Healthy Lifestyle May Lower Risk for Alzheimer Dementia

Risk down by 37, 60 percent for two to three, four to five versus zero to one healthy lifestyle factors

Rapid Progression Noted in Artificial Stone Silicosis

Progressive massive fibrosis increased from 6.6 to 37.7 percent after mean follow-up of 4.1 years

Court Rules Against Drug Price Disclosures in TV Ads

Judges said HHS exceeded its legal authority by requiring drug price disclosure as part of its stewardship of Medicare, Medicaid

Nine Texas Mayors Ask Governor for Power to Mandate Face Masks

Growing number of studies show face masks reduce the spread of the new coronavirus

Cardioprotective Therapy Use Lower With Cancer History

Utilization rate of antiplatelet therapies and statins significantly lower for patients with cancer history

Sociodemographic Gaps Found in COVID-19 Incidence, Knowledge

Knowledge of fomite spread lower among African-Americans, Hispanics, those younger than 30

CDC: Deaths From Exposure to Heat-Related Conditions Identified

Total of 10,526 deaths identified during 2004 to 2018; rates up for men, older adults, AI/ANs

Hyperglycemia Common in T1DM Patients With COVID-19

Most prevalent adverse outcome in those with type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 was diabetic ketoacidosis

Risk for COVID-19 Reinfection Remains Unknown

Jeffrey Shaman, Ph.D., of Climate and Health Program at Columbia University, spoke with HD Live! about COVID-19 reinfection risk

Midlife Blood Pressure During Exercise Predicts Later Heart Disease

Higher BP during exercise, delayed BP recovery after exercise tied to later hypertension, heart disease, death

Hormone Therapies Tied to Brain Changes in Menopausal Women

Circulating levels of pituitary-ovarian hormones linked to changes in WMH in menopausal women

Prevalence of DFCIs Up for Young Competitive Alpine Skiers

More distal femoral cortical irregularity found on knee MRI, mainly at medial head of gastrocnemius muscle

Globally, ~11 Percent of Children Live With One of Four Disabilities

11.2 percent of children estimated to have epilepsy, intellectual disability, vision or hearing loss in 2017

Antibiotic Prescribing High in Low-, Middle-Income Countries

Proportion of patients with inappropriate prescriptions ranged from 8 to 100 percent

Prevalence of Asthma Up for Children With Disability

Odds of asthma significantly higher for children with a disability or delay versus typically growing children

Mild Thyroid Dysfunction Common in Women With Subfertility

19.9 percent of women with history of miscarriage, subfertility have SCH when upper TSH is 2.5 mIU/L

CVD, Non-CVD Mortality Increased With Azithromycin Use

Cardiovascular death risk increased within five days of azithromycin exposure, but not at six to 10 days

Proactive Monitoring Program Beneficial for COVID-19 Home Care

Total of 6,853 patients monitored as of May 21, 2020; average of nine patients/day sent to ED

Record-High Spikes in COVID-19 Cases Seen in Arizona, Florida, Texas

Why numbers are rising has become a point of argument between politicians and scientists

U.S. Insurers Should Not Charge Copays for COVID-19 Vaccine

Government has been in discussions with insurers about covering COVID-19 vaccination at no cost to patients

Changes Proposed for Newborn Congenital Heart Disease Screen

Oxygen saturation of at least 95 percent in both upper, lower extremities required to pass

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Aids Glycemic Control in Young

And, in older adults, CGM versus blood glucose monitoring reduces time spent in hypoglycemia

Strong Support Found for Protective Practices Related to COVID-19

Most adults in N.Y.C., L.A., and across the U.S. support stay-at-home orders, closure of nonessential business

Steroid May Reduce COVID-19 Death Risk by Up to One-Third

Dexamethasone appears promising for patients with severe illness

Stressful Life Events May Up CHD Risk in Type 2 Diabetes

Findings for coronary heart disease risk seen in large study of postmenopausal women with T2DM

New Surgical Technique Used to Treat Pseudogynecomastia

Authors describe nipple-areola complex transposition on a thinned inferior dermal pedicle

Perianal Fistulizing Complications Preventable in Crohn Disease

Steroid-sparing therapy may reduce risk for PFCs in young patients with Crohn disease

Correlates of COVID-19 ID’d on American Indian Reservations

Rate of cases higher on American Indian reservations with larger proportion of homes lacking plumbing

Therapeutic Hookworm Explored for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

No effect seen for hookworm versus placebo on number of new/enlarging/enhancing lesions

Drop in Firearm Deaths Linked to More Restrictive Gun Policies

Restrictive gun policy has 0.98 probability of being associated with decrease in firearm-related deaths

Four Months of Rifampin Costs Less Than Nine Months Isoniazid

Health system use and costs higher for nine months of isoniazid in adults and children in all settings

Self-Collected Nasal Swabs Acceptable for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

Diagnostic equivalence seen across patient-collected nasal swabs, doctor-collected nasal, oropharyngeal swabs

Face Masks Most Effective Means to Avert COVID-19 Transmission

Airborne transmission is dominant route for spread; masks are determinant for shaping pandemic trend

Hydroxychloroquine-Remdesivir Combo Dangerous for COVID-19 Patients

FDA says chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine could reduce the antiviral effectiveness of remdesivir

Hallucinations Tied to Mental Illness in Individuals With Seizures

Hallucinatory experiences also strong risk marker for suicidal behavior in those with seizures

Drinking 100 Percent Fruit Juice in Preschool Years Tied to Healthy Diet Later

No negative association seen between fruit juice consumption and future body mass index

CDC: Cumulative Incidence of COVID-19 403.6 Per 100,000 in U.S.

Hospitalization and mortality six times, 12 times higher for patients reporting an underlying condition

Blood Donors Will Get Results of Coronavirus Antibody Test, Red Cross Says

Positive test result does not confirm immunity to the virus, and test is not meant to diagnose illness

FDA Pulls Emergency Approval of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

Agency now says the drugs should not be used outside of clinical trials

Sexual Inactivity Has Increased Among U.S. Men, Women

More 18- to-24-year-old men report having had no sexual activity in 2016-2018 versus 2000-2002

More Than One in Four Parents Hesitant About Flu Vaccine

Seventy and 26 percent strongly agree that routine and flu vaccines are effective, respectively

Nonpharmaceutical Interventions Slow COVID-19 Growth

Interventions achieved beneficial outcomes in global study in six countries and in Europe-wide study

Gastrointestinal Symptoms Not Uncommon With COVID-19

Viral shedding in feces raises concerns for possible fecal-oral route of transmission

Pediatric COVID-19 Symptoms Differ From Those Seen in Adults

Fever and respiratory symptoms common but not considered a hallmark of the disease in children

COVID-19 Death Rate High for Patients With Thoracic Cancer

Of those eligible for intensive care unit admission, only 10 percent admitted to ICU

Aspirin Tied to Lasting Reduction in CRC Risk in Lynch Syndrome

Reduced risk for colorectal cancer seen in intention-to-treat and per-protocol analyses

Hip, Nonvertebral Fracture Risk Up in Those With Diabetes

Risk for fracture at hip higher in younger population with type 1, type 2 diabetes

Familial Psychiatric History Common in Bipolar Disorder

Patients with versus without familial history tend to need more treatment but have similar response

COVID-19 Cases Rising in Many States as Reopening Continues

25,000 complaints filed against businesses in Manhattan and elsewhere for violating reopening plan

Black Americans Much More Likely to Have Lost Loved Ones to COVID-19

11 percent of black adults say someone close to them has died; rates are 5 percent among Americans overall

Nearly 43,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Products Recalled

Products sold across the United States under the labels Marketside Butcher and Thomas Farms

Stay-at-Home Orders Challenging Obese Patients

Survey respondents report difficulty in achieving weight loss goals, deteriorating mental health

Oral Polio Vaccines Might Protect Against New Coronavirus

Since poliovirus and coronavirus are positive-strand RNA viruses, they may induce common innate immunity mechanisms

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

Racial/Ethnic Disparities Seen in Economic Burden Due to Cancer Deaths

Non-Hispanic blacks have higher age-standardized PYLL, lost earning rates than whites for 13 of 19 sites

Sleep Apnea in Patients With T2DM Ups Risk for Comorbidities

Patients with T2DM and OSA diagnosis at higher risk for cardiovascular, microvascular complications

Exclusive Breastfeeding May Prevent Weight Gain in At-Risk Children

Exclusive breastfeeding to 5 months counters effect of genetic risk for BMI increase during childhood

Male Veterans Less Likely to Have Excellent, Good Hearing

More likely to have little/moderate trouble hearing, a lot of trouble hearing, be deaf than nonveterans

Considerable National Costs Attributed to Cancer Medical Care

Overall annualized average costs highest for end-of-life cancer phase followed by initial, continuing phases

Dysanapsis Measured on CT Associated With COPD in Seniors

Incidence of COPD was significantly higher in lowest versus highest quartile of airway-to-lung ratio

Cesarean Delivery Tied to Clinical Deterioration in SARS-CoV-2

Significant association found with clinical deterioration, risk for NICU admission in adjusted analyses

Signs, Symptoms Vary Widely for Children Presenting With PIMS-TS

Pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally linked to SARS-CoV-2 is poorly understood

Risk or Fear of COVID-19 Should Not Delay Bystander CPR

COVID-19 diagnosed in less than 10 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the Seattle area

Many of the Initial COVID-19 Treatment Trials Poorly Designed

One-third of trials do not include clinical end points; 97 randomized trials were open-label design

Risk Up for Families After One Sudden Unexpected Infant Death

Infants born after SUDI have rate of 3.93 per 1,000 live births; most have unexplained cause of death

PPE Supplies Sent by FEMA to Nursing Homes Often Defective

Homes receiving items such as gowns that have no holes for hands and paper-thin surgical masks

Woman With Severe COVID-19 Receives Double-Lung Transplant

Following infection, Hispanic woman in her 20s suffered irreversible lung damage

First Large Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine in U.S. Could Begin in July

Trial will assess effectiveness of vaccine, include 30,000 volunteers who will receive either vaccine or placebo

Face-Mask Use by Public Can Mitigate Spread of COVID-19

Population-level benefits of face-mask adoption found, even where wearers are placed at increased risk

CDC: 1999 to 2018 Saw Decrease in Pneumoconiosis Deaths

Decreases in pneumoconiosis deaths largest for those linked to coal workers' pneumoconiosis, silicosis

COVID-19 Behavior Seems Consistent With Seasonal Virus

Eight cities with substantial community spread located on narrow band, on 30- to 50-degree N corridor

Psychological Distress Up Among U.S. Adults During COVID-19 Pandemic

Young adults, low-income adults, and Hispanic adults have highest prevalence of distress

Acalabrutinib Promising for Treatment of Severe COVID-19

Selective bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment may improve oxygenation, reduce inflammation

Stroke Risk Increased in African Americans Who Smoke Cigarettes

Dose-dependent increase in risk seen with smoking intensity; risk similar for past, never smokers

Joint Framework Issued to Spur Diabetes Education, Support

Seven diabetes organizations issue guidance for diabetes self-management education and support

Risk Factors for Suicide ID’d in Health Care Professionals

Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry, job problems, legal problems, physical health problems increase risk

Depressive Symptoms Linked to CVD Risk, Mortality

Associations stronger in urban versus rural communities and in men versus women

~18 Million at Increased COVID-19 Risk Underinsured in U.S.

For those at increased risk, higher rates of underinsurance seen with low income, in rural areas, for nonwhites

Volunteering Linked to Reduced Risk for Mortality in Seniors

Volunteering for ≥100 hours/year also tied to greater physical activity, better psychosocial outcomes

Personal Protective Equipment Prevents SARS-CoV-2 Infection

None of 420 health care professionals at high risk for exposure had symptoms or developed immunity

Worsened ADHD Behaviors Reported for Children During COVID-19

Significant predictors of ADHD behaviors included children's, parents' overall mood, children's study time

High-Risk Drinking Could Further Increase Liver Disease

Interventions to address high-risk drinking needed to cut cirrhosis, mortality

Good Outcomes Seen in Hospitalized Pregnant Women With COVID-19

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to infants uncommon

Troponin I Elevation Linked to Death in COVID-19 Patients

Patients with small or greater amounts of myocardial injury had significantly increased risk for death

Obesity Linked to Greater Severity of Pediatric COVID-19

Obesity is significantly associated with mechanical ventilation in children aged 2 years and older

Treatment Gap Remains in Stroke Care Between Men and Women

Size of this difference has narrowed compared with studies published before 2008

Mild Symptoms ID’d in COVID-19 Outbreak on Aircraft Carrier

Neutralizing antibodies identified among 59.2 percent of those with antibody responses

USPSTF Urges Primary Care Docs to Ask Adults About Drug Use

Evidence inadequate to assess benefits and harms of screening for unhealthy drug use in teens

Nine U.S. States Seeing Spikes in COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Hospitalization data challenge the notion that spike in new cases is solely because of increased testing

Study Will Assess Drugs Used to Treat Young COVID-19 Patients

Findings will be used to refine drug dosing and improve safety for young patients with COVID-19

VA May Not Have Enough PPE for Second COVID-19 Wave

Currently, the VA has about a 30-day supply of masks, gowns, and other protective gear

Tumors of Embryonic Origin More Common in Children With Birth Defects

Most common childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, seen at lower frequency in children with birth defects

Low-Dose Aspirin Lowers CVD Risk but Raises Bleeding Risk

Authors used umbrella review method to explore health outcomes associated with low-dose aspirin

Breast Cancer Surgery Found to Be Safe in Older Women

Serious adverse events in those 70 years and older found to be rare

Recent Cannabis Use Not Linked to Acute Ischemic Stroke

After adjustment for confounding variables including age, race, cardiac condition, no link observed

Body Mass Index Lower in Patients With Familial Psoriasis

Patients are often younger and have lower body mass index at first visit

COVID-19 Mortality Rate for Intubated Adults Lower Than Previously Reported

35.7 percent of 165 patients requiring mechanical ventilation died, while overall mortality was 30.9 percent

Thromboelastography Can Predict Blood Clots in COVID-19

For innate TEG maximum amplitude, sensitivity and negative predictive value were 100 percent

Not Enough Evidence Exists to Support Cannabis for Parkinson Disease

Consensus statement calls for more rigorous research to assess clinical benefit

Record-High Numbers of New COVID-19 Cases Seen in 14 States, Puerto Rico

New predictions from the University of Washington show U.S. death toll could now hit 145,000 by August

WHO Backpedals on Claim That Asymptomatic Transmission of New Coronavirus Is Rare

Agency states it was a 'misunderstanding' to say that transmission by people without symptoms is rare

Percutaneous Cryoablation Treats Early-Stage Kidney Cancer

10-year disease-specific survival 94 percent; 10-year risk for hemodialysis only 2.3 percent

Risk for Maternal, Neonatal Complications Increased With NAFLD

NAFLD linked to hypertensive complications, preterm birth, postpartum hemorrhage, possibly maternal death

Weaning Occurs Earlier for Infants With In-Hospital Formula Feeding

2.5-fold increased hazard of weaning found after adjustment for medical indicators of supplementation

Preoperative COVID-19 Incidence <1 Percent in Pediatric Patients

Incidence of COVID-19 among children ranged from 0.22 to 2.65 percent at three U.S. children's hospitals

Vision, Balance Issues Common With Pediatric Concussions

Visiovestibular clinical assessments often not performed in the emergency department setting

Prostate Cancer Trial Participants Overwhelmingly White

Since 1990, proportion of white participants in prostate cancer clinical trials has remained >80 percent

Filling Opioid Rx Postpartum Ups Serious Opioid-Related Events

Serious opioid-related event rate increased with increasing number of postpartum opioid prescriptions

WPSI Advises Screening for Anxiety in Women, Teen Girls

Diagnostic accuracy moderate to high for screening for anxiety; CBT and antianxiety meds beneficial

Diet, Activity Guideline Updated by American Cancer Society

Recommendations include increased physical activity, following a healthy eating pattern throughout life

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Tied to Smoking Relapse

Adults vaping nontobacco flavored versus tobacco flavored e-cigarettes more likely to quit smoking

Encounters for Suicidal Ideation in ED Down During ‘Stay at Home’

Findings seen in large multicenter system; percentage of alcohol complaints higher among behavioral health visits

Skin Psoriasis, Somatic Comorbidity Up Psychiatric Illness

Risk increased for patients with psoriasis with somatic comorbidity, but no synergistic association seen

Kawasaki-Like Disease More Common in Children of African Ancestry

Kawasaki-like inflammatory syndrome temporally linked to SARS-CoV-2 marked by GI symptoms

Educational Video May Effectively Inform Families About Hospice Care

Video associated with greater hospice knowledge, lower likelihood to feel that hospice is only about death

Partnership Would Bypass Drug Industry to Sell COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine could be sold without profits or licensing fees in Britain and low- and middle-income countries

Blood Pressure Treatment Even Effective in Frail Older Adults

Survival benefit seen in all adherent older people, but healthier older people survived longer

Adverse Childhood Environment Tied to Later Health Problems

Increased risk for all-cause mortality remained significant in fully adjusted model

Intracerebral Hemorrhage Incidence Rate Stabilizing

Continued increase in incidence for those ≥75 years coincides with increase in use of anticoagulant meds

Upping High-Quality, Whole-Grain Carbs May Lower Risk for T2DM

Higher intake of low-quality carbohydrates tied to higher T2DM risk only when replacing saturated fat

Attitude Toward Plastic Surgery Remains Positive During COVID-19

Recommendations such as enhanced safety protocols developed for resuming elective procedures

Anesthesiologists Shift Practice From OR to ICU During Pandemic

Given drop in elective and nonemergency procedures, two-thirds of practices shifted to critical care

CAC Score, Physical Activity May Help Predict Mortality in Seniors

For patients with high coronary artery calcium score, mortality up with decreasing physical activity

Newborn Respiratory Distress Up With Maternal Antidepressant Use

Moderate, high sustained prenatal antidepressant use associated with increased risk for preterm birth

Nurse Understaffing May Up Risk for Multiple Organ Failure in ICU Patients

Nursing workload was significantly higher in patients with multiple organ failure, nonsurvivors

Decision Regret Increased for Those Who Choose Dialysis to Please Others

Dialysis decision regret less likely for those who discuss prognosis with doctors, complete living will

Antiepileptic Drugs May Up Death Risk in Patients With Alzheimer Disease

Mortality risk highest during the first three months of treatment with antiepileptic drugs

CDC: Decline Noted in ED Visits During Early Pandemic Period

42 percent decrease found in total number of U.S. ED visits; decreases largest for those ≤17 years, females

COVID-19 Mortality Higher for Those Not Taking Meds for Their HTN

Mortality similar with renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitor, non-RAAS inhibitor for HTN

Some COVID-19 Outpatients Say Famotidine Eased Symptoms

Ten nonhospitalized patients who took famotidine reported some relief of COVID-19 symptoms

American Society of Clinical Oncology, May 29-June 2

The Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology The annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology was held virtually from May...

NIH Head Fears Some Will Bypass a COVID-19 Vaccine

Name of campaign -- 'Operation Warp Speed' -- does not mean corners will be cut on safety

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...

Nitrous Oxide Safe, Effective for Pain Relief During Labor

Predictors identified for conversion from inhaled N2O to neuraxial analgesia

Pneumonia Risk Down With Nitrogen-Containing Bisphosphonates

Reductions in risk for pneumonia and pneumonia mortality seen among patients with hip fracture

Racial Differences Seen in Time to Treatment for Melanoma

Time from diagnosis to definitive surgery is twice as long on average for black versus white patients

Certain Tumor Markers Also Tied to Heart Failure Outcomes

Tumor biomarkers may be indicators of heart failure severity, progression, mortality

Most Teens Recover Iron Stores One Year After Whole Blood Donation

Less than half of blood donors with low ferritin at index achieved adequate stores within 12 months

Postoperative Lung Complications Common in Patients With SARS-CoV-2

Pulmonary complications found in 51.2 percent of patients; 30-day mortality 38 percent in these patients

ASCO: Drop in Cancer Mortality Greater With Medicaid Expansion

Estimated 785 fewer cancer deaths in 2017 in states that expanded Medicaid

ASCO: At-Home Ovarian, Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Feasible

Testing without the traditional office visits and counseling poses no additional stress to women

Emergency Dept Visit Rate Increases With Age Among Older Adults

About 7 percent of ED visits made by nursing home residents; peak of 24 percent in those aged 90+ years

Acute Kidney Injury Common in COVID-19 Patients at NYC Hospital

Of patients admitted to ICU, 78.0 percent developed acute kidney injury, 35.2 percent needed dialysis

Rituximab + Chemo Ups Survival in Pediatric B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Event-free survival significantly longer for children, teens with high-grade, high-risk disease

Handgun Ownership Linked to Increased Risk for Suicide

Male and female handgun owners have much higher rates of suicide by firearm

Systemic Inflammation Rare in Pediatric COVID-19 Patients

Level of interleukin 10 increased in moderate versus mild cases; no difference seen in IL6, TNFα, IFN-γ

Perfluoroalkyl Substances Linked to Earlier Natural Menopause

High PFAS concentration in U.S. women associated with median time to menopause two years earlier

Low-Dose Aspirin Does Not Prevent Depression in Older Adults

No significant difference seen in incidence rate of new CES-D-10 scores of ≥8 for aspirin, placebo

Hydroxychloroquine No Use for COVID Postexposure Prophylaxis

Post-high-risk-exposure prophylaxis does not prevent illness compatible with COVID-19

Workplace Wellness Programs Do Not Impact Clinical Outcomes

However, improvements seen in employees' health beliefs, number having a primary care physician

Delay in Treatment Seen for Acute Ischemic Stroke During COVID-19

Mean interval from last-known-well time to presentation significantly longer in March 2020

ACE Inhibitors, ARBs Not Linked to In-Hospital COVID-19 Death

Risk for in-hospital death increased with age >65, underlying cardiovascular disease, COPD, smoking

COVID-19 Drug Studies Questioned

Journals issue 'expressions of concern' over two recent studies of medications and their effect on COVID-19 patients

Women’s Acute Coronary Symptoms No Longer ‘Atypical’

Chest pain remains the most common presentation by both men and women

Reducing Number of BP Meds May Be Safe in Some Older Adults

No significant change in systolic BP control seen at 12 weeks versus pretrial medication

Weight, Blood Pressure Higher in Younger Patients With T2DM

Differentials for weight, BP for those with, without T2DM greater for younger versus older patients

Doxycycline Does Not Cut Growth of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Compared with placebo, no difference seen in growth of small abdominal aortic aneurysms at two years

Delayed Vaccination Enabled Measles Spread During 2018-2019 in NYC

Initial spread due to delayed vaccination; transmission facilitated by increased infectious contact

Chest CT Often Normal in Pediatric COVID-19 Patients

No change was seen in 10 of the 11 follow-up CT examinations carried out

Young With Intellectual Disability More Likely to Die of COVID-19

Concentration of COVID-19 cases, case fatality in those with IDD higher at younger ages

Hydroxychloroquine Plus Macrolides No Benefit in COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine with or without macrolides linked to in-hospital mortality, arrhythmia

Benzodiazepine Use Linked to Risk for Ectopic Pregnancy

Excess of 80 ectopic pregnancies per 10,000 pregnancies found in women with benzodiazepine prescription

One-Third of Lupus Patients Have Trouble Refilling Hydroxychloroquine

Patients report lack of availability at usual pharmacy, waiting weeks for refills, only getting partial refills

Fauci Says Any COVID-19 Vaccine Would Be in Plentiful Supply by 2021

Plan is to make doses of the vaccine before it is known to work, so if it does work, it can be distributed quickly

BMI, Tracheal Intubation/Death Linked in Diabetes With COVID-19

In multivariable analyses with covariates, only BMI was positively linked to primary outcome

Adherence to Diabetes Meds May Cut Mortality in Colorectal Cancer

Patients with colorectal cancer and diabetes have better survival with adherence to diabetes meds

Rates of Hip Fracture High for Nursing Home Residents

In all years from 2007 to 2015, one-year mortality was high following hip fracture

High-Potency Cannabis Tied to Increased Use, Anxiety Disorder

No evidence of link seen between high-potency cannabis use and alcohol use disorder or depression

Risk for Committing Violent Crime May Be Increased by SSRI Use

Risk higher during treatment, up to 12 weeks after discontinuation among minority of SSRI users

Guideline Details Pharmacologic Management of COPD

Clinical practice guideline addresses six emerging questions around COPD management

Long-Term Rituximab May Aid in Antibody-Associated Vasculitis

Relapse rates lower versus placebo in granulomatosis with polyangiitis, microscopic polyangiitis

COVID-19 Took Toll on Mental Health of Chinese Physicians

Physicians saw drop in mood, rise in depression, anxiety symptoms, and fear of workplace violence

High Rates of DVT Seen in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients

Authors call for prompt detection and early anticoagulant therapy

Hydroxychloroquine Prescriptions Surge in U.S. During Pandemic

Increase in hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine fills seen during week of March 15 to 21, 2020

ABCDE Bundle Can Reduce Ventilation Time for ICU Patients

Awakening and breathing coordination, delirium monitoring/management, early mobility are key

May 2020 Briefing – Neurology

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May 2020 Briefing – Nephrology

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Insulin Resistance May Add to Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Prognosis

Tumors from black women with invasive breast cancer have higher expression of the insulin receptor

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Significant Drop Seen in Type A Aortic Dissection After COVID-19

Monthly surgical case volume of aortic dissection declined 76.5 percent; volumes low in March, April

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Dextrose Injections Aid Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Benefits include reduced pain, improved function, better quality of life

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Thyroid Dysfunction in Pregnancy Overdiagnosed, Overtreated

In most women with elevated TSH who did not start treatment, repeat measurement was ≤4.00 mIU/L

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Italian Health Care Workers’ Mental Health Suffering During COVID-19

Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and insomnia all common

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Parents Overestimate, Underestimate Children’s Mobile Phone Use

Among children aged 3 to 5 years with their own device, average daily usage was 115.3 minutes per day

May 2020 Briefing – Pediatrics

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May 2020 Briefing – Pain Management

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COVID-19 May Drive Increase in Childhood Obesity Rates

Lack of physical activity associated with extended school closings could increase rates by 2.4 percent

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