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Biosimilars Could Cut Spending for Biologic Therapy in the U.S.

Increased market growth of biosimilars that are similar to brand-name biologic agents has the potential to reduce spending on prescription drugs

Nomogram May Help Predict Survival in Primary Intestinal NHL

Prediction accuracy of the nomogram higher than that of Ann Arbor Stage for primary intestinal non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients

Significant Health Benefits Seen With Meeting ATS Air Quality Standard

Compared with meeting EPA standards alone, this would prevent 11,850 more deaths, 25,400 more morbidities

Breast Cancer Survivors Face Higher Risk for Hypertension, Diabetes

Risk for hypertension even higher for those receiving left-sided radiation therapy, endocrine therapy

Long-Term Outcomes Described for Survivors of Childhood ALL

Life challenges more negatively impacted in younger, female, relapsed patients; socializing more positively impacted in older patients

2021 USPSTF Lung Cancer Screening Criteria Expand Eligibility

Compared with 2013 USPSTF criteria, more patients eligible for lung cancer screening with less racial disparity in access

Guideline Issued for External Beam RT in Primary Liver Cancers

EBRT strongly recommended as potential first-line therapy for patients with HCC confined to liver who are not candidates for curative therapy

Unnecessary RT Given Near End of Life in Metastatic Cancer

Guideline-nonconcordant radiotherapy given to substantial proportion of Medicare beneficiaries with metastatic cancer near the end of life

Global Burden of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Up From 1990 to 2019

Incidence higher for men versus women, adults older than 70 years, and individuals living in high social-demographic index regions

Survival Increase Seen for Adults With Relapsed Ph+ ALL

From 2000 to 2019, overall survival progressively improved for patients with Philadelphia-positive ALL who had posttransplant relapse