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Vaccine Effectiveness Against Symptomatic COVID-19 Wanes

But protection against COVID-19 hospitalization, death after two doses of BNT162b2 or CHAdOx1-S is more durable

U.S. Insurers Could Spend Millions for Ivermectin Rx for COVID-19

Claims data for private insurance and Medicare Advantage plans show spike in inappropriate ivermectin prescriptions for COVID-19

Fourth Vaccine Dose May Up COVID-19 Immunity in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Fourth dose of mRNA vaccine increased antispike IgG titers in some kidney transplant recipients with weak serologic response after three doses

COVID-19 Proning Teams Benefit From Wound Care Specialist Nurse

Findings show inclusion significantly cuts odds of pressure injuries in patients hospitalized with severe COVID-19

Health Care Utilization Highest in First 30 Days After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Previously hospitalized patients had twice the health care utilization of nonhospitalized COVID-19 patients

Recommendations Updated for Recombinant Zoster Vaccine

Two doses of RZV recommended for adults 19 years and older who are immunocompromised due to disease or therapy

Prophylactic Antibiotics Not Needed Before Invasive Dental Procedures

No evidence of temporal association seen between invasive dental procedure and late prosthetic joint infection

BNT162b2 Vaccine Effective Against Severe COVID-19 in Adolescents

Two doses highly effective against COVID-19-related hospitalization and critical illness for those aged 12 to 18 years

WHO Says Worst of Pandemic Could Ease This Year if Vaccine Inequities Erased

Fewer than 10 percent of people in lower-income countries have received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Biden Plans to Send 400 Million N95 Masks to Americans for Free

Move follows updated mask guidance issued by the CDC late last week