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Teens With ADHD Less Likely Than Preteens to Have Doctor Visit

Depression, suicide, substance abuse monitoring found for most teens, but only half monitored for sexual risk

Smartphone, Web App May Help Predict Prognosis for Meningioma

Models could predict meaningful individual-specific clinical outcome variables for survival, malignancy

Subconcussive Head Impacts May Affect Neuro-Ophthalmologic Function

Soccer kicking group performed faster than heading group on tests at zero, two, 24 hours after intervention

ASA: No Decline Seen in Active Smoking for Stroke Survivors

Adjusted prevalence of active smoking decreased in overall population, but not among stroke survivors

ASA: Periodontal Disease Tied to Large-Artery Atherothrombotic Stroke

And, individuals with gingivitis have increased odds of ≥50 percent intracranial atherosclerosis

ASA: Herpes Zoster Vaccine May Reduce Risk for Stroke

Risk significantly reduced for stroke events, acute ischemic strokes, hemorrhagic strokes in older adults

Nonpharmaceutical Interventions Aid Low Back Pain

Movement-based mind-body interventions could be effective alternatives to drugs, surgery, injections

Recommendations Issued for Sleep Disturbance in Pediatric Autism

Behavioral strategies recommended as first-line treatment approach for children, teens with ASD

2011 to 2018 Saw Decline in Problems Paying Medical Bills

Percent of persons in families with problems paying bills higher for women, children, non-Hispanic blacks

Prophylactic Migraine Treatment Has No Effect in Children

Findings based on review of 23 studies with variety of treatments compared with placebo