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RSNA: Brain Changes Observed on MRI in Obese Teens

Pattern of damage seen in regions responsible for control of appetite, emotions, cognitive functions

About One in Three in ED for Low Back Pain Receive Imaging

Imaging use decreased from 34.4 percent in 2011 to 31.9 percent in 2016

Postpartum Opioid Prescription Rates Vary Widely by Hospital

However, providers within the same hospital tend to follow similar prescription patterns

Palm, Finger Temps Higher on Thermal Imaging in RA Patients

In all regions of interest, rheumatoid arthritis patients without active inflammation have higher temperatures

Physician Depressive Symptoms Tied to Higher Risk for Medical Errors

Bidirectional association seen between depressive symptoms and medical errors

Lower Breast Key Focus Area for Assessing Breast Aesthetics

Nipple-areola complex, lower breast are key focus areas for assessing breast aesthetics, symmetry

Deep Learning Models Can Help Interpret Chest Radiographs

Models developed to detect pneumothorax, opacity, nodule or mass, fracture on frontal chest radiographs

Mobile Stroke Unit Care May Reduce Time to Thrombolysis

Findings seen in patients with suspected acute ischemic stroke in a densely populated urban area

Adults Not Living in Metro Areas Have Reduced Access to Care

In unadjusted analyses, adults not living in MSA more likely to have financial burden linked to care

Non-HDL Cholesterol Levels Linked to Long-Term ASCVD Risk

Fifty percent reduction in non-HDLC concentration linked to reduced risk for CVD event by age 75 years