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Burnout Linked to Poor Quality Care in Published Literature

But effect size may be smaller than reported, especially for objective quality measures

Cost of Waste in U.S. Health System Estimated

Total annual costs of waste vary from $760 to $935 billion; estimated savings range from $191 to $282 billion

Proportion of Seniors Taking Antidepressants Has More Than Doubled

But no change was seen in prevalence of depression from 1990-1993 to 2008-2011

Teens Using Oral Contraceptives Report More Depressive Symptoms

No association seen between oral contraceptives, depressive symptoms when ages 16 to 25 years were combined

OTC Meds Often Used in Drug-Related Suicide Attempts in Youth

ADHD meds commonly used by those aged 10 to 15 years, while sedative/hypnotics used more by older youth

Many Perceive People With Mental Illness as Dangerous

By 2018, more than 60 percent perceived those with schizophrenia as dangerous; many support coercive treatment

Food Insecurity Linked to Chronic Disease in Young Adults

Second study shows food insecurity linked to mental health problems, poorer sleep outcomes

Hepatitis C Virus Infection Rates Up for Women Giving Birth

Rates of HCV infection are much higher among women with opioid use disorder

PTSD Symptoms Tied to Higher Risk for Ovarian Cancer

Correlation moderately attenuated after adjustment for health and ovarian cancer risk factors

Universal Screening for Autism Feasible in Pediatric Network

Sensitivity of 38.8 percent found for M-CHAT/F; specificity lower in children of color, lower-income households