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Higher Waist Circumference Tied to Increased Risk for Dementia

Waist circumference is a more accurate indicator of abdominal visceral fat level than body mass index

About 2.7 Million ED Visits Reported for Sports Injuries in 2010 to 2016

Analgesics were given or prescribed at 63.9 percent of ED visits; percentage increased with age

Risk for Disability Worsening Increased for MS With Comorbid Depression

Risk increased for persons with depression defined by ICD-10, those exposed to antidepressants

Insomnia Symptoms Associated With Increased Risk of CVD

Adults with individual symptoms, all three symptoms have increased risk for CVD, IHD, ischemic stroke

Illiteracy Tied to Dementia in Older Adults With Low Education

But literacy not associated with rate of cognitive decline among seniors with fewer years of schooling

American Society of Nephrology, Nov. 7-10

The Annual Meeting of the American Society of Nephrology, Kidney Week 2019 The annual meeting of the American Society of Nephrology was held from Nov....

Survey of U.S. Registered Nurses Points to Worsening Shortages

Problem likely will be exacerbated with one in five nurses saying they will retire in the next five years

ASN: Encephalopathy Up in CKD Patients on Higher-Dose Baclofen

Risk for hospitalization with encephalopathy higher for baclofen starting dose of ≥20 versus <20 mg/day

Imaging Rates Continue to Rise Despite Efforts to Reduce

Estimates show 30 percent or more of imaging exams across United States and Canada unnecessary

More Hospital Days Seen With Antipsychotic Use in Alzheimer Disease

Number of hospital days up by more than 50 percent in AD patients initiating antipsychotic medication