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Predictors of Satisfaction With RYGB Over Seven Years Identified

And, physical activity associated with improvements in depression and mental and physical HRQoL after RYGB

Many Infants With Hep C-Positive Moms Not Screened for HCV

Prenatal care is an important time to screen for hepatitis C, authors say

Rural, Urban Disparities Seen for New Liver Cancer Cases

New hepatocellular carcinoma cases highest among rural Hispanic residents

Predictors of Late Effects in Young AML Survivors Explored

Most common late effects were endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory; likelihood of late effects up for those who underwent HSCT

Cirrhosis Cases Rising Among Women in North America

Projected future increases in cirrhosis due to alcohol-related liver disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

2009 to 2018 Saw Increase in Incidence of NAFLD in Children

12.3 percent of obese and overweight children with alanine aminotransferase >30 U/L received further workup for NAFLD

Wrong-Patient Order Entry Errors Reduced With Patient Photos

Display of patient photographs in electronic health records associated with decrease in WPOE errors

Genetics Tied to Thromboembolism Risk With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Genetic signature tied to doubled risk for developing potentially fatal blood clots in one in seven IBD patients

Antibiotic Therapy Before Age 2 May Affect Child Health

Risk for childhood onset of health conditions increased for those with early-life antibiotic exposure

Laparoscopic Resection May Be An Option for CRC Liver Metastases

For resectable colorectal liver metastases, five-year survival rates similar with laparoscopic, open surgery