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Use of Nonselective β-Blockers Tied to Lower Risk for Total Knee Arthroplasty

Any β-blocker use cuts odds by nearly half, driven by nonselective β1-blockers

Receipt of PT, Chiropractic Care Reportedly Low for Comorbid Chronic LBP, Opioid Use Disorder

Receipt of physical therapy and chiropractic care was low overall and lower across racial, ethnic minorities

Small Changes in Bone Mineral Density Can Reduce Hip Fracture Risk

Small improvements in femoral neck BMD coincided with significant reduction in incidence of hip fracture in men and women

Major Discharge Barriers Present for One in 10 Hospitalized Patients

Prolonged length of stay is often due to need for skilled therapy or daily living support in medically ready patients

Cannabis May Be Tied to Increased Risk for Psychiatric Outcomes

However, cannabis and cannabis-based medicines may aid certain clinical conditions

Even Five Years Postapproval, Many Drug Studies Remain Nonpublic

Authors urge greater transparency of study results for drugs approved by the FDA

Total Hip Arthroplasty Can Be Performed Safely in 90-Year-Olds

Comorbidities tied to higher rates of complications and postoperative morbidity

Some Immunosuppressed Do Not Have Anti-Spike Antibodies After COVID-19 Vaccination

IgG anti-spike antibodies undetectable in ~20 percent with immunosuppression who had received three or more COVID-19 vaccines

Most Fish Oil Supplement Labels Make Health Benefit Claims

Additionally, wide variability seen across supplements for total daily dose

Residents Trained During First Wave of Pandemic Experienced Less PTSD

Work hours, workload, and medical errors may be targets for preventing PTSD among residents