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Oxcarbazepine Tied to Nontrauma Fracture in Children Aged 4 to 13 With Epilepsy

Initiating oxcarbazepine, but not levetiracetam, linked to increased incidence rate ratio for nontrauma fracture

Incidence of Psoriatic Arthritis Up With More Severe Psoriasis

Incidence of psoriatic arthritis increases with increasing severity of psoriasis stratified by treatment severity surrogates

Precedent Needed for FDA Approval Decisions When Evidence Lacking

In seven of 22 cases, approval used new interpretations of original evidence and did not require new evidence

Americans Struggling With High Cost of Prescription Drugs

Adults younger than 65 years twice as likely to report not filling needed prescriptions due to cost versus seniors

Same-Day Discharge Feasible for Some Higher-Risk Arthroplasty Patients

Same-day discharge noninferior to inpatient stay for 90-day mortality in patients undergoing knee arthroplasty, but not hip arthroplasty

Administrative Tasks Pose Burden for Patients in the United States

Substantial number of patients report delayed or forgone care due to an administrative task

Biden Issues Tough New Vaccine Mandates Affecting Millions of U.S. Workers

As vaccinations are controlled by individual states, White House does not have the power to compel all Americans to get the shots

Women, Minority Groups Still Lagging in Clinical Faculty Positions

Racial and ethnic diversity grew more slowly than representation of women in U.S. academic medicine from 1990 through 2019

Health Care Disproportionately Spent on White Americans

White Americans benefit from greater than average spending on preventive care versus non-White populations