Adults May Not Need Tetanus, Diphtheria Booster Shots

No significant decrease seen in incidence rates of tetanus, diphtheria with routine vaccination of adults

Facebook Bans False or Alarming Coronavirus Ads

The Center for Science in the Public Interest warns consumers to be cautious

Patient Satisfaction Scores for Hospitals Driven by Hospitality

Patient satisfaction scores do not reflect the quality of medical care, but rather room and board features

Compliance Low With USPSTF Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations

12.5 percent of those meeting USPSTF recommendations for low-dose CT had screening exam in past year

Reproductive Health Guidelines Issued for Rheumatic Diseases

Evidence reviewed for contraception, fertility, pregnancy, HRT, medication use in RMD patients

Recommendations Issued for R/R Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma

Recommendations developed for salvage therapy for pediatric patients with first relapse/refractory cHL

First U.S. Case of ‘Unknown Origin’ COVID-19 Identified

President Trump taps Vice President Pence to head coronavirus response

Fewer Women in Cardiovascular Trials, but Representation Improving

Representation of women varies with disease and trial characteristics, but overall, men still dominate

Telehealth May Aid Obstetric Outcomes

Benefits seen for perinatal smoking cessation, breastfeeding, early access to medical abortion services

Influence of Politics Has Not Waned in Opinions About ACA

Partisan divisions in favorable opinion of the ACA have gotten larger rather than smaller over time

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Adversely Affect Lipid Profile

Greater decrease in HDL, increase in triglycerides seen for regular versus low consumption level

Gender, Race Do Not Affect How Patients Rate Emergency Doctors

No difference seen in composite outcome of participant satisfaction and confidence in physician

No Compensatory Smoking Seen With Low-Nicotine Cigarettes

Two studies show no increase in smoking intensity, no increase in cigarettes smoked per day

Electronic Nose Can Detect Barrett Esophagus in Breath Test

Sensitivity 91 percent, specificity 74 percent for volatile organic compound analysis of exhaled breath

MRI Findings Predict Shoulder Stiffness in Rotator Cuff Tear

Joint capsule edema and thickness at axillary recess useful for predicting shoulder stiffness

Weight Gain During Adulthood Tied to Decline in Lung Function

Weight gain over 20 years tied to accelerated decline in lung function; decline attenuated with weight loss

Age at Period Cessation Not Linked to CVD Risk Trajectories

Little evidence found of links with trajectories of blood pressure, lipids, hemoglobin A1c, anthropometry

AAN: Cardiovascular Health in 20s Impacts Later Cognition

Cardiovascular health in young adulthood linked to better dynamic cerebral autoregulation in later life

States Launch Investigation of Juul Labs

Investigation will include whether Juul made misleading claims about nicotine content in the devices

First U.S. Trial of Possible Coronavirus Treatment Begins

University of Nebraska Medical Center is treating 14 people who were evacuated from cruise ship in Japan

Adding Pembrolizumab May Up Response in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Pathological complete response rate higher with pembrolizumab plus neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Intensive BP Control Has Positive Impact on Residual Life Span

Mean survival benefits varied from six months to three years for intensive versus standard BP control

Longer Lactation Might Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes

Favorable glucose metabolic biomarker profile seen among women with a history of gestational diabetes

$2.5 Billion Coronavirus Plan Sent to Congress

As of Monday, CDC was reporting that 53 Americans have now tested positive for COVID-19

Dementia May Lower Odds of ‘Good Death’ Among Cancer Patients

However, for patients with or without dementia, dying at home tied to greater quality of death

Long-Term Antidepressant Use Appears to Raise Risk for T2DM

Study suggests glucose tolerance improves with antidepressant discontinuation or dose reduction

Antibiotics, Corticosteroids Beneficial in COPD Exacerbations

Independent of exacerbation severity, antibiotics tied to increased resolution, less treatment failure

Wearable Sensor Data Predict Heart Failure Rehospitalization

Machine learning algorithm detects worsening heart failure and predicts impending rehospitalization

Different Foods Linked to Risk for Ischemic, Hemorrhagic Stroke

Risk for ischemic stroke lower with higher intake of fruit and vegetables, dietary fiber, milk, yogurt, cheese

Tax on Sweetened Beverages Reduced Sales Volume in Chicago

Decrease was more than 20 percent even when accounting for cross-border shopping

Medication Treatment May Lower Risk for Opioid Overdose Death

But protective effect during care does not last after discontinuation of treatment for opioid use disorder

Guidance Issued for Food Intake in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Evidence insufficient for recommending changes in diet for complex carbs, refined sugars, wheat, gluten

Liraglutide Enhances Weight Loss With Intensive Behavioral Therapy

Clinically meaningful weight loss seen over 56 weeks with IBT and 3.0 mg liraglutide

American Stroke Association, Feb. 19-21

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association International Stroke Conference The annual International Stroke Conference of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association was held from Feb....

Judge Says More Answers Needed About Relocation of COVID-19 Patients

Costa Mesa officials oppose transfer to their community of coronavirus patients evacuated from cruise ship in Japan

More Academic Success Found for Men Versus Women in Hematology

Caregiving responsibilities reduced academic productivity in men but had no impact among women

USPSTF: Evidence Lacking for Cognitive Impairment Screening

Evidence lacking for screening for community-dwelling older adults with no signs or symptoms

Mistreatment, Discrimination Still Common for Medical Students

Women, racial/ethnic minorities, sexual minorities experience disproportionate mistreatment

Global Coronavirus Outbreaks Stoking Fears of Pandemic

Mild nature of most cases of COVID-19 making the virus difficult to identify and contain

Children’s Vaccine Patterns Mainly Classified as Recommended

23 percent of children's vaccination patterns classified as alternate, with limited shots, skipping series

Increases in Alcohol-Induced Death Rates ID’d Across U.S.

Alcohol-induced death rate increased among men and women, with recent acceleration in rate

Racial/Ethnic Disparity Seen for Stroke in Dialysis Patients With A-Fib

Rates of stroke higher for minority dialysis patients with a-fib partly due to lower anticoagulant use

1990 to 2017 Saw Increase in Global Deaths From Lung Disease

Negative links found between sociodemographic index and mortality rates of COPD, pneumoconiosis, asthma

Many Smokers Who Quit Before Gastric Bypass Surgery Relapse

61.7 percent of those who smoked one year preop smoke at seven years postop

Healthy Dietary Patterns Linked to Better Semen Quality

Higher sperm counts found with adherence to prudent, vegetarian-like, open-sandwich versus Western pattern

AAP: Pediatricians Should Promote Physical Activity in Children

Doctors should ID opportunities for activity assessment, prescription among those facing barriers to activity

Regular Exercise Tied to Better Quality of Life in Cancer Survivors

Yet study shows few African-American cancer survivors meet recommended activity goals

Daily Emollient in Infancy Does Not Foil Eczema in Children at Risk

Daily use of emollient in first year of life linked to increased risk for skin infections

Author to Fight Retraction of Study Linking Vaping to Heart Attack Risk

Questions raised after another researcher found majority of heart attacks occurred before people started to vape

Purdue Launches Ad Campaign for OxyContin Claims

The $23.8 million ad campaign has been approved by a bankruptcy judge

Continuing Annual Breast Cancer Screening No Benefit in Over-75s

No significant reductions found in eight-year breast cancer mortality for continuing versus stopping screening

Outcomes Steadily Improve for Multiple Myeloma Treated With ASCT

Patients treated in 2014 or later had superior OS, reduced excess risk for multiple myeloma death

Image Reading on Mobile Devices Feasible for Stroke Decisions

Findings support concept of telestroke services for decision to administer intravenous thrombolysis

QOL Similar After Surgery, Antibiotics for Uncomplicated Appendicitis

No difference seen in satisfaction for patients after successful antibiotic treatment versus appendectomy

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Now Stand at 26

Several passengers from the Diamond Princess have been transferred to a biocontainment unit at UNMC

Dermatopathologists Favor Making Pathologic Reports Available

Making reports available to patients seen as good idea, but there is concern about patient worry, confusion

Cancer Therapy-Associated Polyposis May Mimic CRC Predisposition

74 percent of TAP cases had clinical features suggesting at least one CRC predisposition syndrome

Dengue Virus Infection May Increase Risk for Developing Leukemia

Significant link between virus, leukemia risk observed at three to six years after infection

Most Doctors Perceive Benefits of Vaccines for Children Program

Eighty-six percent of pediatricians report participating in VFC and most have never considered stopping

AI Imaging Analysis Prognostic in Coronary Artery Disease

Myocardial blood flow, myocardial perfusion reserve can predict death, major adverse CV events

Major Malformations Up With Macrolide Prescribing in Pregnancy

Macrolide prescribing during any trimester linked to increased risk for genital malformations

Low Income May Increase Risk for Specific Glomerular Diseases

Lower income associated with higher incidence of lupus nephritis, ANCA-related glomerulonephritis

HbA1c Levels Lower in Older, Multimorbid Patients With T2DM

Patients with higher comorbidity burden more likely to be treated with insulin for T2DM

CDC: 19.2 Percent of Unpaid Caregivers in Fair, Poor Health

State-to-state variation ranges from 11.7 percent in Minnesota to 34.4 percent in Puerto Rico

Alzheimer Disease Gene Mapping Project Proposed in New York State

Governor says initiative will help researchers working to slow the progression of Alzheimer disease

CDC: U.S. Coronavirus Cases Reach 34

Agency reports 13 U.S. cases and 21 cases among people who have been repatriated

Longer Hormone Therapy Tied to Less Muscle Loss in Menopause

In large study of postmenopausal women, sarcopenia lower in participants with history of prolonged HT

Ultrasound May ID Children at Risk for Cystic Fibrosis Liver Disease

A heterogeneous liver pattern could indicate a higher risk for advanced cystic fibrosis liver disease

Chronic Kidney Disease Poses Major Global Health Burden

Burden measured both by direct morbidity, mortality and as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease

Vaccine Effectiveness 45 Percent for Flu Virus Linked to ARI

Estimated VE 50 percent against influenza B/Victoria viruses, 37 percent against influenza A(H1N1)pdm009

Number of COVID-19 Cases in China Lower With New Counting Method

Meanwhile, two passengers from affected cruise ship docked in Japan die

Survival After Pediatric Kidney Transplant Drastically Improved

Survival up from 1970-1985 to 2005-2015 mainly due to drop in deaths from CV causes, infections

Out-of-Pocket Costs Impact Neurologic Medication Adherence

Increased OOP costs tied to lower adherence in those with dementia, on gabapentinoids for neuropathy

Dietitians Effective for Weight Loss in Obese Medicare Patients

Findings seen in trial of integration of intensive behavioral therapy into primary care practice

More Side Effects Seen With Guideline-Recommended Chlorthalidone

No cardiovascular benefits found with chlorthalidone versus hydrochlorothiazide for hypertension treatment

COPD Incidence Higher in People With HIV

People with HIV have 34 percent higher rate of COPD than those without; smoking may be to blame

Polymer-Based Stents Noninferior for Patients With High Bleeding Risk

Polymer-based zotarolimus-eluting stents noninferior for patients at high bleeding risk undergoing PCI

Many Transgender Youth Intentionally Avoid Disclosure

About three-quarters report voluntarily telling a health care provider outside gender clinic about their identity

Glycemic Control in T2DM Worse With Refusal of Insulin Therapy

In retrospective study of adults with uncontrolled T2DM, 42.7 percent declined insulin therapy

Developmental Disability Diagnosis More Likely in Rural Children

For those with disability, odds of seeing therapist, mental health professional down in rural areas

First Coronavirus Death Reported in South Korea

Officials also confirmed 22 additional cases of the virus in South Korea, bringing the total to 104

Late Mortality Up for Survivors of Early-Teen, Young Adult Cancers

Risks for late mortality, chronic health conditions higher compared with siblings, general population

Moderate-to-Late Preemies Likely Go Home at 36 Weeks

Those who are small for gestational age or have specific diagnoses may stay longer

Most Youth With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Undiagnosed

Racial disparity seen with higher prevalence and more undiagnosed cases in minorities

Prescription Medications Can Be Found on Craigslist

Advertisements found for insulin and albuterol, with analog insulin the most commonly advertised product

Prenatal Exposure to Phthalates Tied to Autistic Traits in Children

Stronger links seen for boys versus girls and for those with lower prenatal folic acid supplementation

Study Suggests Overtreatment in End-of-Life Care Despite POLST

Rates of ICU admission lower in patients with treatment-limiting orders; 38 percent received discordant care

Quarantine Ends on Cruise Ship in Japan as Coronavirus Cases Near 75,000

CDC says containment measures taken on the ship 'may not have been sufficient to prevent transmission'

Risk of Major Heart Complications Up Shortly Following Stroke

Findings following first-ever ischemic stroke in both men and women, with risk highest within 30 days

Functional Outcomes Similar Across Localized Prostate Cancer Treatments

However, incontinence and sexual function are worse five years following prostatectomy

Person-to-Person Resting Heart Rates Found to Be Highly Variable

High variability measured between people; individual rates change seasonally

One-Quarter of Antibiotic Prescriptions at Children’s Hospitals Suboptimal

21 percent of these orders are suboptimal by antimicrobial stewardship program standards

Several Drugs Have Similar Efficacy for Plaque Psoriasis

Findings based on meta-analysis of data for short- and long-term efficacy from 60 clinical trials

Late Sleep May Raise Risk for Adiposity in Young Children

Greater increases seen in adiposity measures from 2 to 6 years, especially for those with high obesity risk

Ethnic Differences in Sitting Behaviors ID’d in Older Women

Longer sitting time, sitting bout duration deleteriously associated with cardiometabolic risk

Mediterranean Diet May Modulate Gut Bacteria in Seniors

Diet tied to increased abundance of specific taxa linked to markers of lower frailty, improved cognition

High Cutaneous Melanoma Burden Found Due to UV Radiation

Burden varies across states, with highest burden seen in Hawaii

Japanese Couple on Delta Flight From Hawaii Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Officials tracking couple's activities in Hawaii and trying to identify anyone who had close contact with them

Low-Cost Marketing of Stimulants to Physicians May Increase Rx Rates

Authors say that given misuse starts in adolescence, marketing to these providers should be examined

Certain Factors May Increase Risk for Cognitive Decline in Elderly

Adiponectin tied to risk for cognitive decline in those younger than 87 years of age without central obesity

Rx Meds That Children Access Often Removed From Packaging

Grandparents' medications involved in 30.7 percent of prescription medication exposures in children 5 and younger

Risk for Adverse Events Up With Low-Dose Methotrexate

Risks increased for skin cancer and GI, pulmonary, infectious, hematologic adverse events

Mortality No Different for No Sedation Versus Light Sedation in ICU Patients

No difference found in mortality at 90 days among mechanically ventilated intensive care unit patients

Chinese Report Says Majority of Coronavirus Cases Are Mild

Fatality rate has been 2.3 percent, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Amlodipine Better BP Drug for Lower Long-Term Risk for Gout

Compared with chlorthalidone and lisinopril, amlodipine associated with lower risk for gout

Progesterone May Prevent Miscarriage in Certain Women

Benefit, cost-effectiveness examined for women with previous miscarriage, early pregnancy bleeding

Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors Protect the Heart

Findings show benefit for cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes regardless of kidney function

Maximal Resection of Glioblastomas May Up Survival

Maximal resection of contrast-enhanced tumor linked to increased overall survival across all subgroups

Wheeze, Asthma Risk Up With Cleaning Product Use Exposure in Infancy

Infants in homes with frequent cleaning product use have increased odds for childhood wheeze, asthma

Guidelines Issued for Insomnia, Sleep Apnea in Current, Former Soldiers

VA and DoD joint guideline addresses sleep disorders in military personnel and veterans

AAP Addresses Fertility Preservation for Children With Cancer

Medical and ethical considerations are discussed, including in cases of conflict between parent, child

2010 to 2017 Saw >5,000 Travel-Linked Dengue Virus Cases in U.S.

Distribution of cases equal between men and women; patients had median age of 41 years

Short-Course Rifamycin-Based Regimens Preferred for Latent TB

Shorter regimens favored over longer course of isoniazid monotherapy for latent TB infection

Medtronic MiniMed 600 Series Insulin Pumps Recalled

Medtronic has received 26,421 complaints about malfunctions in the recalled insulin pumps

FDA Requests Market Withdrawal of Belviq Due to Cancer Risk

However, agency is not recommending special screening for patients who have taken the weight-loss drug

U.S. Life Expectancy to Reach 85 by 2060

Census Bureau predicts life expectancy will increase by about six years between 2017 and 2060

Telemarketer Access to Medicare Information to Be Investigated

Audit comes in response to surge of telemarketing scams targeting Medicare recipients

CDC: Coronavirus Spreads Most Easily When Patients Are Sickest

Experts say virus appears to spread via respiratory droplets among close contacts

Thoracic Radiation May Increase Fatigue, Dyspnea in Short Term

In patients with lung cancer or lymphoma, increase in heart dose tied to decrease in physical activity

Massachusetts Health Reform Tied to Decrease in Advanced Cancer

Findings seen for colorectal cancer, but no similar findings found for advanced breast cancer diagnoses

Exposure to PM2.5 Tied to Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Increase in PM2.5 linked to increase in all-cause OHCA on same day, at lags of up to three days

Cool Water for 20 Minutes After Pediatric Burn Improves Outcomes

Adequate cool water reduces the odds of needing a skin graft and hospital admission

Having More Sexual Partners Tied to Increased Odds of Cancer

Odds of reporting cancer diagnosis increased for those with 10 or more lifetime sexual partners

Cocoa Consumption May Improve Walking Performance in PAD

Results of phase II randomized trial suggest benefit of cocoa in peripheral arterial disease

Teens With ADHD Less Likely Than Preteens to Have Doctor Visit

Depression, suicide, substance abuse monitoring found for most teens, but only half monitored for sexual risk

Perinatal Outcomes Poorer With Cryopreserved Donor Oocytes

Use of cryopreserved versus fresh donor oocytes tied to marginally lower odds of good perinatal outcome

Smartphone, Web App May Help Predict Prognosis for Meningioma

Models could predict meaningful individual-specific clinical outcome variables for survival, malignancy

Use of Revascularization Up for Critical Limb Ischemia in Veterans

In veterans, revascularization linked to lower risks for mortality, major amputation at 90 days

Sedentary Behavior, Activity Linked to Depression at Age 18

Depression scores at age 18 lower with every 60 minutes/day of light activity at ages 12, 14, 16 years

CDC: Some Coronavirus Testing Kits Sent to States Are Faulty

Agency says problem appears to be due to one ingredient involved in the test

Less Than Half of Kidney Disease Quality Metrics Rated Highly Valid

Twenty-nine of 60 quality metrics were rated as having high validity, while eight had low validity

Subconcussive Head Impacts May Affect Neuro-Ophthalmologic Function

Soccer kicking group performed faster than heading group on tests at zero, two, 24 hours after intervention

No Sign of Vertical Transmission of COVID-19 Found in Late Pregnancy

Varied symptoms identified in nine pregnant women with 2019 novel coronavirus disease

2002 to 2015 Saw Increase in Incidence of Diabetes in Youth

Incidence of type 1, type 2 diabetes increased; rates of increase higher in racial/ethnic minorities

Coronavirus Cases, Deaths Rise Sharply

CDC announced that two new cases have been confirmed in the United States

Orthostatic Hypotension During HTN Tx Not Tied to CVD Events

Medication doses do not need to be reduced in response to symptomless orthostatic hypotension, authors say

Bariatric Surgery May Cut Risk for Colorectal Cancer in Obese Patients

Relative risk for developing colorectal cancer reduced by about 35 percent with bariatric surgery for obesity

ASA: No Decline Seen in Active Smoking for Stroke Survivors

Adjusted prevalence of active smoking decreased in overall population, but not among stroke survivors

More Lung Cancer Patients Presenting With Cough, Dyspnea

Findings based on analysis of index symptoms of U.K. patients from 2000 to 2017

Caregivers Are in Need of Better Health Care Coverage, Access

Caregivers at greater risk for lack of coverage, not accessing needed health care due to costs

Many Dermatologists Not Ready to Respond to Biological Attacks

Less than three in 10 dermatologists received training in disaster preparedness and response

Risk for Complications From Mesh Implant Does Not Diminish

Continued surveillance necessary for patients with mesh implants for pelvic organ prolapse repair

High BMI May Cut Overall Survival in HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

BMI had no impact on progression-free survival to first-line chemotherapy

Nonpharmaceutical Interventions Aid Low Back Pain

Movement-based mind-body interventions could be effective alternatives to drugs, surgery, injections

2002 to 2018 Saw Increases in Heroin Use, Use Disorder, Injection

800,000 U.S. adults surveyed; prevalence of heroin use increased from 0.17 to 0.32 percent

S. aureus Colonization Increased in Skin Lesions in Lupus Patients

Repression of barrier gene expression, increased S. aureus-binding integrins in SLE keratinocytes found

Coronavirus Spread Slows, but Death Toll Jumps to 1,113

Yesterday, the World Health Organization gave the virus a new name: COVID-19

Congo Ebola Outbreak Seems to Be Easing

So far, at least 2,249 people have died in the epidemic that began in August 2018

Recommendations Issued for Sleep Disturbance in Pediatric Autism

Behavioral strategies recommended as first-line treatment approach for children, teens with ASD

2011 to 2018 Saw Decline in Problems Paying Medical Bills

Percent of persons in families with problems paying bills higher for women, children, non-Hispanic blacks

Studies Explore Prevalence of Skin Cancer Among Sexual Minorities

Gay, bisexual men have increased odds of skin cancer; OR significantly higher for gender-nonconforming adults

ASA: Periodontal Disease Tied to Large-Artery Atherothrombotic Stroke

And, individuals with gingivitis have increased odds of ≥50 percent intracranial atherosclerosis

ASA: Herpes Zoster Vaccine May Reduce Risk for Stroke

Risk significantly reduced for stroke events, acute ischemic strokes, hemorrhagic strokes in older adults

Rates of Liver Disease High Among World Trade Center Responders

Findings compared with nonresponders also being screened for lung cancer

Young Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk for Hospitalization

Risks most elevated for survivors of leukemia, CNS tumors, CRC, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, breast cancer

Survival Similar for Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis

Meta-analysis included data for 113,578 patients with incident dialysis from 1993 to 2014

Short-Term Mortality Link Identified for Increased Ozone Exposure

Exposure to ozone greater than maximum background levels linked to short-term excess mortality of 0.26 percent

Few Adolescent Men Who Have Sex With Men Have Had HIV Test

Most have regular doctor, but few have had conversations about same-sex sexual behaviors, HIV testing

Smartphone Apps Not Accurate Enough to Detect All Melanomas

SkinVision had sensitivity of 80 percent, but accuracy poor versus expert recommendation

Breast Development, Puberty Starting Earlier in Girls Worldwide

Age at pubertal onset decreased almost three months per decade from 1977 to 2013; earliest onset in the U.S.

Broad Clinical Spectrum Linked to Pediatric MOG Antibodies

Presenting syndromes include ADEM, encephalitis other than ADEM, optic neuritis, myelitis

Coronavirus Fears Have U.S. Pharmacies Running Out of Face Masks

Meanwhile, WHO holds meeting on fast-tracking vaccines, treatments for novel virus

Virtual Cross-Matching May Speed Kidney Transplant Process

Cold ischemia time for donor kidneys reduced after implementation of virtual cross-matching program

Adding Maraviroc to c-ART No Better in Advanced HIV

Incidence of severe morbidity similar for addition of maraviroc versus placebo to standard c-ART

Brain MRIs ID Racial Differences in Pain Response

Minorities report greater pain, which may be tied to stress, sociocultural factors

Out-of-Network Billing Common for Surgery Within Network

Bills for about one in five undergoing elective ops performed with in-network primary surgeon, facility

Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 1,000; 13th U.S. Case Confirmed

The total numbers far exceed the toll of the 2003 SARS outbreak

Elevated FPG May Increase Adverse Outcomes in GDM Pregnancies

Rates of LGA, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy up with fasting hyperglycemia in gestational diabetes

Use of General Anesthesia May Up Risk for Postpartum Depression

PPD requiring hospitalization higher among women undergoing general anesthesia for cesarean delivery

Prophylactic Migraine Treatment Has No Effect in Children

Findings based on review of 23 studies with variety of treatments compared with placebo

Genetic Basis for Testosterone Levels Differs According to Sex

Genetically higher testosterone level generally benefits men, harms women in metabolic diseases

Uninsured Rate in Diabetes Belt Dropped With Medicaid Expansion

Decrease in uninsurance after Medicaid expansion greater in Diabetes Belt than in non-Belt counties

Single Dose of HPV Vaccine May Cut Preinvasive Cervical Disease

Risk for preinvasive cervical disease decreased with one, two, three vaccine doses at age 15 to 19 years

Telepsychiatry Services Expand Access to Behavioral Health Care

Benefits seen in emergency departments and perinatal integrated care in a specialty obstetrics practice

Outpatient Palliative Care Improves Parkinson Outcomes

Additionally, some benefit is seen for certain caregiver measures

Functional Brace Feasible for Ruptured Achilles Tendon

Outcomes at nine months after injury did not differ for functional brace compared with plaster cast

Seniors Have Concerns About Affording Health Insurance

About half of adults aged 50 to 64 have little, no confidence in being able to afford insurance on retirement

Medical Group Opposes States’ Limits on Trans Youth Access to Treatment

Group says legislation discriminates against trans patients and prevents physicians from doing their jobs

Two Experimental Drugs for Rare, Inherited Alzheimer Disease Disappoint

Both drugs designed to target and neutralize amyloid beta in the brain

Resting-State EEG Can Predict Sertraline Treatment Outcomes

Sertraline-predictive EEG signature examined in four independent depression treatment sets

Empathy Declines as Students Progress Through Medical School

Similar pattern seen for both D.O. and M.D. students, although decline was less great among D.O. students

CDC Outlines U.S. Process of Evaluating Patients for 2019-nCoV

210 symptomatic persons tested for 2019-nCoV; overall, 11 persons had laboratory-confirmed disease

Man Residing in China First U.S. Citizen to Die From Coronavirus

Not clear why man was not able to leave Wuhan on evacuation flights, but may have been too ill to fly

Higher Birth Weight May Improve Cardiorespiratory Fitness Later

Findings seen in large cohort of men born at-term, regardless of body mass index, in young adulthood

Sexual Minority Youth More Likely to Attempt Suicide

Despite higher reporting of minority sexual identities, prevalence of suicidality high versus heterosexual youth

Biologics Tied to Greater Reduction in Pediatric Psoriasis

However, methotrexate remains an effective treatment for pediatric psoriasis

Number of Nurse Practitioners More Than Doubled 2010 to 2017

Corresponding nationwide decrease of 80,000 registered nurses seen during same period

Prenatal Tobacco Exposure May Raise Risk for Pediatric Psoriasis

Exposure-response relationship observed for increasing quantities of cigarettes smoked daily

Infant Sleep Locations Often Do Not Align With Recommendations

Fewer than half of mothers practice and intend to practice room sharing without bed sharing

Screening for T1DM in Children May Help Reduce Morbidity

Public health screening of 2- to 5-year-olds revealed an islet autoantibody prevalence of 0.31 percent

CT Scan Features Described for 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection

Typical chest CT findings were bilateral parenchymal ground-glass and consolidative pulmonary opacities

Hexavalent Vaccine Included in Vaccines for Children Program

DTaP-IPV-Hib-HepB vaccine has safety profile consistent with licensed comparator vaccines

GI Bleeding in OAC-Treated A-Fib Patients Indicates CRC Risk

Lower-GI bleeding tied to high absolute risks for CRC in patients receiving oral anticoagulants for a-fib

Baby Carriers Recalled Because Infant Can Fall Out

Recalled models are Go Forward 4-in-1 Evolved Ergonomic, Flip Front2back, and Up Close Newborn

Chinese Doctor Among First to Warn About Coronavirus Dies From Virus

Dr. Li Wenliang raised concerns about a cluster of illnesses that were similar to SARS

Arterial Stiffness Increased Within Year of Final Menstrual Period

Annual percentage change in carotid-femoral pulse-wave velocity significantly greater within year of FMP

Circulating Tumor Cells Predict Relapse in Stage III Melanoma

One or more CTCs independently linked to melanoma relapse at six and 54 months

Radiologist Workforce Becoming Increasingly Subspecialized

Increased subspecialization seen across cohorts defined by gender, years in practice, practice size

More Americans Evacuated From China Due to Coronavirus

FDA announced Tuesday that it has fast-tracked a test for the virus to help speed screening efforts

Low-Contrast Sensitivity Predicts Poor Vision in Seniors

Men have better best-corrected visual acuity than women; cataract more prevalent in women