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Histologic Inflammation With IBD Tied to Serious Infections

Authors say achieving histologic remission for both Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis may reduce the risk for serious infections

White House Looks to Curb Big Pharma’s Sky-High Drug Prices

If a drug is too expensive, the Biden administration will use federal law to grant patent licenses to rival pharma companies

Colorectal Screening Rates Do Not Differ by 10-Year Life Expectancy in Seniors

Authors say that screening based on individual life expectancy, rather than age, may improve screening selection and value

Many Patients of Color Expect and Prepare for Unfair Health Care

In a recent survey, 55 percent of Black respondents said they believe they must be careful about their appearance to get fair treatment in doctors' offices

Five Health Conditions Linked to Subsequent Diagnosis of MS

Depression, sexual dysfunction, constipation, cystitis, UTI of unspecified site associated with MS diagnosis

Markers of Inflammation Can Predict 180-Day Mortality in Cirrhosis

20 markers of inflammation correlated with 180-day mortality; no correlations observed with liver-related admissions

GERD Is Common Indication for Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Most patients requiring revision underwent sleeve gastrectomy as primary procedure; revisional surgery is most often RYGB

Amid Salmonella Outbreak, Consumers Should Avoid Unknown Brands of Cantaloupe

Eighteen more illnesses have been reported since Nov. 24, and the list of stores that sold recalled products has grown

Recent Decline in Risk for CRC Recurrence Seen in Stage I to III Disease

Patients with stage III disease had a shorter time from surgery to recurrence than those with stage I disease

Two-Week DAA Prophylaxis Prevents Hep C After Kidney Transplant

Two-week DAA optimal for preventing infection in individuals without HCV viremia who received kidney from HCV-viremia-positive donors