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Racial/Ethnic Minorities Underrepresented in Vaccine Trials

In adult trials, White patients and women are overrepresented; White patients account for 77.9 percent of participants

Early-Onset T1DM Negatively Impacts Brain Development Over Time

Baseline differences in brain volumes and IQ persist or increase over longitudinal follow-up

Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis Tied to Lasting Social Consequences

Long-term follow-up shows lower educational attainment, lower income in adulthood

Children Given Flu Shot Less Likely to Have Symptomatic COVID-19

Odds also lower for having severe disease for patients vaccinated for influenza, pneumococcal disease

Children Conceived by ART Are Shorter, Lighter at Birth

Children conceived by assisted reproduction technology grow more rapidly after birth; height, weight similar to those naturally conceived by 17

Prevalence Data Suggest Increasing Trend of Psoriasis With Age

Worldwide studies suggest stable or slightly decreasing trend in incidence of psoriasis and increasing trend in prevalence

Listeria Outbreak Spurs Recall of Queso Fresco Cheeses

There have been seven illnesses reported so far; all patients were hospitalized

Bone Cancer Survivor Selected for SpaceX Flight

Hayley Arceneaux will join billionaire Jared Isaacman, who wants to raise $200 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Proinflammatory, Low-Quality Maternal Diet Linked to Adiposity

Odds of late childhood overweight and obesity increased with more proinflammatory diet in early pregnancy

Limiting Resident Shifts Cuts Attentional Failures in PICU

After adjustment for workload, rapid cycling work roster schedule has protective effect on rate of serious medical errors