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Flu Vaccine Effective Against Life-Threatening Illness in Children

Vaccine effectiveness 75 percent during 2019 to 2020 season, when vaccine-mismatched viruses predominated

Children’s Use of Helmets Low During Sledding

Parents report much higher use of helmets during snowmobiling, skiing/snowboarding

Vaccination, Previous Infection Protect Against COVID-19

During period of delta predominance, protection was lower among vaccinated persons without previous COVID-19 diagnosis

Pandemic Having Major Impact on Pediatric Oncology Providers

51 percent of institutions cite decreased clinical staff availability; HCPs experiencing psychological distress, financial concerns

Black Patients More Likely to Have Negative Descriptors in Notes

Compared with White patients, Black patients have 2.54 times the odds of having at least one negative descriptor in EHR

England to Lift Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Visitors

Mask mandates to be lifted this week, as England relies on vaccinations and testing to keep the virus in check

Opioid Overdose Antidote Urged for Schools After Student’s Fentanyl Death

In response to the incident, Hartford officials pledged to ensure that all city schools are stocked with naloxone

Risks Discussed for Alternative Peripartum, Neonatal Practices

Vaginal seeding has no known benefits and may expose neonates to vaginal pathogens; umbilical nonseverance has no clear benefit

Closed-Loop System Improves Glycemic Control in Young Children With T1DM

Percentage of time with glucose level in target range higher during closed-loop period versus sensor-augmented pump therapy period

Myopia Progressed Faster in Children Under COVID-19 Lockdowns

Exploratory analysis shows link between optical defocus treatment and slower progression of myopia in school-aged children