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Rural, Urban Disparities Seen for New Liver Cancer Cases

New hepatocellular carcinoma cases highest among rural Hispanic residents

Non-COVID-19-Related Deaths Up, Too

Excess deaths seen for specific gender and age groups, with protective effect seen for female children

Social Needs Linked to Lower HRQOL for Black Cancer Survivors

More than one-third of cancer survivors reported social needs, with highest prevalence for food insecurity

Predictors of Late Effects in Young AML Survivors Explored

Most common late effects were endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory; likelihood of late effects up for those who underwent HSCT

Less Than One in 20 Eligible Adults Receives Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening at the state level does not correlate with lung cancer burden

Rates of VTE, Major Bleeding High in Primary CNS Lymphoma

Pulmonary embolism and major bleeding linked to increased mortality risk

ALA: Lung Cancer Survival Has Increased Nationally to 22.6 Percent

People of color face worse outcomes, have lower likelihood of being diagnosed early, receiving surgery

High-Dose Anticoagulation May Not Aid COVID-19 Patients

No significant benefit seen for high-dose versus standard anticoagulation therapies, may be harmful

Biopsy Reclassification Risk in Prostate Cancer Examined

Gleason grade, prostate-specific antigen velocity, and imaging markers predict cancer spread