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Mortality Increased for Infants, Under 5s With HIV Receiving Antiretrovirals

Higher proportion of children aged younger than 5 years living with HIV experience interruptions in treatment

EPA Proposes Removing 100 Percent of Lead Pipes From U.S. Water System

Utility companies expected to cover most of the cost, but there is $15 billion available in the 2021 infrastructure law to help

Social Media Use Tied to Higher Health Risk Behavior in Teens

Findings seen for two or more hours of social media use per day, especially for alcohol consumption

Lower Number of Positive Childhood Experiences Tied to Eating Behaviors in College Students

Lower number of positive experiences tied to higher binge eating, less intuitive eating

Cumulative Radiation Dose From CT in Young People Linked to Malignancy Risk

For every 10,000 children examined, one to two persons expected to develop hematologic malignancy over next 12 years

Pandemic’s Impact on Child Cognitive, Emotional Well-Being Mixed

Findings seen for young children assessed at 24 and 54 months of age

Low Neighborhood Opportunity Tied to ED Visits for Asthma in Young Children

Neighborhoods with improved socioeconomic and educational opportunity have lower rates of asthma-related emergency visits

Handguns Are Most Used Weapon in School Shootings Executed by Teens

Firearms were mainly lower or moderate in power; 82.1 percent were obtained via theft from relatives

Cantaloupe Recall Expanded After Spike in Salmonella Cases

Case count now includes nearly 100 people in 32 states; two people have died and 45 have been hospitalized

Long-Term Exposure to ADHD Meds Linked to Increased Risk for CVD

4 percent increase in risk for CVD seen in association with each one-year increase in ADHD meds across 14 years of follow-up