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Mortality Risk Increased for MS Patients Soon After CRC Diagnosis

Associations between MS and all-cause, cancer-specific death partially attenuated after adjustment for disability status

Hospital Costs Higher for Black Children Undergoing Appendectomy

Surgical complications consistently higher for Black than White children in the United States, with no narrowing of gap over time

Administrative Tasks Pose Burden for Patients in the United States

Substantial number of patients report delayed or forgone care due to an administrative task

Cancer Diagnoses Down During the Pandemic

Findings for diagnosis of eight common cancers during spring 2020 and winter 2020 to 2021

Biden Issues Tough New Vaccine Mandates Affecting Millions of U.S. Workers

As vaccinations are controlled by individual states, White House does not have the power to compel all Americans to get the shots

Very High Antibiotic Use May Up Risk for Proximal Colon Cancer

Inverse association seen for antibiotic use and rectal cancer, which seems to be driven by women

Women, Minority Groups Still Lagging in Clinical Faculty Positions

Racial and ethnic diversity grew more slowly than representation of women in U.S. academic medicine from 1990 through 2019

Health Care Disproportionately Spent on White Americans

White Americans benefit from greater than average spending on preventive care versus non-White populations

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Immunogenic in Immunosuppressed Patients

Titers of anti-S IgG lower for patients with chronic inflammatory disease receiving glucocorticoids or B-cell depletion therapy

Journal Editors Call for Action to Curb Rising Global Temperatures

Risks to health and the environment include heat-related morbidity and decline in global yield potential for crops