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Diagnostic Accuracy of MRE Indices Studied for Active Crohn Disease

High sensitivity, but low specificity, seen for sMARIA, London, 'extended' London scores for active terminal ileal Crohn disease

Starting Colonoscopy Every 10 Years at Age 45 Cost-Effective for All

For all BMI/sex groups, initiating colonoscopy at 45 years or annual FIT at 40 years is cost-effective at threshold of $100,000/QALY

CDC IDs Two Outbreaks of GI Illness Linked to Splash Pad Use

Outbreaks of shigellosis and norovirus infection were associated with getting splash pad water in the mouth

Guideline Addresses Anorectal Abscess; Anal, Rectovaginal Fistulas

Clinical guidelines updated for management of anorectal abscess, fistula-in-ano, and rectovaginal fistula

Radiomics-Based AI Models Can Detect PDAC From Prediagnostic CT

AI-based approach may detect pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma at a subclinical stage

Few Insured Individuals Receive Timely DAA Treatment for Hep C

Individuals with Medicare and Medicaid have lower odds of treatment initiation than those with private insurance

Poll: Inflation Has Many Americans Cutting Back on Health Care

One in four Americans have put off medical care or prescription purchases due to higher prices

Cancer Risk Higher for Men Versus Women at Most Shared Anatomic Sites

The proportion of excess cancer risk in men that was explained by risk factors was modest, ranging from 50 to 11 percent

Hep C Reinfection Low Among People Receiving Opioid Agonist Therapy

Rate of hepatitis C virus reinfection higher among people with recent injecting drug use

Many Insured Cancer Patients Pay No OOP Costs for Genetic Counseling

Out-of-pocket costs higher for commercially insured patients with prostate cancer versus breast cancer