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Outcomes of Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Compared by Surgeon Rank

Long-term hernia recurrence rates similar for abdominal wall reconstruction performed by surgical fellows, faculty

CDC: U.S. Cases of Acute Hepatitis in Children Keep Rising

However, there have been no reported deaths since February, agency says

Medicaid Expansion Affected Overall Survival Rates Among Cancer Patients

Medicaid expansion linked to increase in two-year overall survival, with greater increase seen for non-Hispanic Blacks, patients in rural areas

Delays in Care Longer for Female Trauma Patients

Female trauma patients had longer stay in ED, longer time in pretriage, increased likelihood of discharge to nursing or long-term care facilities

Increased Flexibility Seen in Preapproval Evidence for New Drugs

Twenty-eight percent of trials used historical, external, or other control; nearly half used surrogate measure as a primary end point

Obesity Linked to Increased Risk for Crohn Disease

Obesity, as measured by BMI, linked to increased risk for CD, but no association seen for ulcerative colitis

DDW: Cardiovascular Disease More Common in Lean NAFLD Patients

Findings independent of other risk factors like age, sex, race, smoking status, diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia

Deficits in Geriatric Assessment Prevalent in Seniors With IBD

Clinical and biochemical disease associated with deficits in geriatric assessment

DDW: ‘Alarming’ Rise in Esophageal Cancer, Barrett Esophagus Seen in Middle-Age

Number of endoscopies performed not increasing, despite increased prevalence

DDW: Gallstone Disease May Predict Pancreatic Cancer Incidence

Gallstone presentation may be a missed opportunity for earlier diagnosis