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Risk for Arterial Hypertension Up With Air Pollutant Exposure

Residential exposure linked to AH, reduced HDL cholesterol for individuals living in multistory houses

Tool Uses Spine X-Rays to Assess Response to Osteoporosis Tx

Bone structure value determined by software tool significantly correlated with bone mineral density

Race, Neighborhood Impact Bystander CPR in Pediatric OHCA

BCPR less likely in races/ethnicities other than white

Etanercept Tx for Autoimmune Disease May Up Risk for IBD

Findings seen in patients receiving etanercept for other autoimmune diseases

Opioids Commonly Prescribed in Emergency Department for Gout

Diabetes, polyarticular gout, prior opioid use tied to increased risk for opioid prescription at discharge

Prepregnancy Surgery Linked to Risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Prescription opioids for postsurgical pain may lead to addiction that affects future pregnancies

Firearm-Related Pediatric Mortality Down With Stricter Laws

Lower rates of firearm-related pediatric mortality seen in states with stricter gun laws

Many Perceive Lack of Choice in Receipt of RAI for Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer patients who perceive no choice about radioactive iodine report lower decision satisfaction

Practitioner Empathy Has Lasting Benefit After T2DM Diagnosis

Risk for all-cause mortality lower for patients with practitioners with higher levels of empathy

E-Cigarette Restrictions May Up Combustible Cigarette Use

For dual users, restrictive regulations may result in increased combustible cigarette use, lower e-cig use