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Inflammatory Heart Disease After COVID-19 Rare in Athletes

Five athletes (0.6 percent) had cardiac magnetic resonance imaging findings suggestive of inflammatory heart disease

Tobacco Exposure Tied to Hypertension in Children

Findings based on study of more than 8,500 children ages 8 to 19 years

Timing of Exercise May Be Linked to Cardiovascular Fitness

Associations significant for men with type 2 diabetes, but less so for women

Six in 10 Heart Failure Patients Readmitted Within One Year

Comorbidities, including kidney dysfunction, lung disease, and psychiatric illness, tied to higher readmission

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Tied to Heart Damage 10 Years Later

A decade after delivery, changes seen in left ventricular structure and function

Heart Failure-Related Mortality Up for Rural Versus Urban Adults

Rural-urban incidence rate ratio persisted among younger and older adults after adjustment for county-level factors

CVD Risk Factors Tied to Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia

Significantly greater global cognitive deficits seen in those with schizophrenia who had metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension

CV Risk Factors, Atherosclerosis May Alter Brain Metabolism

Cardiovascular risk, particularly hypertension, associated with brain hypometabolism in asymptomatic middle-aged adults

Maternal Cardiovascular Health in Pregnancy Tied to Offspring Cardiovascular Health

Maternal CV health at 28 weeks of gestation tied to offspring cardiovascular health at ages 10 to 14 years

Egg, Cholesterol Intake Linked to Higher Mortality

Increased mortality associated with egg consumption largely influenced by cholesterol intake