Today's Health News

Genetic Diagnosis of Rare Diseases Up With Genome Sequencing

Diagnostic yields were higher for disorders likely to have a monogenic cause versus those with a complex cause

Women Underrepresented in U.S. Health System Leadership

Findings seen among the largest U.S. health systems, insurance groups, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Seafood Consumption, Mercury Exposure Not Tied to Mortality

Seafood consumption, low-to-moderate environmental mercury exposure not linked to all-cause, cardiovascular-related mortality in U.S. adults

Simulation Can Improve Time to First Shock in IHCA

Online education and code simulation improves performance of intensive care unit nurses when responding to in-hospital cardiac arrests

Hospitals Lag in Sexual Harassment Policies

Findings reveal few of the top U.S. medical centers have policies addressing harassment of physicians and staff by patients

FDA Approves Livtencity for Posttransplant Cytomegalovirus

Livtencity is indicated for posttransplant CMV that does not respond to available antiviral treatments

Genetic Links Between Schizophrenia, CVD Explored

Genetic correlations between schizophrenia and CVD close to zero, but schizophrenia liability may increase heart failure risk

Aspirin Use Tied to Incident Heart Failure in At-Risk Adults

Aspirin use associated with increased risk for incident heart failure among individuals with or without a history of cardiovascular disease

Low-to-Moderate Caffeine Intake Not Tied to Maternal Health Risk

Limited caffeine intake, within recommended amounts, during the second trimester associated with lower risk for gestational diabetes

AI-Based Analysis of ECG May Help Assess A-Fib Risk

Predictive utility comparable for CHARGE AF clinical risk score, artificial intelligence-enabled analysis of 12-lead electrocardiogram