fMRI Measures May Predict Psychiatric Symptoms in Children

Less positive coupling between sgACC, DLPFC at age 7 linked to increase in internalizing behaviors at 11

Study Shows Link Between Atopic Dermatitis and Vitiligo

Subgroup analyses show significant associations between adult, childhood AD and vitiligo

Neither Psychotherapy Nor Medications Favored for PTSD

Evidence insufficient to determine whether psychotherapy, medications are more effective

Machine Learning System Makes More Alerts for Med Errors

68.2 percent of MedAware alerts would not have been generated with clinical decision support system

Subtle Cognitive Difficulties May Predict Amyloidosis

Individuals with objectively-defined SCD have faster amyloid accumulation, entorhinal cortical thinning

Frailty Score May Predict Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma

Frailty score based on age, Charlson Comorbidity Index, ECOS PS predicts outcomes in FIRST trial

Samoa Ends State of Emergency Over Measles

Immunization drive earlier this month lifted the number of Samoans now vaccinated to 95 percent

CDC: Cases of Flu Continue to Mount Across America

Agency says it is still too early to know how severe this year's flu season will be

China Convicts Scientists Claiming First Genetically Edited Babies

Scientists convicted of practicing medicine without license, violating Chinese regulations on research

Closures of Automotive Assembly Plants Tied to Opioid OD Deaths

Increases in opioid overdose mortality largest for non-Hispanic white men aged 18 to 34, 35 to 65 years

Exposure to Pyrethroid Insecticides Linked to Mortality

Risk increased for all-cause, CVD mortality for highest tertile of urinary 3-phenoxybenzoic acid

Number of Children With Opioid Poisonings Increasing

Percentage of critical care admissions and suicidal intent increased in each era

Many With Peanut Allergies Unnecessarily Avoid Tree Nuts

Most peanut-allergic individuals could tolerate tree nuts, but many avoid them

Dense Breast Notifications May Not Be Having Intended Impact

Few differences seen between women residing in states that require notifications and those who do not

Gastric Sleeve Tied to Lower Risk for Subsequent Procedures

But rates of bariatric conversion, revision procedures higher for gastric sleeve versus gastric bypass

Poor Diet Contributes Substantially to Cardiometabolic Disease Costs

Diet tied to more than $50 billion in annual health care costs for heart disease, stroke, diabetes

High Lipoprotein(a) Is Risk Factor for CVD in Type 1 Diabetes

Lp(a) significant risk factor for macrovascular disease, albuminuria, calcified aortic valve disease

Inflammation Linked to Thyroid Dysfunction in Psoriasis Patients

Patients with thyroid dysfunction and psoriasis have higher serum C-reactive protein levels

Yoga Has Positive Effect on Brain Structure, Function

Positive effect seen in hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex, cingulate cortex, brain networks

Intervention Cuts Preoperative Anxiety in Young Children

Child Life preparation versus usual care reduces child anxiety in OR prior to IV induction of anesthesia

Multiple Health Benefits Reported for Intermittent Fasting

Review suggests health benefits can be attributed to more than just reduction in caloric intake

Magnesium Inversely Linked to Risk for Coronary Heart Disease

Increase in dietary magnesium associated with reduced risk for fatal CHD in postmenopausal women

Changes Needed to Address Out-of-Network Billing at Hospitals

Anesthesiologists, pathologists, radiologists, assistant surgeons out of network in about 10 percent of cases

Protection Similar With Single, Multiple HPV Vaccine Doses

Infection with HPV 6, 11, 16, 18 less prevalent among women receiving one, two, three doses of HPV vaccine

Depression May Worsen QOL in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Depression also linked to higher RA disease activity, but no ties seen to pain or functional disability

Marijuana Use for MS Tied to Legal Permissiveness

Most patients have accurate knowledge about the legal status of cannabis where they live

Case Study: Methylmercury Toxicity Found From Skin-Lightening Cream

Patient admitted to hospital with symptoms that included blurry vision, unsteady gait, difficulty speaking

Public Insurance Tied to Lower Cancer Survival in Young Patients

Findings seen among patients <40 years with bone or soft tissue sarcomas, regardless of disease stage

Liposuction Benefits Women With Lipedema

Most wait years for diagnosis and have other health issues, often an underactive thyroid gland

Prescribing Practices Can Mitigate Opioid Overdose Risk for Teens

Lowest amount of opioids, short-acting opioids, avoiding concurrent use of opioids and benzodiazepines cut risk

Risk-Based Approach Could Help Target Prostate Cancer Screening

Risk-based screening yields less overdiagnosis, more cost-effective than age-based screening

U.S. Teens Initiating E-Cigarette Use at Younger Ages

In 2014 and 2018, 8.8 and 28.6 percent of e-cigarette users initiated use at 14 years or younger

Machine Learning Model Helps Predict Risk for MI, Cardiac Death

Model integrates clinical and quantitative imaging-based variables to predict long-term cardiac risks

BMI, Survival Linked in NSCLC Treated With Atezolizumab

Overall, progression-free survival improved for patients with high BMI; link strongest with high PD-L1 expression

Bariatric Surgery in Teens May Cut Diabetic Kidney Disease Risk

Decreased rates of hyperfiltration, elevated UAE seen among surgically treated obese teens with T2DM

Recall of Pacemaker in Nov. 2015 Was Delayed Unnecessarily

Manufacturer and FDA were aware of battery and wire connection defects for 19 months before recall

Most Children Do Not Have Positive Results to Antibiotic Challenge

Positive results for only 18 percent of challenge tests to non-β-lactam antibiotics

Mortality Due to Fire, Heat, Hot Substances Declined Globally

Decline in mortality from 1990 to 2017; regional variation observed in age-standardized incidence

News of Vaping-Related Injury Getting Vapers’ Attention

But many young people who vape still underestimate the risks posed by e-cigarette products

Many Hospitals Fail to Provide Instructions for Patient Portals

Authors say hospitals need to provide patients with more information and clarify expectations for use

Psychological Safety at Work Tied to Hospital Infection Prevention

Work culture of high psychological safety reported in about 38 percent of acute care hospitals

Marginal Increase in PCP Access After ACA Medicaid Expansion

No change in emergency department utilization during 2014 to 2016 after expansion of Medicaid

Regular Cannabis Use May Cause Adverse Cardiac Changes

Changes in left ventricular size, subclinical dysfunction reported for regular cannabis use versus rare/no use

Many Do Not Discuss Menopause Concerns With Their Provider

Perimenopausal, menopausal women report lower rates of well-being than postmenopausal women

Overdose, Relapse After Buprenorphine Discontinuation High

The longer patients continue with buprenorphine treatment, the lower their risk of adverse outcomes

Antioxidant, Supplement Use May Worsen Breast Cancer Outcomes

Disease-free, overall survival poorer with vitamin B12 use before and during chemotherapy

Patients OK With Use of Checklist Prior to Induction of Anesthesia

Patients experience less discomfort with preinduction checklist use than anesthesia providers expect

Polygenic Risk Score More Strongly Linked to Early-Onset CRC

Strongest association seen for participants without a first-degree family history of colorectal cancer

Diabetes Prevalence Varies by Race, Ethnicity

Adjusted rates lower for non-Hispanic white versus Hispanic, non-Hispanic black, non-Hispanic Asian groups

Survival Up for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 1995 to 2017

Improvement in median overall survival from 5.8 years in 1995 to 2011 to not reached in 2009 to 2017

Obesity May Up Cardiotoxicity Risk From Breast Cancer Therapy

Obesity independently associated with treatment-related cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients

U.S. Incidence of Thyroid Cancer Plateaued in 2009

Significant slowing found in rate of increase from 2009 to 2014, followed by stable rate since 2014

12 Million U.S. Residents Drove Under Influence of Marijuana in 2018

Prevalence of driving under the influence increased among men, those aged 16 to 34 years

Vitamin E Acetate ID’d in Lungs of Most Vaping Illness Patients

And, special report notes decrease in ED visits with EVALI-related diagnostic codes since September 2019

Transplant Outcomes Similar With Lungs From ‘Increased-Risk’ Donors

Rejection, survival at one year did not differ compared with those receiving lungs from standard-risk donors

Prenatal Smoking Raises Risk for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Increased risk for GDM seen across all levels of prepregnancy BMI and gestational weight gain

Patient Share of Out-of-Network Costs Rising

From 2012 to 2017, out-of-pocket costs nearly doubled for out-of-network hospital care

Palliative Care Services Lagging Worldwide

More than half of world's population has poor, nonexistent access to palliative care

Considerable Misunderstanding Surrounds ABIM Leave Policies

Most program directors report understanding policies, but few correctly define them

ASTRO Issues Recs for Radiation Tx of Basal, Squamous Cell Carcinoma

RT recommended as primary treatment for BCC, cSCC patients who are not surgical candidates

Endocrine Society Releases Hypoglycemia Performance Measures

Quality measures help providers identify older adults with T2DM who are at increased risk for hypoglycemia

Healthy Sleep Pattern May Reduce Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Good sleep patterns may offset genetic susceptibility to heart disease, stroke

Acupuncture, Acupressure May Help Cancer Patients Control Pain

Review also shows link between acupuncture or acupressure and reduction in analgesic use

Half of Patients on PPIs for GERD Still Have Persistent Symptoms

Heartburn, regurgitation reported by 54.1 percent of participants taking proton pump inhibitor daily

Vitamin D Supplementation Offers No Benefit for Critically Ill

Among critically ill patients with vitamin D deficiency, supplementation did not improve 90-day mortality

Infertility Risk Increased for Men Born Small for Gestational Age

Link weakened after excluding those born with hypospadias, cryptorchidism; no link seen in women

Long Working Hours May Up Risk for Masked, Sustained HTN

Working 49+ hours/week associated with increased prevalence of masked, sustained hypertension

Sleep Fragmentation Linked to Odds of Migraine

No temporal association found for short sleep duration, low sleep quality with migraine

Number of Teens Vaping Marijuana on the Rise

Two studies show increasing self-reported use among both middle and high school students

Age at Obesity Onset Tied to Risk for Type 2 Diabetes in Women

Risk for diabetes decreased for each year increment in age at onset of obesity

Standardized Screening for ASD Recommended at 18, 24 Months

Children should be referred for intervention at time of identification and not wait for diagnostic evaluation

Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Holds Steady for Third Straight Year

However, fate of the program remains uncertain

Biomarker May Predict Cardiac Risk in Noncardiac Surgery

Preoperative levels of NT-proBNP may be useful for improving preoperative cardiac risk stratification

Vaccination Rates Improved With Removal of Nonmedical Exemptions

In California, MMR coverage increased in postpolicy period, while nonmedical exemptions decreased

Report Estimates Readmission, Death After Vaping Illness Discharge

Based on these findings, second report presents guidelines updating postdischarge management

Tivozanib Bests Sorafenib in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

Progression-free survival longer in those receiving tivozanib as third- or fourth-line therapy

Overt Hypothyroidism May Up All-Cause Mortality in the Elderly

However, no association seen between hypothyroidism and cardiovascular mortality

Aspirin May No Longer Have Effect in Primary CVD Prevention

Also no significant decrease seen in cancer death in studies from 2005 onward

Some U.S. Adults Unaware of Any Myocardial Infarction Symptoms

About 20 percent of adults not aware of the three most common symptoms of myocardial infarction

Increasing Proportion of Dialysis Patients Rely on Safety-Net Care

Safety net-reliant patients more likely to initiate dialysis at nonprofit/independently owned facilities

Continuing Full Induction Regimen Not Beneficial in Metastatic CRC

Maintenance therapy shows benefit versus observation in terms of PFS but not overall survival

Anifrolumab Improves Response at 52 Weeks in Lupus

Rate of composite response showing reduced disease activity higher with anifrolumab versus placebo

HbA1c Minimally Adds to CVD Risk Prediction in Prediabetes

Classical risk factors explain most of the increased risk for CVD associated with HbA1c in prediabetes

Cognitive Symptom Score From EHR Predicts Risk for Dementia

Symptom score derived from discharge summaries using natural language processing linked to earlier diagnosis

Low Education Link to CVD Risk Partly Due to Income, Job Strain

Correlations with risk for CVD, CVD mortality reduced after adjustment for income, job strain

Concussions More Common Among College Students Than Thought

Non-sport-related concussions are more common on campus than sport-related concussion

CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Dec. 10-14

The 42nd Annual CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium The annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium was held from Dec. 10 to 14 in Texas...

Congress Approves Raising Age to Buy Tobacco Products to 21

Measure was supported by many tobacco and electronic cigarette companies

FDA Gives First Ebola Vaccine for Adults the Green Light

Ervebo shown to be highly effective in preventing infection in people exposed to the virus

Opioid-Related Suicides Down, Rate of Unintentional Deaths Up

Crises of opioid overdose deaths and suicide do not appear closely linked

Vitamin D Supplementation Alone May Not Reduce Fracture Risk

However, meta-analysis shows significant reduction in any, hip fracture with vitamin D plus calcium

Gabapentinoids, Opioids Combo Carries Risk for Breathing Problems

Serious breathing problems can occur in patients who use gabapentinoids with opioids or other CNS depressants

RT for DCIS Ups Mortality Risk in Invasive Second Breast Cancer

Rates of mortality for invasive second breast cancer higher in those with prior radiotherapy for DCIS

Misuse of Nonopioid Medications Appears to Be on the Rise in U.S.

Increases seen for misuse/abuse, suicide attempts, and hospitalizations linked to gabapentin, baclofen

Variability in Lumbar Fusion Surgery Driven by Patient Factors

However, selecting patients more likely to have favorable outcomes would greatly cut surgery volumes

T2DM Risk Cut With Weight Loss Even in Nonoverweight People

Findings seen even among nonoverweight, regardless of family diabetes history, genetic risk for T2DM

Sustained Weight Loss at 50+ May Lower Risk for Breast Cancer

Women who lost ≥9 kg and regained some, but not all, also had lower risk for breast cancer

Risk Score Developed to Help ID Heart Failure Risk in Leukemia

Risk score identifies risk among patients with acute leukemia treated with anthracyclines before chemo

Treatment for Younger Adults With CRC Improved Under ACA

Timely receipt of adjuvant chemo more likely in DCE-eligible patients with resected stage IIB to IIIC CRC

Menopause Linked to Increase in Sleep-Onset Insomnia

Postmenopausal women more likely to screen positive for OSA versus pre/perimenopausal women

Antiretroviral Prescribing in Pregnancy Strays From National Guidelines

Many prescribed ARVs with insufficient evidence, not recommended for use in pregnant women with HIV

Being Born in Spring, Summer May Increase CVD Mortality Risk

No significant associations seen between birth month, birth season, and overall mortality

Heavy Drinking May Up Marker Levels for Cardiac Damage

Levels of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T, NT-proBNP, hsCRP highest for patients from narcology clinic

E-Cigarette Influencers to Be Banned From Instagram, Facebook

E-cigarette product advertising already banned on both platforms

Private Care Program for U.S. Vets Gets $8.9 Billion in Budget Deal

Under the program, veterans have wider access to private care if they have faced long wait times

Death Rates for Dialysis Patients in U.S. Territories Vary by Race

Mortality rates significantly higher for territory-dwelling Hispanic and Asian dialysis patients

Midlife Obesity in Women May Increase Risk for Dementia Later

No clear association with later dementia seen for low BMI, low caloric intake, inactivity at baseline

Cannabis Use Disorder May Up Risk of Perioperative Heart Attack

Findings in national study of patients undergoing 11 elective surgeries

Spine Surgery Safely Performed in Some Very Elderly Patients

In a carefully defined cohort of patients 80 years and older, 20 percent had perioperative complications

Obesity, Smoking Do Not Impact Long-Term Healing of Wrist Fractures

Findings based on one-year postoperative follow-up for range of motion, bone alignment, and function

Refined Carbs May Up Insomnia Risk in Postmenopausal Women

Highly processed foods containing large amounts of refined sugars may be a dietary culprit for insomnia

Pregnancy-Related Heart Failure Tied to Higher Cancer Risk

Ninefold higher cancer occurrence seen both before and after peripartum cardiomyopathy diagnosis

Deep Learning Model Predicts Future Breast Cancer Risk

False-negative rate lower for age-adjusted deep learning risk score versus density-based models

Decreasing Proportion of Americans Has Source of Primary Care

Significant reductions among adults in their 30s, 40s, 50s; decrease for those with no comorbidities

Most Students Who Use E-Cigs Vape Nicotine and Marijuana

Higher grade, increasing cigarette smoking intensity tied to more students reporting vaping nicotine only

CRC Screening Up for Ages 45 to 49 After ACS Guideline Update

Increase in screening rates in quarters 3, 4 of 2018 versus quarter 1; no change for people in their 50s

Fenfluramine Reduces Convulsive Seizures in Dravet Syndrome

Drop in monthly frequency of convulsive seizures significantly greater with fenfluramine versus placebo

FDA to Allow States to Import Prescription Drugs From Other Countries

All imports would have to be FDA-approved, tested to ensure quality, relabeled to meet U.S. labeling requirements

Cannabis Use Up, Especially Among Those With Depression

Study also shows declining perception of cannabis use-related risks

Obesity Projected to Affect Almost One in Two by 2030

Nearly 25 percent of adults projected to have severe obesity by 2030; in 25 states obesity will top 25 percent

Addition of Maintenance Olaparib Slows Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Benefit substantial for homologous-recombination deficiency positive tumors with, without BRCA mutations

New Rules Seek to Increase Organ Transplants in U.S.

New rules include reimbursing donors for lost wages, tightening standards for organ procurement organizations

FDA Approves Sale of Low-Nicotine Cigarettes

Nicotine content of the two newly approved cigarettes is less than 1 mg per cigarette

SABCS: Anastrozole Tied to Lasting Reduction in Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer risk significantly lower at median follow-up of 131 months; effect continued after treatment

Benzodiazepines With Opioid Agonist Tx May Up Mortality Risk

Coprescription of z-drugs with OAT also linked to increased risk for drug-related poisoning mortality

Severe Maternal Morbidity, Mortality Both Up in Rural Areas

Clinical factors together with social determinants of health pose challenge for rural communities

Frailty May Worsen Outcomes in Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

Frailty may predict poor postoperative outcomes, particularly in tSCI patients younger than age 75

Black Men Have Higher Breast Cancer Rates for All Subtypes

Black-white patterns in subtype-specific breast cancer incidence rates differ for men and women

One in 10 Hospital Patients May Carry C. Diff at Admission

Asymptomatic carriers of C. difficile at significant risk for progression to symptomatic infection

Hospital-Level Home Acute Care Can Cut Costs, Health Care Use

Less frequent readmission seen within 30 days with hospital-level care at home for acutely ill

Suicide 30 to 50 Times Higher After ED Visit for Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation

Findings seen among patients presenting with self-harm and suicidal ideation in California

Early Regional Anesthesia Effective for Extremity Injury Pain

When given soon after traumatic injury, regional anesthesia is valuable pain management intervention

SAE Rate Higher With Nilotinib Versus Placebo in Parkinson Disease

Exploratory biomarkers altered in response to nilotinib, including drop in hyperphosphorylated tau

USPSTF Recommends Behavioral Counseling for STI Prevention

Behavioral counseling linked to reduction in odds of STI and with reduction in sexual risk behaviors

Possible Measles Exposures Occurred at LA International Airport

Three people with measles traveled through the airport on the morning of Dec. 11

Congress Could Raise Age to Buy Tobacco Products to 21

19 states and the District of Columbia have already increased the age to buy tobacco products to 21

Consuming Ultraprocessed Food May Up Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Significant links persisted after adjustment for markers of nutritional quality, metabolic comorbidities

Rates of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Remain High in U.S.

Highest rates of neonatal abstinence syndrome seen in lowest income quartile, rural areas, Northeast

E-Cigarette Use Independent Risk Factor for Chronic Lung Disease

Odds of developing respiratory disease higher for dual users of e-cigarettes, combustible tobacco

Palliative Care Reaching More Inpatients With Serious Illness

From 2013 to 2017, more patients discharged alive, consistent with palliative care earlier in illness

Cesarean Section Not Linked to Obesity in Offspring

No evidence found for young adulthood obesity of offspring born via nonelective, elective C-section

Results Mixed for Twice-Daily APBI in Early Breast Cancer

APBI noninferior to WBI for preventing recurrence but linked to increased late toxicity, adverse cosmesis

Mindfulness Program May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Program participants showed improvements in self-regulation, behavioral determinants of hypertension

Domestic Abuse Increases Risk for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue

Female survivors of domestic abuse are at double the risk for developing functional syndromes

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Ups Risk for Serious Viral Infections

Clinically active IBD and exposure to thiopurines are main drivers of the risk

Five-Year Mortality Up in Older Adults With Unplanned Admission

Among seniors, just over half of all deaths occurred in those with first unplanned hospital admission

Many Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors Die From Other Causes

Number of breast cancer deaths decreased as more years passed after breast cancer diagnosis

Burnout Rates Exceed 50 Percent for Pediatric Residents

Stress, sleepiness, dissatisfaction with work-life balance, recent medical error linked to burnout risk

Many Lung Cancer Patients Receive Meds That Prolong QTc Interval

Receipt of these medications prolonging corrected QT interval limits patients' eligibility for clinical trials

Outcomes Worse for Rural Residents With Chronic Conditions

Higher preventable hospitalization and mortality rates partly due to reduced access to specialists

American Society of Hematology, Dec. 7-10

The 61st American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition The annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology was held from Dec. 7 to...

Hahn Confirmed as New FDA Chief

One major challenge facing Hahn is the teen vaping epidemic

U.S. Will Have Three-Digit Number for Suicide Prevention Hotline

People will just need to dial 988 to reach a suicide prevention hotline

Factors Predict Adverse Opioid-Related Outcomes in Cancer Survivors

Demographic, cancer, and treatment factors can predict outcomes with high level of discrimination

Model May Predict Barrett Esophagus Diagnosis in GERD Patients

Model validated for prediction of Barrett esophagus, with eight features showing diagnostic value

SABCS: Breast Cancer Rates Opposite for Estrogen, Estrogen + Progestin

In postmenopausal women, breast cancer incidence down with estrogen alone, up with CEE + MPA

Antibiotic Exposure May Be Tied to Risk for Parkinson Disease

Link between exposure and diagnosis may be due to disruption of gut microbiota, authors say

Evidence Supports Use of High-Dose Aspirin for Migraine

High-dose aspirin safe, effective for acute migraine; low-dose aspirin can prevent recurrent attacks

Prenatal, Early-Life Air Pollutant Exposure Tied to Later Allergies

Exposures to candles, cats, environmental tobacco smoke at certain timepoints tied to allergies at 2 years

Moderate Physical Activity Tied to Lower Fasting GLP-1 in Men

In men, glucose-stimulated GLP-1 responses were higher for every hour of moderate PA performed

Nurses Not Getting Enough Sleep Before Work

Less than recommended sleep tied to lower quality of care, patient safety

Organ Transplant Does Not Worsen Prostate Cancer Outcome

No increase in cancer-specific mortality seen in men with prostate cancer who receive organ transplants

Mental Health Disorders May Affect Hip Arthroscopy Outcomes

Odds of favorable outcome after hip arthroscopy lower for those with psychological impairment

Incidence of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Lung Disease Rising

Incidence and prevalence of NTM lung disease increasing across U.S., especially for women, older adults

Western Diet Linked to Late Age-Related Macular Degeneration

No significant association found between dietary pattern and incidence of any AMD, early AMD

Labeling Exercise Needed to Burn Food May Cut Calories Consumed

Labeling foods with the amount of physical activity needed to burn off calories tied to healthier choices

Few Child Care Centers Report Flu Vaccine Requirements

Having state influenza vaccine law for children predicted child influenza vaccine requirement

Antibiotics Often Prescribed Without Documented Indication

Of 130.5 million prescriptions in 2015, 18 percent had no documented indication

Potentially Nephrotoxic Meds Prescribed to Children With CKD

Potentially nephrotoxic meds prescribed at higher rate to children with versus without chronic kidney disease

1999 to 2017 Saw Drop in IBD Hospitalization Rate for Whites

Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis hospitalizations decreased for white, but not black, seniors aged ≥65

Cost Saving-Related Rx Nonadherence Found for 7 Percent With HIV

Persons nonadherent due to cost more likely to have visited ED, been hospitalized, not be virally suppressed

Non-HDL Cholesterol Levels Linked to Long-Term ASCVD Risk

Fifty percent reduction in non-HDLC concentration linked to reduced risk for CVD event by age 75 years

Radiological Society of North America, Dec. 1-6

The 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America was...

SABCS: Long-Term Outcomes Good for PBI in Early Breast Cancer

10-year ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence rates similar for partial, whole breast irradiation

One in Three Parents Report Skipping Doctor, Dentist Appointment

Parents unaware of impact socioeconomic factors can have on chronic disease

Facebook Asked to Remove ‘Factually Inaccurate’ Ads About PrEP

Ads are from law firms seeking litigants for class-action lawsuit against Truvada maker Gilead Sciences

Single Antidepressant Dose of Intravenous Ketamine Safe

No serious, long-lasting side effects seen for treatment of resistant depression

Access to High-Cost Targeted Treatments Varies for Lung Cancer

Patients treated at a National Cancer Institute-designated center more likely to receive these drugs for lung cancer

Exposure to PM2.5 Linked to Decline in Episodic Memory

Long-term PM2.5 exposure in later life mainly affects immediate recall and new learning

Survival Worse for Nonwhite Children With Hodgkin Lymphoma

Risk for postrelapse mortality 2.7-, 3.5-fold higher for Hispanics, non-Hispanic blacks versus whites

Endovascular AVF for Dialysis Access Shows High Patency Rate

Cumulative patency rate was 92.7 percent at 24 months for proximal radial artery arteriovenous fistula

Fewer Blacks Use Aspirin Therapy for Primary Prevention of CVD

Low-dose aspirin linked to trend toward reduced risk for ischemic cardiac disease in whites, not blacks

SABCS: Addition of Tucatinib Ups Survival in HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

In heavily pretreated patients, adding tucatinib versus placebo improves overall, progression-free survival

Use of Pain, Sleep Drugs Ups Risk for Frailty in the Elderly

Findings show 95 percent increased frailty risk for co-use of sleep, pain drugs

2003 to 2017 Saw Increase in Deaths at Home, Hospice Facility

Greatest odds of death at home and at hospice facility seen for patients with cancer

Stroke Risk Up With Long Sleep Duration, Long Midday Napping

Also, risks for total, ischemic, hemorrhagic stroke increased with poor versus good sleep quality

Shortage of Applied Behavior Analysts Found for Children With Autism

Supply of ABA providers falls short of benchmark for 49 states and Washington, D.C.

Insurance Disparities ID’d in Diagnosis of Late-Stage Melanoma

Odds of late-stage melanoma up for individuals with Medicaid, no insurance versus those with private insurance

Use of Pain, Sleep Drugs Ups Risk of Frailty in the Elderly

Findings show 95 percent increased frailty risk for co-use of sleep, pain drugs

State Legislators React to Preventable Disease Outbreaks

Outbreaks of preventable diseases linked to increases in proposed legislation to restrict vaccine exemptions

Aerobic Exercise May Slow Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Findings seen at one-year follow-up in older adults with cardiovascular risk factors, cognitive impairment

Trampoline-Related Pediatric Fractures Increased 2008 Through 2017

Significant increase seen in the odds of a fracture occurring at a place of recreation or sport

Many Pregnant Women Not Meeting Nutritional Guidelines

Women not meeting vegetable, cereal grain, or folate intake recommendations, iron and calcium requirements

CPAP Mask Helps Patients With Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Improved quality of life seen at three months in those receiving CPAP in addition to standard care

Type 2 Diabetes More Common in Patients With Psoriasis

Association between psoriasis and metabolic syndrome differs by sex

Factors Examined for Time to First Rx for Biologic DMARD in RA

Longer time to receipt more likely with older age, male sex, greater distance to nearest rheumatologist

Household Cleaning Product-Linked Ocular Exposure Declining

Annual frequency of exposures decreased among children; highest rate seen for children aged 2

U.S. Health Care Spending Up 4.6 Percent in 2018

Acceleration in overall growth driven by faster growth in private health insurance and Medicare

Low-Dose Aspirin May Cut Dementia Risk in Women With Diabetes

However, no effect seen for lowering dementia risk in men with type 2 diabetes

Strength Training Tied to Less Weight Loss-Induced Bone Loss

Slower loss of hip bone mineral density, less bone turnover seen in older obese patients losing weight