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Persistent Gaps Exist in Continuity of Medication Use for Adults With Diabetes

Mean of 19.5, 17.1, and 43.3 percent of participants did not maintain continuity of use of glucose, BP, lipid medications

Many Anesthesiologists Do Not Accurately Report Anesthesia Start Time

68.74 percent of cases had anesthesia start time documented after in-room time, corresponding to $638,671.57 of lost revenue

Polypill Not Linked to Reduced Cognitive Decline in Seniors

But polypill with or without aspirin is associated with reduced functional decline for those aged 65 years or older with cardiovascular risk factors

Infant Screen Use Linked to Alterations in Cortical EEG Before Age 2

Link between infant screen time, executive functioning at school age partially mediated by frontocentral and parietal theta/beta ratios

Booster Cuts COVID-19-Related Mortality in Adults With Chronic Conditions

For adults with two or more chronic conditions, booster dose of BNT162b2 or CoronaVac linked to reduction in mortality

Gestational Age Tied to Body Size in Infancy, Childhood

However, in adolescence, BMI was similar between preterm and term peers

Midlife Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity Impacts Cognitive Abilities

Loss of time spent in moderate and vigorous physical activity tied to lower cognition

2005 to 2019 Saw Rise in Cannabis-Related Emergency Visits for Older Adults

Authors say providers should routinely ask older adults about cannabis use

Wait Time Disparities Increased for VA Care During the Pandemic

Wait time disparities most significant for orthopedic services for both Black and Hispanic veterans

Few Women Perceive Breast Density as a Cancer Risk Factor

Furthermore, many women do not know actions to cut breast cancer risk