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Certified Medical Homes Tied to Better Diabetes Outcomes

Certified practices have more practice systems, modestly higher performance on measures of quality diabetes care

Regardless of Weight, Metabolic Health Tied to New Diabetes

Normal-weight but metabolically unhealthy women have twofold greater incidence of diabetes

Higher Exposure to Air Pollution Linked to Albuminuria, CKD

Each 1-µg/m³ higher annual average PM2.5 linked to increased risk for incident chronic kidney disease

Vegetarian Diet Linked to Reduced Ischemic Stroke Risk in Taiwan

Vegetarians had lower ischemic stroke risk in two cohorts, lower hemorrhagic stroke risk in one cohort

MRI-Identified Damage Tied to Patient-Reported RA Function

Association seen for MRI-assessed hand/wrist bone and cartilage damage but not inflammation

Inflammatory Conditions of Skin, Bowel May Be Linked

Authors say patients with hidradenitis suppurativa should be screened for inflammatory bowel disease

Patients Report Cannabis Eases Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis

More than one-third of MS patients with spasticity report current cannabis use

CDC Makes Changes to Coronavirus Testing Efforts

Changes come after whistleblower complaint and community-acquired case in California

Varenicline Seems Safe for Adults Without Depression

Risk for CV, neuropsychiatric hospitalizations lower for varenicline versus nicotine replacement therapy

First U.S. Case of ‘Unknown Origin’ COVID-19 Identified

President Trump taps Vice President Pence to head coronavirus response