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Two-Hour OGTT Can Predict Future Episodic Memory Decline

Higher value on OGTT at baseline linked to worse performance and greater decline in word-list delayed recall test

From 1999 to 2019, Death Rates Higher in Rural Versus Urban Areas

Death rates higher in rural areas for both males and females; difference in rates widened during study period

Insulin Resistance Linked to Risk for Major Depressive Disorder

Three surrogate measures of insulin resistance linked to increased risk for incident major depression

RAI Therapy for Hyperthyroidism Not Tied to Overall Cancer Risk

However, linear radiation dose-response association between radioactive iodine and solid cancer mortality seen in two studies

Precedent Needed for FDA Approval Decisions When Evidence Lacking

In seven of 22 cases, approval used new interpretations of original evidence and did not require new evidence

7,000 Steps Per Day Tied to Lower Risk for Early Death

No association seen between step intensity in middle age and later mortality

Americans Struggling With High Cost of Prescription Drugs

Adults younger than 65 years twice as likely to report not filling needed prescriptions due to cost versus seniors

Prophylactic Steroids May Prevent Complications of Thyroidectomy

Rates of postoperative hypocalcemia and voice dysfunction lower with single preoperative dose of dexamethasone versus placebo

COVID-19 Vaccines Prevent Hospitalizations in High-Risk Populations

Estimates of vaccine effectiveness high for adults aged 85 years and older, those with chronic medical conditions, and for Hispanic, Black adults

Mortality Risk Higher for Transgender Individuals Taking Hormones

Increased mortality risk, which did not decrease over time, seems largely attributable to causes of death not associated with hormone treatment