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Physician Depressive Symptoms Tied to Higher Risk for Medical Errors

Bidirectional association seen between depressive symptoms and medical errors

Adults Not Living in Metro Areas Have Reduced Access to Care

In unadjusted analyses, adults not living in MSA more likely to have financial burden linked to care

RSNA: Brain Changes Observed on MRI in Obese Teens

Pattern of damage seen in regions responsible for control of appetite, emotions, cognitive functions

Deportation Worry May Raise Risk for Hypertension in Women

Reporting 'a lot' or 'moderate' versus 'not too much' deportation worry tied to higher risk for hypertension

Concussion May Up Risk for Suicide in High School Students

Self-reported sports-related concussion associated with risk factors for suicide completion

Childhood Adversity Linked to Borderline Personality Disorder

Findings significant across adversity subtypes with largest effects seen for emotional abuse and neglect

November 2019 Briefing – Psychiatry

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Psychiatry for November 2019. This roundup includes the latest...

Overall, 8.5 Percent of Suicide Acts in U.S. Are Fatal

Most lethal method is firearms, with 89.6 percent of suicidal acts with firearms resulting in death

Diet Pill, Laxative Use in Women Tied to Later Eating Disorder Dx

Odds of incident eating disorder diagnosis up with use of diet pill, laxative for weight control

Exposure to Psychoactive Substances Up From 2000 to 2017

Exposure to most substances decreased, but significant increases seen in marijuana, nutmeg, and kratom