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Clinical Genetic Testing for Autism Remains Very Low

Based on self-reported data, gap remains between guideline recommendations and clinical practice

Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder Up With Affected Aunt, Uncle

Rates of ASD higher for offspring of mothers or fathers with a sibling diagnosed with ASD

Mobile Platform Useful for Treating Depression, Anxiety

Engagement with apps high; effects sustained for two months

One-Year Mortality High Following ED Visit for Overdose

Mortality rates higher from unintentional overdose, suicide, and natural causes at one year

Deaths From Alcohol, Drugs, Suicide Topped 150,000 in 2018

While there was a decrease in opioid overdose deaths, alcohol and suicide deaths increased

Review Highlights Neuropsychiatric Presentations of COVID-19

Evidence presented for delirium during COVID-19, post-illness neuropsychiatric consequences for SARS, MERS

Yoga May Help Ease Depressive Symptoms

Findings seen in a literature review and meta-analysis for adults with diagnosed mental health disorders

Spending on Primary Care Continues to Lag in the U.S.

Authors say increasing investment in primary care could slow future health care spending growth

Cord Blood Does Not Improve Socialization Skills in Autism

Single CB infusion does not improve socialization skills or reduce symptoms for children with ASD

Burnout Comparable Between Millennial, Gen X Residents, Fellows

Length of medical-system exposure, not generational traits, contribute to burnout