Today's Health News

Many Patients Still Employ Strategies to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

33.6 percent of patients reported not taking medication as prescribed to reduce costs

Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Linked to Increased Risk for Autism

Increased risk seen for autism spectrum disorder and disorder with comorbid intellectual disability

Three Factors Predict Psych Events With Drugs for Smoking Cessation

Anxiety, history of suicidal ideation/behavior, being white associated with higher risk for events

In Youth With ADHD, New-Onset Psychosis Up With Amphetamines

New-onset psychosis occurred in about one in 660 teens, young adults with ADHD receiving stimulants

Recent Increase Reported in Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Fentanyl

Numbers and rates increased for all sex, age, racial and ethnic subgroups, most public health regions

Overall, Physicians Are Happy and Enjoy Their Lives

Relationships found to be key to happiness; having friends at work impacts physician happiness

Daily Cannabis Use May Up Risk for Developing Psychotic Disorder

Daily cannabis use, especially high-potency types, linked to increased odds of psychotic disorder

FDA: First Treatment Approved Specifically for Postpartum Depression

Zulresso administered by IV infusion over 60-hour period; patients must be monitored during infusion

Antiepileptic Drugs Not Tied to Dementia Risk

No increased overall risk found, but levetiracetam generic brands tied to higher dementia risk

Average of 8.8 Inactive Ingredients Found in Oral Medications

Overall, 92.8 percent of oral solid medications contain at least one potential allergen