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Diabetes-Related Deaths Not Decreasing in Rural Areas in the U.S.

Women and older adults experience more consistent decreases in diabetes-related deaths

Active Surveillance Feasible for Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer

Patients undergoing immediate surgery experience greater anxiety than patients in active surveillance

Medical Debt Tied to Worsening of Food, Housing Insecurity

Risk factors for medical indebtedness include hospitalization, disability, high deductible, Medicare Advantage, and no insurance coverage

FDA Warns of Cybersecurity Risk With Certain Medtronic Insulin Pumps

Equipment issue may allow someone to break in and cause the pump to deliver too much or too little insulin to the patient

Metabolic Surgery Beats Medical, Lifestyle Interventions for T2D Remission

Additional benefits from surgery seen for diabetes-related comorbidities and weight loss

Physician Burnout May Raise Risk for Patient Safety Events

Burnout also associated with decreased job satisfaction, low professionalism, patient dissatisfaction

Incident Cardiovascular Disease Risk Up With Autoimmune Disease

Risk increased progressively with the number of autoimmune diseases present and with younger age

Some Ultraprocessed Foods May Lead to Broader Consumption for Teens

Study looks at adolescent eating behavior and its implications for modifiable hypertension risk factors

Prevalence of Adrenal Tumors Studied in Adults in China

Prevalence of adrenal tumors is 1.4 percent; about 70 percent of adenomas were nonfunctioning with proportion constant across age groups

Summary Elixhauser Comorbidity Score Developed for Use in Older Adults

Unclear whether the S-Elixhauser comorbidity score offers an advantage over other similar measures