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Prevalence of Migraine, Severe Headache Up for Adults With IBD

Correlation of migraine or severe headache with IBD remains significant overall after adjustment for all covariates

Nearly Half of Older Adults Use Online Physician Ratings

Online ratings perceived to be very important nearly as often as word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends

Routine Cancer Screenings Declined Significantly at Start of Pandemic

However, mammography and colonoscopy rates rebounded substantially by the end of July

Study Explores Links Between Diet, Gut Microbiome, and Inflammation

Animal foods, sugar, processed foods tied to inflammatory gut microbiome, while plant-based foods tied to anti-inflammatory microbes

ACG Updates Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Recommendation strong for screening average-risk individuals from age 50 to 75 years; recommendation conditional for screening from age 45 years

Rumination Syndrome Often Missed or Misdiagnosed

Heartburn, regurgitation symptoms, particularly daytime regurgitation/reflux, may help identify patients with rumination syndrome

FDA OKs Marketing of First AI Device Used to Detect Lesions During Colonoscopy

The GI Genius identifies 'regions of interest' in real time to help clinicians determine where further assessment may be needed

Several Racial/Ethnic-Minority Groups Underrepresented in Health Care Professions

Greater efforts needed to increase diversity in health care professions

Bariatric Surgery Cuts Cancer Risk With Obesity + Liver Disease

Risk reduction even greater for obesity-related cancers

Changes in Cancer Incidence, Deaths Expected by 2040

Most common cancers will be breast, melanoma, and lung, while most common cause of cancer-related death will remain lung