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ADA: Combo Injectable Controls Blood Glucose Longer in T2DM

Findings seen for initial injectable therapy with insulin degludec plus liraglutide versus insulin glargine

Prenatal Antiepileptic Rx Exposure Ups Risk for Behavioral Issues

Findings seen among Dutch children exposed to one of four common antiepileptic drugs in utero

CDC: Prevalence of Meeting Exercise Guidelines Recently Increased

Despite increase, overall prevalence remains low

FIGO 2018 Staging Ups Discrimination of Stage 1B Cervical Cancer

Classifying all women with positive lymph nodes into single stage yields highly variable survival rates

Vitamin D, Estradiol Deficiency Have Synergistic Effect on MetS

Findings seen in cross-sectional study involving 616 postmenopausal Chinese women

HIV Risk Does Not Differ With Three Contraceptive Methods

No significant difference seen with use of DMPA-IM, copper IUD device, levonorgestrel implant in African women

Depression Symptoms Greater in Mothers With Prior Eating Disorders

Findings based on long-term follow-up from 18th week of pregnancy to 18 years postnatal

Nitrate Pollution of Tap Water May Cause Thousands of Cancer Cases

Annual nitrate-attributable cases of CRC, ovarian, thyroid, kidney, bladder cancer ranged from 2,300 to 12,594

Most Providers Unaware of Online Feedback About Themselves

Providers do not encourage patient reviews and often view such feedback as having limited value

Study Confirms Teratogenicity of Valproic Acid, Topiramate

Eight specific types of major congenital malformations associated with prenatal exposure to valproic acid