five harbored a carbapenemase gene

Real-World Data Links Rosuvastatin to Adverse Effects on Kidneys

Greater risks for hematuria, proteinuria seen with higher rosuvastatin dose

Hypertension Common Among Poorest, Least Educated Globally

Few differences seen globally in hypertension prevalence between socioeconomic groups

Prior Diagnoses Influence Dermatopathologists’ Interpretations

Prior diagnoses swayed dermatopathologists from correct diagnosis to incorrect diagnosis in the interpretation of melanocytic lesions

Rates of Psychiatric Symptoms Up During Pregnancy With Epilepsy

Rates of depressive and anxiety symptoms increased during pregnancy and postpartum for women with epilepsy

CDC Director Says Agency Needs Major Overhaul

Walensky aims to prioritize public health needs, deemphasize publication of scientific papers about rare diseases

Too Few Psychiatric Beds: Psychiatrists’ Group Takes Aim at Ongoing Crisis

Having enough inpatient beds would cut down on overcrowding in emergency departments

Biden Administration May Stop Buying COVID-19 Vaccines, Treatments by Fall

Tests, vaccines, and treatments would be provided through the regular health care system

Comorbidities Up Among Patients With ESRD, Concomitant Psoriasis

Patients with end-stage renal disease and psoriasis are younger, more often obese, and more often have cancer, diabetes, CAD