Microbial Features ID’d for Pediatric Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Microbial and metabolic features can differentiate preadolescent children with IBS from controls

Non-Hospital-Based Provider-to-Patient Telehealth Use Growing

2014 to 2018 saw increase of 1,393 percent from 0.007 to 0.104 percent of all medical claim lines

Food Insecurity May Increase Risk for Premature Death

Higher all-cause mortality, cause-specific mortality seen in food-insecure versus food-secure adults

Topical Immunotx for Actinic Keratosis May Prevent Cancer

Fewer patients treated with calcipotriol plus 5-FU developed SCC on treated face, scalp within three years

Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Greater for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Exposure to ≥250 mg/m² doxorubicin-equivalent anthracycline chemo tied to risk for CVD, heart failure

February 2019 Briefing – Urology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Urology for February 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Women With Diabetes More Likely Than Men to Not Take Meds as Prescribed

Younger adults more likely to not take meds as prescribed and to ask for lower-cost medication

ᴅ-dimer Test Adjusted to Clinical Probability IDs Low Risk for PE

Use of this diagnostic strategy results in reduction in use of chest imaging

July 2019 Briefing – Psychiatry

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Psychiatry for July 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Habitual Glucosamine Use Linked to Reduced Risk for CVD Events

Risks reduced for total cardiovascular disease events, CVD death, coronary heart disease, and stroke

Salvage Therapy Does Not Up Survival for Progressive Myeloma

Deepening of response through salvage therapy not linked to improved progression-free, overall survival

Gentamicin Appropriate Second-Line Therapy to Ceftriaxone for Gonorrhea

Two weeks after treatment, infection cleared for 98, 91 percent treated with ceftriaxone versus gentamicin

Machine Learning May Be Faster for Cardiac MRI Scan Analysis

Scan:rescan precision similar when measured by an expert, trained junior clinician, automated CNN

Uterine Balloon Tamponade for Postpartum Bleeding Seems Safe

Inexpensive device shows high success rate for stopping bleeding with low complication rate

CDC: Progress in HIV Prevention Has Stalled in the United States

Agency says effective HIV prevention, treatment not reaching those who could most benefit

Severe Maternal Complication Risk Four Times Higher With Twins

Cesarean delivery accounts for one-fifth of the risk of severe acute maternal morbidity

Testosterone, Estradiol Levels May Play Role in Sex Differences in Asthma

Effect of sex hormones modified by obesity in adults with asthma

Reduction in PTSD Symptoms Linked to Decrease in T2DM

Patients with clinically meaningful reduction in PTSD Checklist score less likely to develop type 2 diabetes

Dancing Tied to Lower Odds of Disability in Activities of Daily Living

For older women, dancing -- but not other exercise types -- linked to lower risk for ADL disability

Quarter of Fetal Abnormalities ID’d in Late Third-Trimester US

Findings based on routine, third-trimester ultrasound in large population of women in the United Kingdom

Dairy Milk Tied to Higher Breast Cancer Risk

Findings similar regardless of full-fat or reduced-fat milk consumption

Borderline Personality Disorder May Raise Cardiometabolic Risk

Borderline personality traits, depression associated with extent of midlife cardiometabolic risk

Preterm Birth Tied to Elevated Risk for Chronic Kidney Disease

Strongest correlation seen at ages 0 to 9 years; risk still increased at 10 to 19, 20 to 43 years

2011 to 2017 Saw Increase in Spending on DMTs for MS

Increase in annual expenditures on MS DMTs mainly driven by increases in per-prescription costs

No Indication of ‘July Effect’ in Context of Cardiac Surgery

No variation in in-hospital mortality by procedure month, academic year quartile for cardiac procedures

Suicide Rates Peaked for Teens, Young Adults in 2017

Rates of suicide increased among youth aged 15 to 24 years

Retail Prescription Drug Prices Fall for First Time in 45 Years

Decrease due to drops in generic drug prices and slow growth in the cost of brand-name medications

Feeding Examination Can Avert Surgical Frenotomy Procedures

After speech and language examination, 62.6 percent of infants did not undergo surgical procedure

AHA: Intensive BP Control May Increase Life Expectancy

Implementation of treatment according to ACC/AHA 2017 guidelines is cost-effective for high-risk

Use of Novel Therapy, Stem Cell Transplant in MM Varies by Race

African-Americans, Hispanics have longer time from MM diagnosis to novel therapy initiation than whites

Overall, Physicians Are Happy and Enjoy Their Lives

Relationships found to be key to happiness; having friends at work impacts physician happiness

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Linked to Choroidal Thinning in Children

Choroidal thinning associated with increased number of family smokers, quantity of secondhand smoke

Lean-Fat Individuals Have Worst Outcome in Heart Failure

Asian patients with low BMI, high WHtR have higher prevalence of diabetes, worse QoL, worse outcomes

Zantac Recalled by Sanofi

FDA has warned that some versions of the drug contain low levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine

Transition Planning for Senior Surgeons Needed

Society of Surgical Chairs offering new guidance and recommendations

Younger Female Blood Donors Vulnerable to Iron Deficiency

In teens and women younger than 50, absent iron stores and anemia more common in blood donors

Cardio-Oncology Services Growing in Number and Demand

Need for subspecialists increased due to more cancer survivors, aging population

Shortage of Applied Behavior Analysts Found for Children With Autism

Supply of ABA providers falls short of benchmark for 49 states and Washington, D.C.

Nutrient Intake Inadequate in Many Pregnant Women in U.S.

Almost all at risk for excessive sodium consumption

Pregnancy Complications Up for Women Born at Low Birth Weight

Risk greatest for women born with birth weight <2,500 g who develop overweight/obesity

Children With Atopic Dermatitis Have Worse Sleep Quality

Similar total sleep duration seen for children with, without active atopic dermatitis

Costs, Expected Weight Loss Impact Bariatric Surgery Choice

Complications, recovery time, other risks less influential in decision making

Methylation Analysis of cfDNA IDs >50 Cancer Types

Sensitivity increased with increasing stage from 39 percent in stage I to 92 percent in stage IV

Patient Share of Out-of-Network Costs Rising

From 2012 to 2017, out-of-pocket costs nearly doubled for out-of-network hospital care

Six Active Ingredients of Sunscreen Systemically Absorbed

Plasma concentrations exceeded 0.5 ng/mL for all six active ingredients with sunscreen application

Resistance Training May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Progression

Findings based on two-year comparison to aerobic training, no exercise among patients with prediabetes

Ligelizumab Safely, Effectively Treats Hives

Doses of 72 mg or 240 mg tied to complete control of symptoms after 12-week trial

Women With CVD Have Worse Self-Reported Outcomes

Women with atherosclerosis also report lower aspirin, statin use and higher ED use versus men

Low Vitamin D in Early Life May Up Risk of Elevated Systolic BP

Persistent low vitamin D from birth to early childhood linked to higher risk of elevated SBP from age 3 to 18

Guidance Updated for Managing Infants at Risk for Group B Strep

Risk assessment should consider infants born at ≥35 0/7 weeks and ≤34 6/7 weeks separately

BP >120/80 mm Hg Linked to Lower Gray Matter Volume

Lower regional gray matter volume tied to higher peripheral BP in young adults aged 19 to 40 years

Quarantine Ends on Cruise Ship in Japan as Coronavirus Cases Near 75,000

CDC says containment measures taken on the ship 'may not have been sufficient to prevent transmission'

Survival Up for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 1995 to 2017

Improvement in median overall survival from 5.8 years in 1995 to 2011 to not reached in 2009 to 2017

45 Percent of U.S. Adults Have Some Doubts About Vaccine Safety

However, 82 percent of survey respondents see benefits to vaccines

U.S. Life Expectancy Dropped Since 2014 for Working-Age Adults

Life expectancy increased from 1959 to 2016 but began declining in 2014 among 25- to 64-year-olds

CDC: Violence Against Seniors on Rise, Especially Among Men

Nonfatal assault rate increased 75.4 percent among men from 2002 to 2016

Weight Loss Feasible Regardless of Psychiatric Meds Use

Weight loss amount similar for women taking and not taking psychiatric medications

Sublingual Immunotherapy Safely Desensitizes Pediatric Peanut Allergies

Extended therapy for up to five years safe, shows evidence of immune modulation

Avelumab + Axitinib Approved for Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Treatment combination demonstrated longer progression-free survival versus sunitinib in randomized trial

Sling, PT May Be OK for Two-Part Proximal Humerus Fractures

Findings in older adults counter current preference for surgical treatment of this type of fracture

Moderate Muscle Strength Linked to Lower Risk for T2DM

Reduced risk seen for type 2 diabetes after adjustment for confounders

Guidelines Updated for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Adults

New evidence led to development of two new recommendations for combination therapy

Outcomes No Worse With Short Stay After Open Heart Surgery

Complication (other than A-fib), 30-day readmission, mortality rates similar for short, longer length of stay

American Embassy in China Issues Health Alert Over Illness Outbreak

Embassy advising Americans to immediately seek medical care if they feel ill after being in Wuhan

Untreated Oral Infection Not Tied to Stem Cell Transplant Outcomes

Untreated oral infections pretransplant not linked to post-HSCT survival during six-month follow-up

Having Affected Relatives Linked to Increased Alzheimer Risk

Increased Alzheimer disease risk seen with having affected first-, second-, or third-degree relatives

July 2019 Briefing – Diabetes & Endocrinology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Diabetes & Endocrinology for July 2019. This roundup includes...

Morning Exercise Linked to BP Reduction in Sedentary Seniors

Additional reduction seen in average systolic BP with combination of morning exercise and regular breaks

Prices Will Soon Be Included in TV Drug Ads

Regulations will require companies to disclose prices of meds costing more than $35 for a month's supply

Many Americans Misinformed About Heart Disease Prevention

Majority of adults unaware that heart disease is leading cause of death in women in the United States

2004 to 2017 Saw Increase in Fractures for Elderly Dog Walkers

Most patients sustained hip fractures; more than one-quarter of patients required admission

Private Care Program for U.S. Vets Gets $8.9 Billion in Budget Deal

Under the program, veterans have wider access to private care if they have faced long wait times

Higher Skeletal Muscle Mass May Lower Long-Term Risk for CVD

Compared with the lowest tertile, those in highest SMM tertile had 81 percent lower risk for CVD event

NICU Babies at Risk for Later Mental Health Issues

Findings based on long-term follow-up of NICU graduates into adolescence

October 2019 Briefing – Urology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Urology for October 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Influences on New NIH Policy for Age Limits in Research Explored

'Inclusion Across the Lifespan' policy eliminates non-risk-justified age limits on research participants

Estimated Prevalence of Low Birth Weight Down Since 2000

However, average annual reduction rate of 1.23 percent insufficient to reach global targets

Vital Exhaustion Linked to Increased Risk for Incident A-Fib

After adjustment for comorbidities, risk remained significantly increased with vital exhaustion

ACS: Outcomes Worse With Delay in Performing Cholecystectomy

Poorer outcomes seen if surgery delayed for more than 72 hours after admission for acute cholecystitis

Factors Examined for Time to First Rx for Biologic DMARD in RA

Longer time to receipt more likely with older age, male sex, greater distance to nearest rheumatologist

Increase in Suicide Attempts Seen for Black Adolescents

Across all sex and racial/ethnic groups, linear decrease seen in self-reported suicidal ideation, suicide plans

Many With Chronic Pain Achieve Remission From Suicidality

Having a confidant boosts likelihood of remission, while poverty decreases recovery likelihood

November 2019 Briefing – Internal Medicine

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Internal Medicine for November 2019. This roundup includes the...

Awake Endoscopic Spinal Fusion Appears to Be Safe, Effective

Minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion without general anesthesia is safe

New Recommendations Developed for Breast Cancer Screening

Guideline based on individual breast cancer risk profile, with specific screening strategies

March 2020 Briefing – Pediatrics

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Pediatrics for March 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

Timely Palliative Care After Lung Cancer Diagnosis May Up Survival

Palliative care at 31 to 365 days after diagnosis of advanced lung cancer linked to improved survival

Larger Physician Bonus May Improve Care in Chronic Disease

No further improvement seen with behavioral economic principles of increased social pressure, loss aversion

>10,000 Uninsured Texas Patients Seek Dialysis in ED Annually

In 2017, emergency hemodialysis for the uninsured totaled $21.8 million in hospital costs

Bariatric Surgery in Teens May Cut Diabetic Kidney Disease Risk

Decreased rates of hyperfiltration, elevated UAE seen among surgically treated obese teens with T2DM

More Than 100 E. Coli Illnesses Now Linked to Romaine Lettuce

Twenty-three states have now reported cases, up from 19 last week; no deaths reported so far

High Costs Associated With Physician Burnout in U.S.

Nationally, about $4.6 billion in costs are related to physician turnover, reduced clinical hours

New Anti-CRE Antibiotics Used for 35 Percent of Infections

Ceftazidime-avibactam, meropenem-vaborbactam, plazomicin exceeded IV polymyxins as of Dec. 2018

CHEST: Admissions, Deaths for COPD Vary by Season

Longer length of stay, higher hospital charges seen in January, February, March

May 2019 Briefing – Allergy

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Allergy for May 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Crude Incidence of Candidemia 8.7 Per 100,000 in 2012 to 2016

Incidence highest in older adults (≥65 years); higher for men than women, blacks versus nonblacks

1999 to 2017 Saw Increase in Unintentional Injury Death Rates

Age-adjusted unintentional injury death rate increased 40 percent

FDA: Risk From Tainted Blood Pressure Drugs Very Low

Officials say actual risk to patients from tainted medications is likely lower than originally stated

Focus on Ovarian Cancer Surgical Volume May Not Be Best Metric

Minimum-volume standards could restrict care at many centers with better-than-expected outcomes

Seniors Less Likely to Receive or Have Timely PCI for Acute MI

Patients >65 years of age have increased incidence of cardiac arrest, in-hospital mortality

Uninsured Rate in Diabetes Belt Dropped With Medicaid Expansion

Decrease in uninsurance after Medicaid expansion greater in Diabetes Belt than in non-Belt counties

Statement Issued on Use of Anesthesia Machines as Ventilators

FDA issues Emergency Use Authorization allowing for emergency use of certain anesthesia ventilators

January 2020 Briefing – Cosmetic Surgery

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Cosmetic Surgery for January 2020. This roundup includes the...

Many Transgender Youth Intentionally Avoid Disclosure

About three-quarters report voluntarily telling a health care provider outside gender clinic about their identity

BP Measures Progress More Rapidly in Women Than Men

Steeper increase in BP seen as early as the third decade in women, continued through life course

Core Components of Teen Mental Health Interventions ID’d

Interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, alcohol and drug education affect multiple outcomes

T1DM May Up Progression of CAC During Menopausal Transition

Findings seen for progression of coronary artery calcium independent of other cardiovascular risk factors

U.S. Dentists Prescribe Opioids More Often Than U.K. Dentists

Dentists in the United States also prescribe a greater range of opioids, including long-acting opioids

Higher Fat Mass May Up Risk for Major Adverse CV Events in T2DM

However, increasing lean body mass does not appear to have a protective effect

ENDO: Recommendations Issued for Treating Osteoporosis

Pharmacological management recommended for postmenopausal women at high risk for fracture

December 2019 Briefing – Pharmacy

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Pharmacy for December 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Some Obesity-Related Cancers Increasing in Younger Adults

Incidence up for six of 12 obesity-related cancers; steeper increase in successively younger generations

Postictal Serotonin Levels Associated With Periictal Apnea

Postictal serum 5-HT levels increased over interictal levels for seizures without ictal central apnea

No New U.S. Measles Cases Reported Last Week

Measles outbreaks are usually said to be over after 42 days without a new infection

Poor Glycemic Control in Type 1 Diabetes Tied to Fracture Risk

Fracture risk up with T2DM and current use of rosiglitazone, pioglitazone regardless of glycemic control

Recommendations Decreased for Cough, Cold Medicine in U.S.

Recommendations for opioid-containing, nonopioid cough and cold medicines reduced in pediatric population

Cardiac Biomarkers May ID High CV Risk in Patients With CKD

In population-based sample, CKD linked to increased risk for MI, composite cardiovascular outcome

Young, Healthy Adults Expend More Energy While Standing

Energy expenditure significantly higher in standing positions versus lying or sitting

Mentally Stimulating Activities Lower Risk for Cognitive Decline

Activities included reading books, using computers, social or craft activities, and playing games

Purdue Pharma Tentatively Reaches Settlement in Opioid Lawsuits

Deal is said to be worth $10 billion to $12 billion; company will not admit to wrongdoing

Frequent Alcohol Drinking May Up Risk for New-Onset A-Fib

Amount of alcohol intake per drinking session was not associated with new-onset atrial fibrillation

Sugary Beverage Consumption Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

In prospective cohort study, consuming 100 percent fruit juice also tied to increased cancer risk

January 2020 Briefing – Rheumatology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Rheumatology for January 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

FDA: Smokeless Tobacco Snus Can Be Marketed as Less Risky Than Cigarettes

This is the first time the FDA has allowed product marketing of this type

J&J Says No Asbestos Detected in New Tests of Baby Powder

Tests were performed by two third-party laboratories as part of the company's ongoing investigation

Polypharmacy Ups Postchemo Hospitalization Risk in Seniors

Findings seen in older patients with prostate, breast, and lung cancers

Dense Breast Notifications May Not Be Having Intended Impact

Few differences seen between women residing in states that require notifications and those who do not

Trainee Demographics Tied to Passage of U.S. Surgical Boards

White and single residents more likely to pass the American Board of Surgery examinations

AI-Enabled ECG During Normal Sinus Rhythm Identifies A-Fib

Atrial fibrillation identified with a single AI-enabled ECG during normal sinus rhythm with AUC of 0.87

Pruritus Prevalent and Disruptive in Nondialysis Chronic Kidney Disease

Patients with pruritus have higher prevalence of patient-reported depression, restless sleep

Facebook Launches Preventive Health Tool

Tool created in partnership with American Cancer Society, American College of Cardiology, AHA, CDC

OxyContin Maker Offers Up to $12 Billion to Settle Opioid Claims

Potential deal has been discussed by lawyers representing Purdue and at least 10 state attorneys general

Undetected Dysglycemia Linked to MI, Periodontal Disease

Severe periodontal disease most common in those with undetected diabetes and vice versa

Bone Indices on CT Scan Predict Fracture Risk in Older Adults

Peripheral CT indices address risk for fracture contributed by changes in bone microarchitecture

Number of Children With Opioid Poisonings Increasing

Percentage of critical care admissions and suicidal intent increased in each era

Mechanical, Oral Antibiotic Bowel Prep Yields No Benefit for Colectomy

Authors urge reconsideration of recommendations for these types of bowel preps for elective colectomy

Up to Half of Patients Do Not Disclose Imminent Threats to Physicians

Patients withhold issues of depression, suicidality, abuse due to embarrassment, fear of being judged

February 2020 Briefing – Orthopedics

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Orthopedics for February 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

Half of Americans Anxious About Getting COVID-19

And more than half of adults report concern about the financial impact of the pandemic

June 2019 Briefing – Pathology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Pathology for June 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

For Teen Girls, Depression May Predict Subsequent Alcohol Use

Depression severity predicts increased likelihood of alcohol use; link for reverse pathway inconsistent

Use of Technology Now Included in Standards of Diabetes Care

Use of an intermittently scanned CGM can be considered as substitute to SMBG for adults

Hot Pavement Can Burn Feet in Seconds

More education needed to warn of burn risk from hot pavement, particularly as temps exceed 100

Temporary Impairment in HRQOL After Teen Sports Concussion

Worse cognitive HRQOL and clinically meaningful impairment in school and overall HRQOL observed

Giant Cell Arteritis Occurs at Similar Rate in Blacks, Whites

Biopsy-proven GCA occurs more often in women versus men, but not in white versus black patients

March 2020 Briefing – Dermatology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Dermatology for March 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

Smoking Habits Do Not Differ for Teens With, Without Asthma

Odds of smoking down for teens with persistent asthma versus those with adolescent-onset asthma

Serum Elaidic Acid Levels Tied to Dementia, Alzheimer Disease

Higher serum elaidic acid levels linked to increased risk for all-cause dementia, not vascular dementia

CDC: Cases of Flu Continue to Mount Across America

Agency says it is still too early to know how severe this year's flu season will be

Lean Body Mass in Childhood Linked to Lung Function at 15

In both sexes, higher lean body mass in childhood, adolescence linked to higher lung function at 15

Poll: Many Older Adults Report Feeling Lonely, Isolated

Authors say more awareness needed that loneliness can adversely impact health, well-being

CDC: Prevalence of Arthritis 22.8 Percent in U.S. Adults in 2017

Adults with arthritis in southeastern states have highest prevalence of severe joint pain, physical inactivity

Opioid Quantity Prescribed After Musculoskeletal Injury Tied to Prolonged Use

Opioid type not predictive of prolonged use for patients with musculoskeletal injury undergoing surgery

Proportion of Teens Receiving Mental Health Care Steady

Changes seen in the sociodemographic profile of teens getting care, reasons for care, service settings

SABCS: Anastrozole Tied to Lasting Reduction in Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer risk significantly lower at median follow-up of 131 months; effect continued after treatment

PCI Beneficial for All Categories of Older AMI Patients

PCI linked to improved survival versus medical therapy for young-old, middle-old, and old-old patients

Tool Aids Safe Fasting for T2DM Patients Observing Ramadan

Greater improvements in glycemic control seen for patients using fasting algorithm versus usual care

Number of COVID-19 Cases in China Lower With New Counting Method

Meanwhile, two passengers from affected cruise ship docked in Japan die

Older Kidney Donors With HTN at Higher Risk for ESKD Later

But absolute risk is small; hypertension not linked to higher risk for early death among older donors

Medtronic Recalls Some Insulin Pumps Over Cybersecurity Concerns

The company and FDA say certain pumps are vulnerable to hacking

Irritable Bowel Symptoms Tied to Intestinal, Brain Abnormalities

Factors have cumulative effect on symptoms as well as on quality of life

Racial Disparities Seen in Kidney Transplant for Highly Sensitized

Whites have advantage in transplant probability in calculated plasma reactive antibody categories 80 percent or higher

Having More Sexual Partners Tied to Increased Odds of Cancer

Odds of reporting cancer diagnosis increased for those with 10 or more lifetime sexual partners

Stimulation of Targets in Brain May Up Recollection in Seniors

Effects of stimulation were greater on fMRI recollection signals versus recognition signals

ACC: Robust Evidence Lacking for Many Cardiovascular Guidelines

Few recommendations in cardiovascular society guidelines supported by evidence from multiple RCTs

Cocoa Beverage Could Improve Multiple Sclerosis-Related Fatigue

Small effect seen for fatigue, moderate effect on fatigability as measured by six-minute walk test

Sudden Death Can Occur in Full Spectrum of Epilepsies

Only 37 percent of patients with sudden unexpected death in epilepsy took last dose of antiseizure meds

Hospitalizations With Psych Diagnosis Common in ESKD

Dialysis adults hospitalized with psychiatric diagnoses have higher risk for all-cause death

More Physical Activity at Any Intensity May Reduce Mortality

Higher levels of total physical activity, less time spent sedentary linked to lower mortality risk

March 2020 Briefing – Cosmetic Surgery

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Cosmetic Surgery for March 2020. This roundup includes the...

HPV Infection Unlikely to Spread From Hand Contact

Risk for new infection largely due to partners' genital HPV infection, not virus detectable on hands

Care at High-Volume Facility May Cut Mortality in Multiple Myeloma

Mortality did not differ for those treated by NCICCC MM specialists, highest-volume community oncologists

Hospitalization for Upper GI Bleed Highest With Rivaroxaban

Upper gastrointestinal bleeding hospitalization risk lower for anticoagulant tx with PPI cotherapy

Dietary Monitoring Key to Successful Weight Loss

Time spent self-monitoring required for weight loss diminishes over time

FDA: French Soft Ripened Cheese Possibly Contaminated

Agency warns of potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination of l'Explorateur cheese

Minimum Age to Buy Tobacco, E-Cigarettes Raised in NY State

State police and Department of Health will conduct undercover investigations of retailers to enforce law

Obesity Linked to Increased Risk for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis

Obese patients have significantly more relapses on first-line treatment with IFN beta, glatiramer acetate

Delayed EMS Response Time Tied to Mortality After Car Accident

Longer emergency medical services response increases motor vehicle crash mortality in urban, rural settings

Mental Health Service Use Up After Campaign to Reduce Stigma

Findings show higher service use among people with suspected mental health needs

Women’s Facial Moisturizers Cost More Per Ounce Than Men’s

Facial moisturizers marketed to women are more than $3 more per ounce, despite similar ingredients

Daily Rounding Helps Curb CAUTIs in Pediatric ICU Patients

Bundle of prevention strategies cut catheter-associated UTIs in peds ICU with sustained results

2003 to 2016 Saw Changes in Characteristics of PCI, CABG Patients

Risk-adjusted mortality decreased significantly after CABG but not after PCI across all clinical indications

Changes in Air Pollution Levels May Affect Risk for Preterm Birth

For second pregnancy, risk higher among low-risk women with high, persistent air pollution exposure

Higher Risk for Cancer, Mortality Seen With Pediatric-Onset IBD

Risk for cancer, mortality increased for patients with pediatric-onset ulcerative colitis, Crohn disease

High Prenatal Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio Linked to ADHD at Age 7

Higher prenatal n-6:n-3 ratio in cord plasma linked to a higher ADHD score at age 7 years, but not at age 4

Microbial Toxins Found in Electronic Cigarette Products

Endotoxin and glucan concentrations seen in cartridge and e-liquid samples

One-Third of CVD in Blacks Attributable to Hypertension

Authors say efforts to maintain normal blood pressure may cut cardiovascular disease

Two-Hour Weekly Dose of Nature May Aid Health, Well-Being

120-minute weekly exposure could be achieved in a single visit or during several shorter visits

With Comorbidities, Less Than Six Hours of Sleep Ups Risk for Early Death

Risk for dying from heart attack, stroke twofold higher among those with high BP, diabetes and short sleep

January 2020 Briefing – Psychiatry

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Psychiatry for January 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

Classification of Psoriasis Severity Depends on Definition

Authors call for international standardization defining moderate-to-severe psoriasis

Chest CT May Be Better Than PET/CT for HNSCC Distant Metastasis Evaluation

Since distant metastasis only seen in 3 percent of head, neck cancers, chest CT more cost-effective

Childhood-Onset IBD Ups Risk for Psychiatric Morbidity

Risk significantly increased for suicide attempt and mood, anxiety, personality, eating disorders

Antipsychotic Use Safer Than No Use in Schizophrenia

No increase seen in severe morbidity, hospitalization when compared with periods of nonexposure

Extreme High Temps More Than Double Cardiovascular Deaths

Extreme temperatures -- 109 degrees -- seen frequently in some parts of the world raise risks from climate change

15-Year-Old Texas Teen Youngest in U.S. to Die From Vaping

Officials say teen had 'chronic underlying medical condition,' but condition has not been identified

Adverse Events Decreased With Proton Chemoradiotherapy

Relative risks lower for 90-day adverse events of at least grade 3 and 2 compared with photon therapy

Drug Repurposing May Provide More Psychiatric Tx Options

Three drug classes tied to lower rates of self-harm and psychiatric stays with serious mental illness

Private Insurers Pay 241 Percent of What Medicare Would Pay

RAND researchers recommend private insurers move toward fixed-price arrangements

Having Children Tied to Higher Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Significant link identified, with nonlinear J-shaped dose-response relationship for increasing parity