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Outcomes Superior With CABG Versus Multivessel PCI

CABG linked to lower hospital mortality, fewer hospital admissions at three years, less repeat PCI, improved three-year survival

AHA Presents Up-To-Date Statistics for Cardiovascular Disease

19.05 million deaths estimated for CVD globally in 2020, representing an increase of 18.71 percent from 2010

Premature Cardiovascular Disease Linked to Lower Cognition

Association also seen for premature CVD with greater white matter hyperintensity, higher white matter mean diffusivity

Extracorporeal CPR Does Not Offer More Favorable Neurologic Outcome

No benefit seen versus conventional CPR for patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who received bystander CPR

Risk for SIDS Increased for Infants With Sibling Who Died of SIDS

Siblings have about fourfold higher rate of SIDS compared with the general population after adjustment for sex, age, calendar year

Record 16.5 Million Americans Have Signed Up for Affordable Care Act

Record number of Americans enrolled in 2022, as U.S. health officials targeted hard-to-reach communities with outreach efforts

Restrictive, Liberal Fluid Strategies Yield Similar Outcomes for Sepsis-Induced Hypotension

All-cause death before discharge home by day 90 occurred in 14.0 percent of the restrictive fluid group and 14.9 percent in the liberal fluid group

USPSTF: Evidence Lacking for Lipid Disorder Screening in Children

Current evidence is inadequate for assessing the balance of benefits and harms of screening in a pediatric population

Long-Term Health Consequences Seen for Stroke in Pregnancy

Risk for death and readmission increased for pregnant patients with versus without stroke; link persists for 10 years

Endometriosis Causally Associated With Ischemic Stroke

Most significant causality was found between infertility-related endometriosis, cardioembolic ischemic stroke