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CDC Director Says Agency Needs Major Overhaul

Walensky aims to prioritize public health needs, deemphasize publication of scientific papers about rare diseases

Low Serum Urate Level Tied to Low Lean Mass, Underweight

Association of low serum urate with increased mortality not statistically significant after adjusting for body composition

Gout More Prevalent Among Black Versus White U.S. Adults

Racial disparities in gout may be explained by differences in diet, social determinants of health, and chronic kidney disease

Role of Genetics Studied in Rheumatoid Arthritis Development

Genetic predisposition increases across predisease rheumatoid arthritis groups

Opioid Rx Down for Chronic Noncancer Pain, Cancer Pain in U.S. Adults

Declines in opioid prescribing outpacing increases in receipt of nonopioid therapies

Program Cuts Opioid Use in Teens After Spinal Surgery for Scoliosis

Pain control maintained following intervention with preoperative patient education and smaller prescription quantities

How Will New Federal Legislation Cut Drug Costs?

Under the law, Medicare will now be allowed to negotiate the cost of some drugs; vaccines will be free for Part D recipients

App Aids Self-Monitoring of Some Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Patients with low disease activity using app-assisted patient-initiated care had fewer consultations with rheumatologists

Vegetarian Women Have Increased Risk of Hip Fracture

Increased risk for vegetarians, but not occasional meat eaters or pescatarians compared with regular meat eaters

Vegetarian Women Have Increased Risk for Hip Fracture

Risk increased for vegetarians, but not occasional meat eaters or pescatarians, compared with regular meat eaters