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Pediatricians Should Encourage Fish Consumption for Children

Fish have favorable nutrient profile versus other animal proteins; for most types, benefits outweigh risks

Treatment Rates Low for Parents With Opioid Use Disorder

Many parents with opioid, substance use disorder are living with children; treatment rates are low

Depression, PTSD Linked to More Participation in Cardiac Rehab

Participation in cardiac rehabilitation up for patients with ischemic heart disease, comorbid conditions

Incidence of Parkinson Disease Increased in Bipolar Disorder

High frequency of psychiatric admissions for manic/mix, depressive episodes linked to increased risk for PD

Gender Gap in U.S. Youth Suicide Narrowed From 1975 to 2016

Suicide prevention efforts should take both sex and developmental level into consideration

Regular Puzzle Use May Improve Cognition in Older Adults

Performance on 14 measures of cognitive function better for those doing word or number puzzles

Poor Broadband Penetration in Rural Areas Limits Telemedicine

Broadband penetration poor in counties with inadequate access to primary care doctors, psychiatrists

Rates of Depression Up in U.S. Women at Hospital to Give Birth

U.S. rate of depressive disorders recorded during delivery hospitalization increased from 2000 to 2015

Clinical Drug Diversion Costly to Health Care Organizations

Report finds 47.2 million doses lost due to health care worker misuse and theft in 2018

Access to Care Worse for Sexual-Minority Cancer Survivors

Sexual-minority women with access deficits have increased odds of poor physical, mental quality of life