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Nutrient-Laden Snacks Can Meaningfully Cut Cholesterol

Consumption of a suite of ready-to-eat bioactive foods tied to 8.8 percent drop in LDL cholesterol in four weeks

Screening Nonsmokers May Up Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Survival Rates

Promoting low-dose CT screening among mostly nonsmoking women increased detection of early-stage, but not late-stage, lung cancers

Risk for Early-Onset Sepsis Low for Infants With Low-Risk Delivery

Risk for early-onset sepsis low among infants of all gestational ages born with low-risk delivery characteristics

Casirivimab + Imdevimab Prevents Progression to Symptomatic COVID-19

For asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2-positive individuals living with infected household contact, combo cuts incidence of symptomatic COVID-19

Septic Shock Linked to Mortality in Hematologic Malignancies

Mortality rate increases with increasing sequential organ failure assessment score on admission, respiratory failure, maximum lactate level

Children’s Hospital Admissions Reduced After March 2020

Fewer hospital admissions reported for respiratory, severe invasive, and vaccine-preventable infections

Psychotropic Medication Use Linked to Mortality in Cardiac Patients

Patients with symptoms of anxiety significantly more likely to use psychotropic medications after hospital discharge

Skyrizi Approved for Psoriatic Arthritis

Approval based on two Phase 3 trials showing more than 50 percent of patients receiving Skyrizi achieved ACR20 response at 24 weeks

Fatigue Common Even With Early Rheumatoid Arthritis

Those presenting with fatigue early likely to see it persist

No Evidence of Malignant, Sustained Arrhythmias Seen After COVID-19

Palpitations common, but corresponded with sinus rhythm or sinus tachycardia