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Hostility Predicts Mortality in Acute Coronary Syndrome

More than half of patients scored as hostile; hostility predicts all-cause mortality but not ACS recurrence

Timing of Gender-Affirming Care Linked to Mental Health

Mental health worse with late pubertal stage, older age for youth presenting for gender-affirming care

Inverted U-Shaped Link Seen for Sleep Duration, Cognitive Decline

Decline in global cognitive z-score faster for individuals with ≤4 hours, ≥10 hours of sleep nightly

Individuals With Autism at Risk for Other Health Conditions

Risk higher compared with the general population even after controlling for smoking, alcohol use, BMI

Older Adults Experiencing More Loneliness During Pandemic

However, many do report using technology to connect with friends and family

Depression Common Among Psoriasis Patients

Women, patients younger than 30 years have higher rates of depression

Lifestyle Changes May Aid Cognitive Abilities

Cognition scores significantly higher for older adults experiencing cognitive decline assigned to an intervention

Meta-Analysis Links PTSD to Increased Dementia Risk

Risk up in veterans and general population, remains significant after exclusion of high-bias studies

Elderly Social Isolation, Loneliness in COVID-19 May Lead to Cognitive Decline

Expert tells HD Live! that socialization of seniors in COVID-19 needs to be tailored to individual needs

Substance Use Disorder Linked to Increased Risk for COVID-19

Increased risk especially strong for those with opioid use disorder, tobacco use disorder