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Any Initial Bone Fracture Ups Risk for More Fractures in Older Women

All types of initial bone fractures associated with increased risk for subsequent fractures among postmenopausal women

Vaccination Rates Low Among Lupus Patients on Medicaid

Acute care use for vaccine-preventable illnesses potentially could be avoided with greater use of outpatient care, vaccination in SLE patients

Pre-TKA Vitamin D Deficiency May Adversely Affect Outcomes in Postmenopausal Women

Potential risk factors for moderate-to-severe knee pain after TKA include vitamin D deficiency, smoking, high BMI

Oral Microbiome Differs With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Those with early RA or at risk for RA show higher abundance of proinflammatory species

Internal Medicine Residency, Fellowship Applications Up During Pandemic

Authors say increase may be due to lower barriers for virtual interviews

Physicians Report Sharing Office Visit Notes Beneficial Overall

While time concerns declined after implementation, half of the clinicians reported being less candid in their documentation

2.4 Million ED Visits in ≥65s Due to Unintentional Falls

More than 90 percent of emergency department visits, hospitalizations from selected nonfatal injuries in 2018 were due to unintentional falls

Low Bone Mineral Density Prognostic for Atherosclerotic CVD

Independent association found for lower BMD at lumbar spine, femur neck, total hip with higher risk for ASCVD events

Erythropoietin May Up Risk for Hip Fracture in Hemodialysis Patients

Risk for hip fracture increased with EPO doses of 50 to 149, 150 to 299, and ≥300 versus <50 units/kg/week

Gender Gap in Orthopedics Remains Largely Unchanged

As of April 2020, only 8 percent of orthopedic surgeons nationally are women