Low, High Levels of Physical Activity Tied to Reduced Mortality

All-cause mortality risk lower with 10 to 59 minutes of physical activity per week versus inactivity

Many Patients Still Employ Strategies to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

33.6 percent of patients reported not taking medication as prescribed to reduce costs

ACC: New Guidelines Issued for Primary Prevention of CVD

Guidelines emphasize promotion of healthy lifestyle, including healthy diet, exercise, weight loss

Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Linked to Increased Risk for Autism

Increased risk seen for autism spectrum disorder and disorder with comorbid intellectual disability

Niraparib Extends Time Without Symptoms in Ovarian Cancer

Findings based on phase 3 study of maintenance therapy with PARP inhibitor following treatment

ACC: Ultrasound Surgery May Help Control Blood Pressure

At six months, patients who underwent renal denervation used less medication to control BP

More Vascular Risk Factors Tied to Worse Brain Health

Most consistent associations across brain measures seen with smoking pack years, hypertension, DM

Younger Age at Menopause Tied to Higher Risk for Bladder Cancer

Women with menopause onset by age 45 at higher risk than those with onset at age 50 or older

State Breast Density Notification Laws May Up Ultrasound Use

But laws should require notification of possible benefits of supplemental screening

Critical Care Nurses’ Work Environments Improving

But most report lack of appropriate staffing; 33 percent intend to leave job within 12 months

Statins Tied to Insulin Resistance, Higher Serum Fasting Insulin

Ever use of statins associated with 38 percent increased risk for incident type 2 diabetes

Antibiotics, PPIs Tied to Higher C. Diff Risk in Hospitalized Children

Previous antibiotic exposure significant risk factor in combined studies but not in adjusted studies

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Can Reduce Benign Biopsy Rate

Fewer benign biopsies necessary with DBT compared with full-field digital mammography

ACC: Robust Evidence Lacking for Many Cardiovascular Guidelines

Few recommendations in cardiovascular society guidelines supported by evidence from multiple RCTs

Older Age at Puberty Linked to Lower Odds of Multiple Sclerosis

After adjustment for effects on adult BMI, correlation between age at puberty with MS was attenuated

In Youth With ADHD, New-Onset Psychosis Up With Amphetamines

New-onset psychosis occurred in about one in 660 teens, young adults with ADHD receiving stimulants

Mothers of Children With Eczema More Likely to Have Exhaustion

For all measures, worse child atopic dermatitis severity linked to worse maternal sleep outcomes

Certain Dietary Patterns Linked to Cognitive Performance

Greater adherence to MedDiet, APDQS patterns in adulthood tied to better cognitive performance

Recent Increase Reported in Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Fentanyl

Numbers and rates increased for all sex, age, racial and ethnic subgroups, most public health regions

DG/health NATURALS Cough Syrup + Mucus for Infants Recalled

Product possibly contaminated with Bacillus cereus/Bacillus circulans

Cannabidiol Products Now Available at Hundreds of CVS Stores

Stores will carry the CBD products from marijuana company Curaleaf Holdings

FDA Approves New Device for Chronic, Moderate-to-Severe Heart Failure

Optimizer Smart system indicated for patients who are symptomatic despite optimal medical therapy

Younger Female Blood Donors Vulnerable to Iron Deficiency

In teens and women younger than 50, absent iron stores and anemia more common in blood donors

Three Factors Predict Psych Events With Drugs for Smoking Cessation

Anxiety, history of suicidal ideation/behavior, being white associated with higher risk for events

Prevalence of Severe Maternal Morbidity Increased Across Groups

Racial and ethnic disparities in severe maternal morbidity have remained persistent over time

Healthy Food Rx Could Be Cost-Effective for Medicare, Medicaid

Coverage for healthy food could improve health, reduce costs, and pay for itself after five years

Breast Density Categorization Varies With Screening Modality

Women screened with digital breast tomosynthesis have lower likelihood of high-density categorization

Overall, Physicians Are Happy and Enjoy Their Lives

Relationships found to be key to happiness; having friends at work impacts physician happiness

Sugary Drinks Tied to Cardiovascular Disease Mortality

Comparing extreme categories of consumption, SSB linked to increased CVD mortality, cancer mortality

Recommendations Issued for HSCT in Multiple Myeloma

Autologous stem cell transplant remains essential component of MM therapy in eligible patients

ACC: Catheter Ablation Does Not Cut Mortality, Stroke in A-Fib

But it is associated with more favorable quality-of-life end points at 12 months versus medical therapy

Daily Cannabis Use May Up Risk for Developing Psychotic Disorder

Daily cannabis use, especially high-potency types, linked to increased odds of psychotic disorder

FDA: First Treatment Approved Specifically for Postpartum Depression

Zulresso administered by IV infusion over 60-hour period; patients must be monitored during infusion

Trastuzumab Tied to Higher Long-Term Risk for Heart Failure

Increased risk for heart failure seen in breast cancer survivors given trastuzumab rather than chemo alone

Antiepileptic Drugs Not Tied to Dementia Risk

No increased overall risk found, but levetiracetam generic brands tied to higher dementia risk

Pregnancy-Adapted Algorithm Avoids Diagnostic Imaging for PE

Suspected pulmonary embolism safely ruled out in some pregnant women with diagnostic algorithm

FDA Takes New Look at Breast Implant Safety

Agency has acknowledged that breast implants may contain materials that affect people's health

Jury Finds Roundup a Major Contributor to Man’s Cancer

Landmark verdict could impact hundreds of other similar lawsuits

Practices for Reducing COPD Hospital Readmissions Explored

Communication emphasized as well as consideration of readmission as proxy for other health factors

Patients With Diabetes at Increased Risk for Sleep Apnea

In addition to known predictors of apnea, diabetes-related foot disease, insulin treatment up risk

Adenocarcinoma, High-Grade Dysplasia Up With Barrett Esophagus

But Barrett esophagus length has decreased, as has prevalence of low-grade dysplasia on endoscopy

Fewer Complications After MIRS Introduced for Endometrial Cancer

Introduction of minimally invasive robotic surgery linked to reduced odds of severe complications

Machine-Learning Models Allow Early Detection of Sepsis in NICU

Models using EHR data from infants in NICU can detect sepsis hours before clinical signs are apparent

Cancer Risk Modestly Elevated With Chronic Kidney Disease

Lower eGFR linked to elevated cancer risk relative to eGFR of 90 to 104 mL/min

Average of 8.8 Inactive Ingredients Found in Oral Medications

Overall, 92.8 percent of oral solid medications contain at least one potential allergen

Reported Cases of Spotted Fever Rickettsioses Rarely Confirmed

Elevated IgG antibody titer was most common supportive lab evidence for probable cases

Outcomes for AMI Improved During 1995 to 2014

Declines seen in AMI hospitalization, 30-day mortality, 30-day all-cause readmissions, one-year recurrent AMI

ACC: Dietary Cholesterol Ups Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Findings show dose-response increase in risk for cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality

2011 to 2015 Saw Increase in Psychiatric ED Visits for Youth

Largest increases in emergency department visits seen for teens, African-Americans, Hispanic patients

ACC: Antibacterial Envelope Can Reduce CIED Infections

Incidence of major cardiac implantable electronic device infections significantly lower with envelope

Physician Burnout Rate Increased From 2014 to 2017

Early-career physicians most susceptible to burnout; late-career physicians less vulnerable

Young Child Goes to ED for Medicine Poisoning Every 10 Minutes

Safe medicine storage in the home needs to begin well before infants are on the move

EPA Proposal Will Allow Antibiotic Spraying of Citrus Crops

Consumer Reports warns of '26-fold increase in the use of streptomycin in plant agriculture'

MitraClip Device Approved for Patients With Secondary Mitral Regurgitation

Data show 47 percent reduction in risk for rehospitalization for HF symptoms with device implantation

Influences on New NIH Policy for Age Limits in Research Explored

'Inclusion Across the Lifespan' policy eliminates non-risk-justified age limits on research participants

Induction for Late-Term Pregnancies at 41 Weeks Tied to Small Benefits

Study could not show noninferiority of expectant management; outcomes good with both strategies

Opioid Prescriptions Dropped for New Users From 2012 to 2017

Decline seen in number of providers initiating opioid therapy in any patients who have not used opioids

Mental Health Issues Have Risen in Teens, Young Adults

Rates of depressive episodes, serious psychological distress, suicide-related outcomes have increased

AAOS: Supplement Use Low in Patients With Osteoporosis, Hip Fracture

Non-Caucasian minorities less likely to receive proper supplementation

Risk Profiles ID’d for Patients With Transplant Glomerulopathy

Five groups of patients with distinct features and outcomes identified using machine learning approach

Less Invasive Method Safely IDs Epilepsy Surgical Candidates

Stereoelectroencephalography has better outcomes than subdural electrode implants in some cases

Guidelines Developed for Polymyxin Antibiotic Use

Polymyxin B recommended for routine use in invasive infections; colistin preferred for lower UTI

Testosterone Therapy in Hypogonadism Can Prevent Progression to T2DM

Men with prediabetes, hypogonadism achieved normal glucose regulation with TTh

ASCO: Guidelines Released for Early Detection, Treatment of CRC

Stratified guidelines emphasize optimal detection methods and treatments of colorectal cancer

Extra Weight in Adolescence Tied to Later Risk for Renal Cancer

Among Swedish men, overweight or obesity during adolescence tied to higher risk for renal cell carcinoma

Infertility in Women Linked to Modestly Elevated Cancer Risk

Overall risk higher for developing cancer; increased risks seen for uterine, ovarian, lung, thyroid cancers

Average of 283,000 Children Have Sports-Related TBIs/Year

From 2010 to 2016, average of 283,000 children sought care in EDs for SRR-TBIs

Intervention Promotes Better Conversations With Cancer Patients

But communication quality-improvement intervention does not improve patient outcomes

E-Cigarettes May Threaten Goal of Achieving Tobacco Endgame

Concern increasing that use of newer tobacco products may catalyze transition to tobacco products, drugs

AAP: Nasal Spray Vaccine Against Flu Acceptable in 2019 to 2020

Based on current data, AAP Board of Directors says either injection or nasal spray vaccination OK

‘Brain Vital Signs’ Detect Concussion-Related Changes

Six brainwave metrics can detect even subclinical changes in nonconcussed hockey players

Complex Dosing, Polypharmacy Common With Interstitial Lung Disease

Patients receiving systemic corticosteroids are at high risk for drug-disease interactions

Having Affected Relatives Linked to Increased Alzheimer Risk

Increased Alzheimer disease risk seen with having affected first-, second-, or third-degree relatives

Prenatal High-Dose Vitamin D Not Linked to Asthma at Age 6

No significant difference seen in asthma diagnoses for children in high-dose vitamin D, placebo groups

Knee Pain Not Tied to Activity Levels in Knee Osteoarthritis

Neither inverted KOOS-pain nor P4 pain scale tied to physical activity

AAOS: Underweight Status Increases Shoulder Arthroplasty Complications

Physicians, health care systems should pay more attention to this 'extremely at-risk population'

CDC: 2000 to 2017 Saw Increase in Mortality Due to Dementia

Age-adjusted death rate was 66.7 deaths per 100,000 U.S. population in 2017

Troponin Assay Confusion May Cause Misdiagnosis of Acute MI

Overall, 5.4 percent of 20,000 patients had high-sensitivity troponin I concentration >40 ng/L

One-Month Regimen Noninferior for Preventing HIV-Related TB

One-month rifapentine, isoniazid noninferior to nine months of isoniazid alone

New AI Model May Predict Cancerous Lung Nodules

Model relies on CT features, demographics, clinical data, and improves on current methods

CDC: Most Americans Report Excellent, Good Health

Most health measures remained stable from 2017; percent of adults who have been tested for HIV increased

Adding Bempedoic Acid to Statin Therapy Reduces LDL Cholesterol

Genetic variants mimicking effect of ATP citrate lyase inhibitors, statins lower LDL-C in same way

Short Regimen Noninferior for Rifampin-Resistant Tuberculosis

Short regimen of nine to 11 months noninferior to 20-month regimen following WHO guidelines

Head of National Cancer Institute Named Acting FDA Commissioner

Current commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, will be stepping down in April

Mumps Causes Quarantine of Over 2,200 Immigrant Detainees

25-day quarantine affects facilities in Pine Prairie, Louisiana, and Aurora, Colorado

FDA Approves New Generic Valsartan to Ease Shortage

Certain lots of valsartan recalled due to contamination with trace amounts of nitrosamine

Homes With High Ventilation Rates Tied to Respiratory Issues

High rates of air exchange associated with chronic cough, asthma, asthma-like symptoms

Noncontrast Brain MRI Effective for Monitoring Multiple Sclerosis

Contrast-enhanced sequences do not reveal disease progression missed with nonenhanced sequences

Active Bathing in Non-ICU Setting Does Not Cut Infections

No change seen in risk for hospital-acquired infections overall; benefit seen for those with medical devices

Elderly Men Undertreated for Osteoporosis

Also, black men and women are much less likely to be treated than their white counterparts

Resistance Training May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Progression

Findings based on two-year comparison to aerobic training, no exercise among patients with prediabetes

Prediagnosis Psychiatric Care Linked to Worse Cancer Mortality

Higher cancer-specific, all-cause mortality seen with increasing intensity of prediagnosis psychiatric care

Parity, Risk for Breast Cancer Studied for BRCA1/2 Carriers

Higher risk seen in uniparous BRCA1 carriers, parous BRCA2 carriers; breastfeeding cuts risk in BRCA1

Bronchiolitis Hospitalization in Infancy Predicts More Admissions

Higher risk seen for future admissions by age 5; link strongest for asthma, wheezing admissions

AAOS: One-Third of U.S. Children Report Back Pain

Children who reported back pain weighed more on average, had higher body mass index

Waiting Room Tool Aids Patient-Physician Communication

Tool helps patients to prepare questions and prioritize concerns prior to seeing primary care doctor

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Third Leading Cause of DALYs

Disability-adjusted life year rates 1,347 per 100,000 individuals, behind ischemic heart disease, back pain

MRI Method That Measures Iron in Brain Shows Impact of Stroke

High iron content of substantia nigra associated with worse long-term motor outcomes after stroke

Model Can Predict Survival in Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer

Model demonstrated good discrimination for 15-year prostate cancer-specific mortality in validation cohorts

Tramadol May Up Mortality Risk in Osteoarthritis Patients

Findings for those initially prescribed tramadol compared with commonly prescribed NSAIDs

Diet Quality in Midlife Not Linked to Later Risk for Dementia

No significant difference in incidence rates for dementia according to measures of diet quality

CDC: 228 Measles Cases Already in 2019

Number of cases in the United States so far this year getting close to the total number for all of 2018

Acupressure Reduces Lasting Symptoms in Breast Cancer Survivors

Tied to improvements in pain, anxiety, depression among breast cancer survivors with fatigue

Four-to-Seven-Day Opioid Rx Likely Sufficient for Acute Pain Treatment

No more than one in five patients who filled an opioid analgesic prescription obtained a refill

Stress Test-Based Physiological Age May Be Superior Mortality Predictor

Physiological age based on exercise stress testing performance better predictor than chronological age

Stillbirth Risk Up With High Serum Bile Acids in Pregnancy

Higher risk of stillbirth with serum bile acids ≥100 µmol/L in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

Total Thyroidectomy Improves HRQoL in Hashimoto Thyroiditis

Improvement in HRQoL, fatigue for patients with persistent symptoms despite normal thyroid gland function

Parent Perception of E-Cig Safety Varies With Smoking Habits

Most who smoke cigarettes and e-cigs have smoke-free home policies; fewer have vape-free policies

Odds of Dry Eye Disease Up With Migraine Headache

Patients with migraine headache have increased odds of dry eye disease even after adjustment for confounders

Common Signs, Symptoms Do Not ID Dehydration in Seniors

None of the 49 commonly-used clinical signs, symptoms usefully discriminated those with dehydration

Anxiety, Depression More Likely for Adults With Atopic Dermatitis

Individuals with AD more likely to have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression in past year

Distinct Etiology Found for Colorectal Cancer With Early Onset

Patients aged 18 to 29 with early-onset colorectal cancer more likely to have signet ring histology

Children With Poorly Controlled Asthma Suffer Academically

Latino and black children have poorer academic outcomes than non-Latino whites

Dual Receipt of Opioids Tied to Increased Risk for OD Death

Those enrolled in both VA and Medicare Part D have higher odds of death from Rx opioid overdose

Moderate Muscle Strength Linked to Lower Risk for T2DM

Reduced risk seen for type 2 diabetes after adjustment for confounders

CDC: Flu Season May Have Peaked

Milder strain of flu has been most common cause of cases this flu season

FDA Approves First Immunotherapy Drug for Breast Cancer

Combo of Tecentriq and chemo given accelerated approval for triple-negative breast cancer

Long-Acting Regimen Noninferior to Daily ART for HIV-1

Monthly long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine noninferior in two randomized controlled trials

Chest CT May Be Better Than PET/CT for HNSCC Distant Metastasis Evaluation

Since distant metastasis only seen in 3 percent of head, neck cancers, chest CT more cost-effective

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Tied to Coronary Heart Disease Risk

Association between VO2peak and coronary heart disease crosses the fitness continuum

Patterns of Joint Behavior Useful for Juvenile Arthritis Classification

Machine learning algorithm finds nonlocalized joint involvement increases risk for poor outcomes

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Up With Maternal Smoking

Assuming causality, 22 percent of SUIDs directly attributed to maternal smoking during pregnancy

Retinal Microvascular Changes Identified in Alzheimer Disease

Changes in retinal microvasculature in superficial capillary plexus observed compared with MCI, controls

Over 17.7 Million Cosmetic Procedures Performed in U.S. in 2018

Increasing trend seen in body-shaping procedures, including 4 percent increase in breast augmentation

Timing of Medicare Loss Linked to Kidney Transplant Outcomes

Medication possession ratio lower for recipients with early, late Medicare loss versus no coverage loss

Tenapanor Reduces Elevated Serum Phosphate in CKD

Adverse events limited to softened stool, modest increase in bowel movement freqeuncy

Water Pipe Tobacco Smoking Addictive, Harmful to the Heart

Water pipe tobacco smokers are exposed to level of nicotine that is physiologically active in short term

GDM Linked to Increased Cardiovascular Event Risk Postpartum

In analysis restricted to women who did not develop T2DM, GDM still linked to increased risk

ACC: Photoplethysmography Signal Can Detect Diabetes

AUC 0.722 for predicting prevalent diabetes in test dataset; negative predictive value 97 percent

Genetic Testing Recommended for All Patients With Breast Cancer

All with personal history of breast cancer should be offered testing; updated testing recommended

Exfoliation Syndrome May Up Risk for COPD

Survival improved with COPD and exfoliation syndrome versus COPD alone

American Academy of Dermatology, March 1-5

The American Academy of Dermatology The annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology was held from March 1 to 5 in Washington, D.C., and...

Becoming Active in Middle Age Still Offers Health Benefits

Lower risk for all-cause, cardiovascular, cancer-related mortality similar to people active throughout adulthood

Mumps Outbreak Reported at Temple University

CDC says more than 2,000 cases of mumps in U.S. last year, 58 cases reported in January of this year

Dasotraline Promising for the Treatment of ADHD in Children

Once-daily dosing tolerable, may lessen side effects

Home Health Clinicians Frequently Lack Access to Hospital Records

Additionally, patients often not prepared with realistic expectations to receive home health care

Surgery for Uncomplicated Appendicitis Typically Yields Satisfactory Outcomes

Current surgical practice in U.S. adults involves presurgery imaging, laparoscopic approach

History of Cycling Weight May Up Risk for Heart Disease in Women

Yo-yo dieting associations with cardiovascular disease stronger in women with no pregnancy history

AAN: No Increased MS Relapse Risk in Postpartum Period

Annual relapse rate 0.39 before pregnancy, dropped during pregnancy, rebounded by four to six months

Only About Half of Elderly Newly Diagnosed With ALL Receive Tx

53.5 percent receive treatment within 90 days; 32.4 percent receive chemo without tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Endogenous Testosterone Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

Genetically predicted endogenous testosterone may have role in thromboembolism, heart failure, MI

Long-Term Systemic Hormone Therapy May Up Alzheimer Risk

Risk increases associated with hormone therapy exposure over 10 years in women <60 years at initiation

Complication Rate After Bariatric Surgery Higher for Black Patients

Black patients also have longer stays, higher rates of ED visits and readmissions, less satisfaction

Menopause Symptoms Linked to Chronic Pain in Midlife

Nearly twofold increased odds of chronic pain, multiple pain diagnoses seen with menopause symptoms

Conversion From Sleep Disorder to Neurodegeneration Studied

Predictors include abnormal quantitative motor testing, MCI, olfactory deficit, motor symptoms

Probiotic Sanitation Cuts Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospitals

Impact seen in lower use of antibiotics, costs tied to health care-associated infections

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

Prevalence of chronic kidney disease, CKD development increased with exposure to secondhand smoke

Persistent, Prolonged Opioid Use Occurs After Plastic Surgery

Perioperative opioid use, procedure type strongest predictors of opioid use in year after surgery

CDC: GI, Respiratory Illnesses More Likely in Low-Income Children

But likelihood of missing any school days during the previous year decreased with reduced income

ACC: Long-Term Outcomes for MI Similar at ≤40, 40 to 50

Patients aged 40 years or younger have increased rates of substance abuse compared with older patients

Recall Down, Cancer Detection Up With Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Breast cancers detected by DBT less often classified as having poor prognosis than those identified by DM

Predictors ID’d for Successful Removal of Mechanical Ventilation

Higher levels of wakefulness seen in those who pass the spontaneous breathing test and are extubated

Raspberries May Aid Glucose Control With Prediabetes

With higher raspberry intake, individuals at risk for diabetes needed less insulin to manage blood glucose

High-Quality, Plant-Based Diet Tied to Lower Risk for CVD Mortality

No association seen for quality of plant-based diet and cancer-related deaths

2004 to 2017 Saw Increase in Fractures for Elderly Dog Walkers

Most patients sustained hip fractures; more than one-quarter of patients required admission

AAN: Sweetened Drinks Linked to More Severe Disability in MS

Those in highest quartile of sugar-sweetened beverage intake had greater risk for severe disability

Behavioral Intervention Ups Physical Activity in T2DM

Sustained increase in physical activity, decrease in sedentary time seen with behavioral intervention

Blood Test Offers Early Warning for Kidney Transplant Rejection

Monitoring for certain genes in peripheral blood samples might predict rejection before it occurs

Few Seniors Receive Regular Brief Cognitive Assessments

Report also reveals number of seniors living with Alzheimer disease projected to increase

Hospital-Onset MRSA Decreased From 2002 to 2015

S. aureus infections also dropped overall at VA medical centers after MRSA prevention program initiation

FDA Approves Ketamine-Like Drug for Severe Depression

Drug available through restricted distribution system, must be administered in certified medical office

About 360,000 ED Visits Were for Nonmedical Drug Abuse in 2016

More than half of estimated visits also involved nonpharmaceutical substances, including drugs, alcohol

Flexible Schedules for Residents Do Not Affect Patient Mortality

No difference in average sleep time found for residents with flexible hours versus standard duty hours

Fluorouracil Cream Best Choice for Tx of Actinic Keratosis Lesions

Fluorouracil more effective than imiquimod, methyl aminolevulinate photodynamic tx, ingenol mebutate

Cocoa Beverage Could Improve Multiple Sclerosis-Related Fatigue

Small effect seen for fatigue, moderate effect on fatigability as measured by six-minute walk test

Preoperative Frailty Linked to Surgical Outcomes, Costs

Incidence of major morbidity, readmission, mortality correlated with frailty classification

Mental Health Symptoms Common After Mild Brain Injury

Authors say findings show importance of follow-up care after emergency department visit

No Increased Risk Seen for Pregnancies Conceived Within Year of Stillbirth

Conception within 12 months of stillbirth common, not linked to increased risk for adverse outcomes

Some Lose Independence After Surgical Tx of Femoral Neck Fx

Factors associated with odds of living independently and walking without an aid identified

Electronic Order Set May Reduce Inappropriate ECG Monitoring

Findings observed among hospitalized patients not in an intensive care unit

Stereotactic Body RT Promising for Low-, Intermediate-Risk PCa

Stereotactic body radiotherapy linked to low rates of severe toxic events, high rates of biochemical control

AASM Releases New Sleep Apnea Treatment Guideline

Recommendations address positive airway pressure treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in adults

Childhood Cancer Considerably Underdiagnosed Worldwide

Numbers of undiagnosed cases varied from 3 percent in western Europe to 57 percent in western Africa

Peanut Patch Linked to Increased Responder Rate in Children

Statistically significant increase seen in proportion of responders for peanut-allergic children aged 4 to 11

Methanol Toxicity Can Result From Occupational Exposure

Case report describes patient with symptoms that began two weeks after new job at propane company

Program in Peds Rheumatology Clinic Ups Education on Teratogenic Rx

Findings seen among girls, women of childbearing age prescribed teratogenic meds

Recommendations Developed for Ulcerative Colitis Management

Guidelines address diagnosis, treatment, and overall clinical management of adult patients

2011 to 2015 Saw Drop in Delayed Discharge Rates After TAVR

Rates of discharge decreased beyond 72 hours after transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Children With Atopic Dermatitis Have Worse Sleep Quality

Similar total sleep duration seen for children with, without active atopic dermatitis

Problems Identified With Gaps in EHR Functionality in Morning Rounds

Gaps in EHR design lead to workflow standardization issues, use of workarounds, team miscommunication

Female Representation Has Increased in Plastic Surgery

Proportion of black applicants significantly higher than resident representation of same year

Eli Lilly to Sell Cheaper Version of Insulin Drug

'Authorized generic' of Humalog 100 to sell for $137.35 per vial, 50 percent lower than list price

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Tied to Stroke Risk

However, primary preventive treatment with aspirin may cut long-term risk for stroke

COPD, ILD Patients May Not Benefit From Bilateral Lung Transplant Listing

Unrestricted lung transplant listing strategy may increase transplant rates without affecting survival

Higher Intake of Whole Grains May Lower Risk for Liver Cancer

Whole grains and possibly cereal fiber, bran appear linked to lower risk for hepatocellular carcinoma

Multidimensional Approach Cuts Unneeded Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts

Number of interruptive DDI alerts substantially decreased as result of alert refinement efforts

Intraoperative Methylprednisolone During Bypass Not Renal Protective

No decrease in acute kidney injury seen with intraoperative steroids during cardiopulmonary bypass

Readmission for Patients With Sepsis Common and Costly

Most readmissions associated with infectious etiologies, as well as GI, CV, pulmonary, renal causes

AAN: Sleep Apnea Tied to Higher Cortical Tau Levels in Seniors

Estimated 0.049 elevation seen in the entorhinal cortex tau standardized uptake value ratio

Poll: Many Older Adults Report Feeling Lonely, Isolated

Authors say more awareness needed that loneliness can adversely impact health, well-being

Oscillometric Devices Offer More Accurate Way to Measure BP

Validated oscillometric devices may provide more accurate BP measurement in office setting

Pneumococcal Vaccination at Age 50 Prevents the Most Disease

But cost of giving pneumococcal vaccines to all 50-year-olds exceeds $250,000 per QALY

Low-Dose Aspirin Does Not Cut Death From Prostate Cancer

But during extended exposure periods of at least five years, low-dose aspirin may cut mortality

MMR Not Linked to Autism in Danish Cohort Study

No increased risk observed after MMR in those with sibling autism history, autism risk factors

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Delays Seen With High-Deductible Health Plans

Delays observed in first breast imaging, biopsy, incident early-stage breast cancer diagnosis, chemo

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